It’s more violent. Just now, although the fist temporarily stopped Dongye Liang’s attack, it was when he was distracted to test Linglan’s situation. Otherwise, Wentao’s strength could not be resisted for a few seconds even if he resisted.
So his evaluation of himself is just the strength of Du Jie’s master. The reason why he dare not come easily at this time is because Linglan is here.
However, just now, Linglan’s power has been given to Wentao by her side. She has been injured and temporarily suppressed Linglan. Now her strength has not been completely restored. Wentao gave him a deterrent to Dongye Liang and forced the secret method. Just now, even if Wentao didn’t let him take power, he instantly shocked back three late Du Jie masters, and the attack was just a spent force.
Now it has been created, and this is the most important thing.
"Although I haven’t seen it before, I also heard that the power of the deputy island owner in Dongye has become strong recently. It has always been strange that there are so many strong and stable followers in Dongye, but I guessed a little when I saw you just now."
Wentao didn’t answer Dongye Lianghua, and it was very uncomfortable to have a direct dialogue with people like him. Wentao said what he wanted to say in order to achieve his goal.
"Higashino’s hands seem normal, but they lack some aura, a normal aura. If I guess right, you are a means to control them and make them listen to you like puppets."
Dongye Liang moved in his heart, and he was not too afraid of the news because this is nothing compared with his past achievements. It surprised him to think of this so quickly.
Seeing his facial expression, Wentao already knew that he was right. In fact, Wentao could guess this. Just now, Dongye Liang’s skill was just a question that led to this question as early as when he met Dongye Liang overseas.
Those hands are indifferent to Dongye Liang’s contempt for their lives, just like themselves. You know Dongye Liang is famous for stepping on other people’s lives. Who dares to contact him more and be his companion?
I didn’t think at that time, but now Wentao is inspired to think of this possibility.
Dongye Liang pushed his glasses and said, "It’s amazing that I can think of this just now with such a short time. It’s not the kui that Linglan boss is really different."
"By the way, let’s talk about what happened just now. It seems that you just said you were going to kill me, right?" Whether Toyo Ryo is heroic in admitting, apologizing or befriending, Wentao never follows his words and always leads him.
"It seems that he still knows you!" Wen Tao patted Linglan on the shoulder and said, "Go talk to him and see how he will kill me."
Wen Tao, this seemingly casual movement, has already had hundreds of reiki needles entering Linglan, and his body quickly stabilized his injury from just deteriorating strength to calming down, and then quickly recovered.
"Yes" Linglan bowed down and looked at Dongye Bright Body Reiki without suppressing the injury just now and adding him to the powerful momentum, which is even more amazing.
"Dongye bright you now if you are much, even my boss you dare to threaten the hum! I haven’t seen you for a long time, but you’re too bold to dare to fight with me. It’s good. "Linglan’s murderous look is getting heavier and heavier. Looking at Dongye Liang’s hand with him," You should have two robberies and scattered immortals now, and maybe there are hidden ones. Since you have the courage to make moves, let’s try it. "
Former Toyo Ryo is ashamed to run away when he encounters severe attacks. Assassination attacks are his best at killing and being weaker than himself, which is also his most proud thing.
Dongye Liangxin quickly calculated himself to add these late masters of Du Jie. It is reasonable to say that even if Ling Lansheng was in the period, he was not afraid of her. But Dongye Liangxin might know if Ling Lan was stronger. Just now, a recruit shocked three late masters of Du Jie before Ling Lan should not be able to do it.
What’s more, Kuangdong Yeliang knows that super masters like Ling Lan have a characteristic. When they fight, they will always be abnormal. Maybe they can kill them, but I’m afraid they are not much better. There are also Wentao and Ling Yunzhi. If they can stall two late Du Jie masters by themselves, the situation will be bad.
However, Dong Ye’s bright heart is also moving. When does Ling Lan like to talk but not practice? Her character should start work at once …
"Please ask the boss to allow Linglan to start work …" Linglan rushed Wentao for instructions.
"Don’t worry" Wentao thought about these questions when he looked at Dongye Liang and didn’t give it to him. "Dongye Liang, although shameful, has nothing to do with us. He can swallow us, but now he finds that he can’t swallow it. I believe he should be honest."
Wen Tao’s position in one sentence is not the kind of person who is impulsive.
Dong Ye Liang really doesn’t want to listen to Wen Tao with people like Ling Lan, so Dong Ye Liang Le said.
"Dr. Wen is really white. This is the world. If you are not strong enough, I will naturally swallow you. If Dr. Wen is really strong enough, you will be stronger than our island owner that day, then I will definitely take refuge in you."
Wentao also had to admire shame to Dongye Liang, which is also a realm of shame.
"The boss is that our hands are not weak enough now. His grandmother’s head is too small. If the big brother in the red shirt is here with Xiao Si and others, we must do it to death. People like him are simply batting practice and don’t owe people to kill. I really don’t know how he lived to this day …" Ling Yunzhi was really overwhelmed. He is now completely free. He knows the basic rules and no one else is going to restrain him.
Ling Yunzhi also knows that Wen Taoyi is setting a trap for this guy to drill Lanzu’s situation. He also knows that if he fights now, his side will lose a lot, even if he wins, he will pay a high price. Some people will die. This kind of fighting boss will not fight easily.
Now that Dongye Liang has been trapped, the boss will definitely kill him, but Dongye Liang really has the idea of letting Ling Yunzhi go to K.
Wentao listened to a faint smile. "Do you think ah … I have this idea to tell you the truth, but I believe that even if we are all here now, it is difficult to completely kill him. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Lan Zu that he can live again and again thousands of years ago. Even the thunder is very angry with him, but he is also very nai … You can think that a person can be ashamed to this extent, which is also a quite high level. If he wants to kill him, he may not be as good as dealing with the Qingcheng Sect and taking revenge on the Ling family for you.
"Can’t …" Ling Yunzhi some don’t quite believe that "although he is also a master of the late Du Jie, at most, he will only rob the scattered fairy power. If there are not a group of people around him, Lanzu can destroy him now."
"You ask?" Wentao encouraged Ling Yunzhi to ask him what he knew about Dongye Liang. Part of it was his shame in the past, and the other part was these two contacts. But Wentao was very careful about people like Dongye Liang, not thinking highly of him, but people like him were really troublesome.
"Lanzu, if you don’t have the late masters of Du Jie around Dongye Liang now, you should be able to kill him alone?" Ling Yunzhi immediately separated a part of the consciousness to communicate with Ling Lan, and immediately communicated with Ling Lan Lian, thus forming a network of three people exchanging consciousness at the same time.
"Ah …" Ling Yunzhi didn’t expect Linglan to be so … so simply and so sure. I remember the boss asked at that time if Linglan was now compared with white clothes. Linglan also said that although it is not as good as white clothes now, it also has a fight strength.
This time, it was even more than … than before. Ling Yunzhi simply didn’t believe that "Lanzu, are you finished laughing?" I mean, no one else asked you to compete alone. "
"First of all, you must know that Higashino Ryo will never compete with anyone who is worse than him, even if he has to fight a few times, he will leave, and what he is really good at is to escape and sneak attack to calculate the way he escaped in the past. Even if I have the strength now, I may not be able to catch him alone. After a thousand years, he was still in the late period of Du Jie, and now it is already the second robbery."
Ling Yunzhi thoroughly said that he was somewhat ignorant. There is a certain truth in saying that the boss just said that shame to this extent is also a state.
Window they instantaneous communication and east wild bright still said.
"Since Dr. Wen can understand this truth, we can also become interested friends. Mr. Wen is also worried that I can’t agree with you and me, but after all, Mr. Wen is not so comfortable now facing the attack of Qingcheng School and Kyubi no Youko tian hu, but I heard that Dr. Wen seems to be very good with Shushan Sword School." Ling Lan has regained her strength and Dongye Liang has given up annexing Shuxin Clinic and intends to seek something else.
"I like these two words very much. Then tell me about the fact that you and my relatives threatened me to kill me just now. What interests can you settle?"
"Just now, it was just a misunderstanding. Since everyone has nothing to do, I want to forget it. Of course, I just apologize to Doctor Wen’s family, including your woman …" Dongye Liang pointed to the gentle face outside with a lewd smile.
Wen Tao is never polite to such people.
"Well, it’s nice to say, but I still hate being threatened. If this tone goes without saying in my heart, even if you and I play a game uneconomical today, I will let Linglan keep an eye on you all the time." Wentao directly threatened him to know the power of Linglan, a super player who can quickly kill a late Du Jie player in sneak attack.
Just like a super assassin can disrupt a group of people and kill them bit by bit.
Dongye Liang thinks so, too. If you want to confront the enemy head-on, these people may be worse than Linglan, but if Wentao really orders Linglan to do so, Dongye Liang is really a headache.
Besides, he still has important things to do. This thing is told by the island owner and cannot be delayed.
Dongye Liang pushed his glasses again and thought for a while, then Nai said, "Tell me how much interest Dr. Wen wants."
"First, you swear not to hit me again. I have ordinary people’s ideas. I fucking hate it when ordinary people say things. People like you really don’t have two or five pills to fix the true world. There is a piece of blood ginseng for 30,000 years." Blood ginseng is a specialty of hanging island for more than 1,000 years, which is more precious than 5,000 years. If it is more precious, it has a lot of effects, but it is not enough for the body. The aura of Dan is even more abundant.