"why?" Cold heaven looked up one leng.
"Not really …" The cold sunset narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, "Just let the Yang family disappear!"
"Don’t make it!" Cold heaven hurriedly waved his hand. "This happened just now. If there is anything wrong with Master Yang’s family, we will definitely become the first suspect!"
"That …" The cold sunset frowned slightly. "Well, father, we still got the gold ore of the target deposit stone islands to Jinshi Islands according to the original plan.
Hum, we still care about the three-point industry? "
"But this time you have failed." Cold Heaven shook his head. "According to what you and Tianya just said, destroying you again and again is probably the Yang family gentleman. What strength do we have to fight him!"
"That’s a guess, Joe said." The cold sunset knocked on a table with orchid fingers sticking up.
"So let’s get Joe three back and ask him."
"To get Joe back" Cold Heaven nodded. "If Yang’s gentleman is really such a powerful person, it is no coincidence that Tianya lost to him, and our cold home is very dangerous …" Cold Heaven said in meditation and looked up again. "Yes! Joe San must be found back! "
Yang night a line of people back to Yang’s mansion is carrying the Zhang family gentleman Zhang Wenyu. These days, Zhang Wenyu is full of hotels looking for Yang night to harm Yang night. I didn’t expect that their front foot had just returned home without half a day’s effort. Zhang Wenyu has found out about Yang night’s whereabouts over there in Jinshi Islands and followed it back.
Yang Shan came back quietly without disturbing the master Yang Zhenkui. After all, Yang Zhenkui went out to play with Zhang Wenyu, so it is impossible to come back with her eldest brother Yang Ye.
Nan Rong Phantom worried about his father’s illness and directly returned to the south home with Uniform Xin.
Yang Yefang reported a series of things that happened in the Jinshi Islands to his father Yang Zhenkui-of course, he should hide it, but he won’t tell it.
Yang Zhen was delighted to hear that Yang Ye unexpectedly won a third of the Leng family’s industry.
When I heard the second son Yang Xu, I accidentally became insane and crazy, and Yang Zhen was sad.
"If that’s the case, I’ll ask the president of the airline company to come to me and take his daughter!" Yang Zhenben said
"No, no, no" Yang Ye smiled. "It can’t be that Yang Xu harassed somebody else’s daughter, and I don’t think that she knows who Yang Xu is. I need your help to tell you about it."
"You are so small that I can’t figure it out!" Yang Zhenkui smiled. "Don’t make trouble for me!"
"Of course not!" Yang night smiled and hugged his father Yang Zhenkui.
Father is a joke? The lounge door was knocked on the main manager Qiu and pushed the door and came in. "Sir, the gentleman of the Zhang family, Zhang Wenyu, has come to see the gentleman."
"ah? So soon? " Yang night leng one.
"Zhang Wenyu? Didn’t he take Eun-shin and Yang Shan out to play? " Yang zhenkui doubt way
"How suddenly again? What does he want with you? "
"He is my apprentice." Yang Yexiao turned and walked outside the lounge. "I’ll tell you sometimes."
Out of the lounge Yang night by Qian Bo came to the living room to see Zhang Wenyu.
Zhang Wenyu was excited to sit on the sofa and saw Yang Ye come in. Ma got up in high spirits and bowed respectfully to Yang Ye, shouting "Master".
Hill manager Yang night behind see blindsided.
"Come on, master, I still quit!" Yang night smiled and turned his head to signal Qiu manager to go out, and then smiled and said to Zhang Wenyu, "Don’t call me that later. If you want, just call me a brother."
Manager Qiu walked out of the drawing room with an inexplicable face. Zhang Wenyu walked quickly over. "Master, why are you always avoiding me!"
Yang night slightly leng a look at Zhang Wenyu pious anxious appearance thought this little is really like table tennis is quite persistent, smiled and said, "don’t say so ambiguous.
Who’s hiding from you? You mean Shanshan, right? "