"Ha, ha, ha, ha, good. If you have this determination, then I can feel at ease. Let’s go back to your time and inherit my unfinished wish!" When I entered the Woods, Ye Hanjue felt that there was something unusual around him. I just wanted to visit the surrounding area, but suddenly I heard the strange sound before.
"Who the hell are you?" Ye Han, who was in a hurry, asked questions without thinking about it. But he also guessed a little from the man’s words and changed his mind. "You are Qingyun?"
"Ha ha, go ahead and finish your mission. If you want to know everything, you will naturally know that there is no need to pursue it deliberately!" The man did not answer Ye Han question is said with a smile.
【 446 】 【 Shadow of Woods 】
Ye Han felt that others had completely looked at his words and naturally felt resentful. However, at this time, he couldn’t make a difference. He looked around awkwardly and found a figure before mumbling, "How is it possible to want an answer but can’t deliberately pursue this truth?"
After mumbling something, Ye Han’s embarrassed face suddenly converged, but instead he shouted at the surroundings with a blank face, "Hey, I don’t care who you are. Since you know that I don’t belong here, you must have a way to get me out of here, right?"
Ye Han’s words may not necessarily surprise him immediately. Looking around the Woods is still the same as before, but suddenly there is a cold breath in the Woods. Naturally, this cold breath is nothing to Ye Han. When this cold breath hits, there is a thick fog around him.
"It’s up to you whether you can go out or not. If you can get out of this forest smoothly, you can go back to where you came from!" The fog is getting thicker and thicker, and the sound is becoming more and more blurred. Although Ye Han can hear the sound clearly, it is also white that the speaker has gone away at this time.
The fog is thick, but Ye Han is not very worried, because the fog here is nothing compared with the foggy forest outside, so he can find his way out with a little effort.
But now Ye Han is not worried about this. What he is worried about is that even if he can find the direction, he can’t know which direction he should walk in order to leave.
Think about it. If I hadn’t thought about it before, I wouldn’t be in this dilemma now. Ye Han can’t help but regret it. He also has new ideas appropriately.
"Hum, how can a little fog rarely pour me Ye Han!" Had the idea Ye Han psychology also relaxed immediately.
See his words fall on the palm of his hand, there is already an extra jade flute. Look closely at this flute. It is obviously a cold jade flute. Ye Han now wants to draw the Destiny Star with the help of jade flute force to distinguish the position.
It’s easier to find out where Xiaoli is according to the life star, which is where you came. You must walk by and leave here.
There is a way to put it into action. Ye Han holds a jade flute in his hand, and his palm suddenly reveals a vitality and enters the jade flute. At the same time, the palm is slowly raised, and the flute is placed on his lips, and soon he listens to a flute sound melodious all around.
After the sound of the flute, although the fog around it showed signs of dissipation, it also thinned a lot. After that, Ye Han raised his head slightly without affecting the situation of playing the flute, and his eyes fell into the forest sky.
With the passage of the flute sound, the sky faintly emerged a series of stars, mans, Ye Han, chuckles, suddenly puts away a jade flute, then turns around and looks at the other party, regardless of the direction, and suddenly rushes over.
The fog around never dispersed, but Ye Han didn’t change his direction and ran forward. Soon, he could find that the fog around him was indifferent, so Ye Han inadvertently saw a shadow flash not far away.
"Who is it? Who is in front? " Because the shadow is in the fog, it is fuzzy and abnormal, so Ye Hangen’s method is surprised to see the true face at the moment, so he asks.
The shadow didn’t move, but there was still no root there, right? Ye Han said, look at Naiye Han, or slowly lean forward and walk towards the shadow, and then get close to see the true face of the shadow.
"You are Ye Han?" Just then, the black shadow finally spoke, but it just spoke, but it surprised Ye Han. This is the misty land of a hundred years ago. Theoretically, no one could recognize himself except the strange sound roots before, but now this black shadow can be poked in a word.
If the shadow is the strange sound, he may have mistaken it before, but now Ye Han Erli can recognize the person before the sound, so the two are different people.
He still guessed the previous person or Qingyun. What about this person now? Who is he? A hundred years ago, was there another man besides Qingyun in the misty land?
More think more complex Ye Han suddenly some stupid.
"I dare to ask …" I am caught in many doubts, and it is worthwhile to ask questions and ask questions. I can learn the truth from this population and solve my doubts in my heart.
However, the black shadow seems to have ignored his question again, and he is always silent. Although Ye Hannai wants to ask again, he can be well-advised and silent because he has done nothing himself, even if he asks again, it is redundant.
Silently sighed Ye Han heart andao "this is a dream or real? If it’s a dream, isn’t it too real that all this has not come? But if it is true, will it suddenly appear? "
The dream reality struggled for a while, and Ye Han finally couldn’t understand his doubts. But at this moment, the black shadow once again said, "It’s time to know. Come here, and soon you will be able to solve this mystery that has been entangled for a hundred years!"
"What?" After the shadow said this, Ye Han suddenly remembered that the woman had said that she would know everything if she wanted to enter the forest by herself. It may have meant now, but one thing he still doesn’t understand. Since the woman is Qingyun’s wife, her statement has not been recognized by Qingyun. Is it natural for Qingyun to find all this truth?
"Can you really help me solve my doubts?" Ye Han decided to believe the woman before. After all, now this shadow says that the woman is similar, and Qingyun says that he believes in a single statement, but he would rather believe in many people.
Shadow words stop again. It seems that he doesn’t bother to answer Ye Han’s question. Ye Han is not angry when he sees it. After all, now he wants something from others and has no vitality unless he gives up. This is probably the only chance to solve the mystery.
For a long time, in the dark shadow, I finally heard again, "Good!" As he spoke, the figure of this person suddenly came to Ye Han near, but although this figure was in the front, it was covered with a black veil, which contained a strong vitality. Although Ye Han realized Yuan Dao and had Yuan Dao’s perception ability, he could also see through the truth behind this veil.
"I didn’t expect this century-old grudge to end one day after all!" Shadow people came near to Ye Han sigh and said