Mechanical soaring!
This is a more extreme way than the physical transformation, completely abandoning the physical technology to create an indestructible metal shell.
At the same time, the implanted source computer raises the processing capacity to the limit.
If the technology of the clan can be improved all the time, the mechanical body will become stronger and stronger, and the armor of the emperor is such a creation.
The vast majority of workers’ resources are in this technology
Naturally, this technology is more friendly to ordinary people, and even every step can be mechanically transformed.
I am even less interested in the mechanical soaring of Zhou Jia, but the description of the gods involved in it makes his consciousness slow down the browsing speed.
Replacing a person with mechanical technology from the inside out is the original person or not?
If you’re sure it’s the same person?
The workers gave an answer that even they themselves wondered.
It can also be called true spirit.
It seems that everyone has a unique spirit, which is difficult to quantify. Only with it can a person be considered a person.
Little progress has been made in the study of ecstasy
Because I can really spy, I am fascinated by the strong silver, and even the workers don’t have so much money to waste.
Life is really clever!
Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed and his thoughts whirled rapidly. Some uncertainties in the three altars method seem to have gradually been answered.
However, it still needs some verification.
"Shout …"
After a pause, he continued to look.
When Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, his heart jumped wildly, and the data flashed in succession.
Finally …
Finally, I saw something real.
So-called energy sources and technologies are indispensable.
Similarly, it has always been the pursuit of all living things to exert greater power