Feng Long grunted, "He was badly injured. We dared not recklessly choose to dodge. Now we need to lock him in a certain area by increasing the attack intensity."
The venerable one nodded slightly to display his own strength, and cooperated with Feng Long to attack Yunyang to pursue life and death.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Calm as water
Seeing the three men laughing at each other, Swallow of the Sea both rushed at Yunyang, but they were blocked by the tornado moon soul sword, and the four men continued their unfinished battle.
Long Tengyun stared at the water dream mark, and his heart was very shaken.
Once he hit the water dream mark with a sword, he was very surprised at her repair.
But now the water dream mark changes more, and it looks like a pool of still water, which is unfathomable without any fluctuation.
Put away your distractions Long Tengyun said, "Waiting is also a kind of enjoyment. Of course, you don’t think so."
Water dream mark said indifferently, "Don’t you think it’s a little weak for the owner to say this?"
Long Tengyun sneered, "It’s also a tactic to show the enemy’s weakness in favor of me if different ways have different results."
There is a trace of indifference in the eyes of Shuimeng Mark. "The ancients said that Junze V was beheaded. It seems that the destruction of the villa owner has a great connection."
Listening to the irony of Long Tengyun in the words of Shui Meng Mark, "Shut up. What qualifications do you have for this nonsense?"
Water dream mark looks cold and cheerless, and the tone does not say, "Don’t lose your mind when you are against the enemy, but it is against the taboo."
Long Tengyun smell speech, my heart is short of breath. I can’t believe that the tone of water dream mark, which has always been cold and aloof, is so sharp.
"Well said, you are the most outstanding brother of Cihang Jianzhai. I will come to see how much you have to do today?"
When questioned, Long Tengyun turned his wrist and the colorful sword awn roared and moved, and the sharp sword wind appeared on his chest.
A little toe, scattered figure.
Water dream mark avoids frontal attack and appears on the left side of Longteng Cloud.
The jade hand must dream that the sword is now soft like water, and the sword awn is erratic like a misty cloud.
Long Tengyun predicted that the water dream mark would flash when he pushed, so he had long been on guard against the sword in his hand and turned sharper. The sword mans met the water dream mark attack exactly.
At the same time, the swords and awns with different attributes meet each other half-way, intertwined and rubbed, and collided with the sparks all over the sky, melting and gradually fading.
The water dream mark can’t be quickly transferred with one blow, and the clever posture combined with the forgotten dust sword tactic is as beautiful as the posture of the heavenly palace fairy.
Long Tengyun’s swordsmanship is sharp and proud, and the sword tactic is famous. Heaven has the most fierce title, and one stroke and one style are not full of pitfalls.
As the name suggests, people are indifferent by nature, and even the sword tactics they have learned are as light as water, which is in sharp contrast with Long Tengyun.
So it is more appropriate for the two to be rigid, flexible, moving and static, so that they can play against each other and practice.
There are many different opinions about the intervention of water dream mark in the small talk of spectators around
First of all, Tieshan and others are grateful for saving Yunyang’s life because of the water dream mark, and this is the second time.
Once it was here, when several people in Tieshan had left.
Now, seeing this scene again, Lian Xin can’t help but say, "Yunyang is really different. Wherever he goes, he has noble people to help him."
Xiaohua whispered, "Yunyang’s ordinary ratio in the first half of his life has changed since he left the wild mountain village. No one can predict it."
Tieshan frowned slightly and whispered, "I’ve always thought that water dream marks are like Yunyang acquaintances? She can’t find a second place every day. What about Yunyang? "
Lotus seed one leng mused, "Brother, considering this is Yanfei’s worry?"
Tieshan sighed lightly, "Yes or no emotional things are different for Yunyang."
Lotus nut looked at Xiaohua xiaogui’s face in silence, revealing a sigh.