Shinohara snow is waiting for me!
Of course, things are often unexpected!
Just as Su Ling took Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan to the tower at the moment, she was stopped by the guards and soldiers at the door! Such a move makes Su Ling suddenly feel that she is a special agent because of her generation. This generation and a soldier are particularly difficult to deal with!
Otherwise, she’s such a well-proportioned little business worker to stop her?
"Hey, we’re going into town!"
Su Ling raised her hand and waved at the female guard on the rostrum, trying to make herself look quite harmful and safe.
It’s a pity that perhaps the atmosphere in Nan Xia Guo was a little tense, which led to the fact that these women Weigen did not move. Instead, they looked at Su Ling, Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan, who were a little timid. The three of them were filled with smiles and suddenly said coldly, "Can there be a newsletter?"
Su Ling "…"
She’s never heard of this nima along the way, and she needs a Rushton file!
She’s not a Tang Priest. What a fart!
The words are not rough, but the female guards of the gate tower are still loyal to their duties and look at them.
After waiting for a moment, I saw that the three of them didn’t respond in situ. The officers and men seemed impatient, and the halberd in their hands directly blocked Su Ling’s front tone and said, "There is no access without a newsletter!" Go back and forth wherever you go! "
Su Ling is almost crying when she sees this situation. She really didn’t know there was such a thing as a general document, and the tone of voice of the officers and men made her extremely want to curse!
But if you think about it, forget it. It’s Nan Xia Guo. If she gets into trouble, she won’t see Shinohara snow more! It is said that it is half a day’s walk from here to Beijing, and a day’s walk is enough!
Now that she’s here, she’d better be a good person in Wen Ya!
"The elder sister can do a convenience! We lost the Tongwendie. Please let us in first and give it to you when I make up! " Su Ling licked her face and complained to the officers and men that she was not so good-tempered!
But in order to get into the city smoothly, she still put up with it!
"Who are you calling big sister?" I don’t know that Su Ling’s good temper is contrary and she hasn’t been treated as she deserves!
She this elder sister directly let female who instantaneous a face of displeasure staring at her!
Can we communicate with each other properly? It’s no good calling big sister, but it’s especially inappropriate to call this sister little sister because of her burly figure!
At this time, Su Ling’s forbearance really made her angry, but after all, she can’t be arrogant in other countries. It’s a pity that she thinks so, but someone is more brave than her!
At that time, I have been behind Su Ling and watched my noble lady being so ridiculed by the female guards. Suddenly, the tiger punch strode across and blocked Su Ling’s face. At the same time, I pointed my index finger at the female guards and scolded them, "You are a shameless little guard! Look at my little public identity! My husband and your wife are good friends. If you don’t let us go, believe it or not, I’ll take your nine heads! "
Su Ling lifted her forehead and sighed. It’s really bad for her to know Bi Rao!
This fellow thinks this is her home! It’s getting worse and worse!
"You … are you serious?"
At this moment, Su Ling feels that the whole world is fantastic! No one told her that she could get through by giving this woman a scolding!
What the hell is this!
Su Ling felt that her crying heart was gone at this time! She still wanted to keep a low profile in a foreign country as far as possible, but now the guarding city female guards let them go directly after Bi Rao’s swearing. Even those who were waiting to present the official documents behind her saw that many of them put away the official documents and even rolled their arms and sleeves to scold the female guards!
What the hell is this?
She wants to go home!
Su Ling’s bitterness kept hovering in her mind when she set foot on the land of Nanxia! And Brigitte Rao finally felt great at this time. It’s almost the sky in Na Ba along the way!
"Bi Rao Nan Xia Guo, you converge!"
No matter what Su Ling thinks in her heart, it is necessary for her to warn Bi Rao! After all, this is Nanxia country and it is a female statue.
Anyway, Su Ling’s mind is still clear! How did she feel that the performance of the female guard at the tower just now was very strange!
Since this is a female statue and she is now dressed as a weak student, even Bi Rao is the same! If the humble man dares to swear at a woman at the same time, won’t he be regarded as a criminal?
This is not quite right!
There is no problem for Su Ling to think like this! Because since she entered the city of Nanxia, she found that the whole street was almost all women!