Yang night quickly flicker and stared at the hot sun "I depend! You come true! "
"Nonsense! You live for me! " The hot sun said and hit a fireball.
In this way, the hot sun control focused on Yang night to hide easily, so the two men swam in tandem to catch up with the Tang Jun fleet that had traveled far away.
Since then, the Japanese archipelago has become the most frequent earthquake area in the world, and Japan has also suffered from frequent earthquakes in its own small island country.
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Chapter two hundred and fifty "Position eldest brother"
All the way, Yang Ye, Li Ze and others took 200,000 Tang Jun soldiers to triumph and set foot on the territory of Datang.
The Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty had already received several messages and sent an imperial edict to Anshi City to wait for Yang Ye and Li Ze, two generals, to return from Japan and receive the edict immediately.
The imperial edict is very simple. Yang Ye and Li Ze are ordered to take all the heroes and soldiers to Chang ‘an and go back to the face.
So Yang Ye, Li Ze, Lan Yao chop, Sun, Nan Rong Phantom and Bao Long all just arrived in Anshi City, and they called all the soldiers who participated in this battle to go back to Chang ‘an together.
No special experience along the way
In an instant, Chang’ an was packed, and Li Ze took a group of people straight to the Chengtianmen Gate of Taiji Palace-Tang Xuanzong wanted to grant a seal here to beat back the Japanese invaders.
On that day, there were more than 400 square meters square outside Chengtianmen, Li Ze at Yang Night, and the scorching sun and the South Glory Phantom. Behind them were more than 200 commanders and lieutenants of different ranks who participated in this campaign. Of course, it was impossible for Du ‘an City and Japan to fight bloody battles. More than 200,000 Tang Jun soldiers came to the palace to meet the emperor, but there were all raised.
In the square, not only Li Ze and the hundreds of soldiers who wanted to hear the seal, but also the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty attended the ceremony, and all of them made it to Chengtianmen. This awarding ceremony was more magnificent than the usual scenes of changing the yuan, amnesty, New Year’s Day, military parade in the Winter Dynasty and being captured.
Soon the guards, maids and eunuchs were surrounded and followed by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty with Yang Guifei to the pavilions of Chengtianmen Square. They sat down and looked at the square with a smile. Aiqing read a thousand words of praise from Gao Lishi.
In his praise, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty highly praised the soldiers of the Expeditionary Force for their hard work, fighting spirit, patriotism and enthusiasm. He said that this campaign has brought out the spirit of the Tang army, and it has also brought out the prestige of the Tang Dynasty. The officers and men of the Tang army want to fight this battle. The theme exhibition of Tang Jun soldiers in this battle is a group study and discussion activity, which has carried forward this fearless spirit and noble national quality of the Tang Jun soldiers in this campaign.
Then Yang night Li Ze and others listened to the seal of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty and ordered Gao Lishi to retreat and declare the seal in person.
Even got up and shook the dragon robe and took a few steps forward.
Li Ze and Yang Ye knelt in front of Tang Xuanzong and shouted "Long live!" Tang Xuanzong was not afraid to face the officials of the dynasty who smiled and reached out to signal Yang Ye and Li Ze-li to stand up, and then Lang asked, "I will definitely give you a great reward for your contributions to protecting the country!"
Li Ze and Yang Ye smiled at one another and was about to kneel down again, but Tang Xuanzong said, "But the two generals never started to report and led the military forces to attack the Japanese country …"
Li Zema’s face turned white and he bowed his head in fear. He secretly took a sideways look at Yang Night only to find that Yang Night didn’t have any panic.
Sure enough, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty said, "Although it was acting first, I decided that the military emergency at that time forced the two generals to act in this way and delay the fighter plane." With a faint smile on his face, Emperor Xuanzong asked softly, "Am I right?"
Li Ze and Yang Yegen don’t want to see it in an instant. This is the step that Tang Xuanzong gave them. How can they be rude? So both of them answered earnestly with fuels that this is indeed the case. Please cooperate with the words in a down-to-earth manner.
"Ha ha, are the two armies guilty?" Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty smiled and straightened his head and raised the volume. "Although the two love Qing have the suspicion of acting first and then deceiving you, they are the land of the Tang Dynasty! This really touched me! The two generals would rather take the risk of deceiving the king and beheading him than repel the Japanese invaders and protect me from the Tang Dynasty! How can I blame the two generals for being a mighty Tang Dynasty and not a bad king? " Talking Tang Xuanzong’s eyes moved to Yang night and Li Ze looked around a square and all the ministers and soldiers continued to say, "Besides! Before the defeat of the Tang army, hundreds of thousands of troops in Anshi City were defeated by 70 thousand Japanese invaders, and their faces were wiped out! It’s really a shame of my Tang Dynasty war history! "
The civil and military ministers in the square exchanged their eyes in succession, but they dared not say a word.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty looked around Chengtianmen and continued, "General Zhenyuan can be a fire cloud! Two Aiqing led more than 200,000 soldiers in the Tang Dynasty, who not only retaken Anshi City and killed all the Japanese invaders, but also attacked the Japanese territory for a short time, even taking Nengdeng and Kaga River, and even conquered Nara, the capital of Japan! I, a mere 200,000 troops in Tang Jun, have defeated millions of troops in Japan! This battle almost wiped out the country of Japan! These are my Tang Dynasty war history honors! The record book will surely go down in history! !”
Chengtianmen Wenwu Baiguan listened to silly thinking that General Li Ze and his confidants have made great contributions, but they have deceived you, but now they have been called achievements by the emperor!
Those civil servants all miss this true friend. Oh, no, it’s amazing to be a Lord protector now. It’s almost a feat of achieving immortality in one step! Be sure to do well with him a lot later.
Those military attache all miss grandma! It’s all due to the fact that 200 thousand troops defeated millions of Japanese people? Who are you kidding? But this credit is really cheap. If I had known, I would have gone!
Then the emperor returned to the solemn whole side of the dragon chair, and Gao Lishi came out to read out the raised award.
Yang night took a quick look at Li Ze while Tang Xuanzong was not paying attention. Li Ze squeezed his eyes. Li Ze wanted to laugh but did not dare to laugh, but he still slightly turned up a corner of his mouth.
It’s really boring and long for hundreds of people to read the award. Yang night has been kneeling and listening carefully with a yawn. When I looked up, I just met Yang Guifei’s eyes. Yang Guifei was squinting at the spring scenery and couldn’t stop smiling at him.
Yang night suddenly felt the waist shaking and quickly moved his eyes and never looked up again.
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