Long Fengjiao immediately asked her husband, Leng Yulong, that she was a great venerable master who had been practicing hard in the mountains for decades, but now she has reached the great venerable realm. Wouldn’t it be scary if she could reach the great venerable one as soon as she could?
Thought of here, Long Fengjiao stretched out his white hand and touched the young lips with a smile. "Generally speaking, it takes at least ten years for a very emperor to break through to the honour person level, and sometimes it takes at least forty years for a master of primary honour person to break through to the honour person level. That is to say, it takes at least fifty years for my sister to break through to the honour person level. Can these drops of energy really help my sister to break through to the honour person level in one breath?"
Tang Jun was in distress situation. He held out a thin hand and grabbed Sister Long’s smooth and delicate white hand. Zhang mouth bit her finger and sucked it gently. He also looked at Sister Long’s two big "shells" hanging above his head with a bad smile. "Sister Long Jun, if you can help you to be promoted to the level of the most holy one, I don’t know what the reward is. Chapter four hundred and fifteen greenery.
"True or false"
Long Fengjiao got a fright and screamed at the level of the venerable one. She didn’t even dare to think about it. Is it a very venerable one? Is the science of uniting the generation can reach the saint level is a big problem? This is because every promotion has a bottleneck that is difficult to break through.
It’s a problem that a first-class venerable master will be able to practice to the great venerable level one day after continuous cultivation, but a great venerable master may not be able to break through to the saint level and break through to the divine level for a generation. Is that a dream? It is almost the biggest dream of all the masters in the whole fairy continent to become a sage master!
See the dragon beauty a surprised expression Tang Jun le arms stretched out his hand and gently stabbed her a pair of "big rabbits" laughing way "forget it, I won’t circle with you, dear old woman, hurry up and swallow those five drops of energy liquid and break through to the most holy one. You can absorb one drop at a time. Oh, I have to make a breakthrough in uniting."
"If you’re dead, call me an old woman and I’ll ignore you?"
Long Fengjiao gently pinched the teenager’s thin cheek, and she was more fond of him than before. The teenager was so obsessed with her that she couldn’t bear to beat him and scold him. She couldn’t wait to hug him in her arms every day and let go. After all, she was a 90-year-old woman, just like a mother hurts a child, and she still had a little maternal love for the teenager.
Then the two of them sat on the ground together to improve their strength. Tang Jun put the white bead in the ring and took out the "snake Wang Jindan". A glittering ball emerged in his hand, spinning and shining!
"Snake Wang Jindan"
Long Fengjiao was sitting with her eyes closed, absorbing and swallowing a drop of energy liquid. Suddenly, she was shaken by a powerful light and immediately opened her eyes. When she saw the young hand "Snake Wang Jindan", she couldn’t help but exclaim.
It is said that "Snake Wang Jindan" is the best baby to break through the bottleneck. Once it can absorb the energy in it, it can at least be upgraded to the first level. The body can have the lowest level of "Snake Wang Jindan" in Warcraft, which is also equivalent to the level of human god emperor.
I can’t believe that a teenager can get something so horrible. Long Fengjiao worships the beloved teenager in front of him!
But now she is afraid to be too excited, and the constant impact of huge energy is waiting for her to control and absorb this drop of energy liquid. Although it has been refined by teenagers, it is not so easy to really absorb it completely, and the soul body in her mind also releases a trace of danger, which makes her uneasy.
Tang Jun swallowed this "snake Wang Jindan" directly and sucked it up. Suddenly, his body was like a bomb, which made his blood roll and hurt his heart. It was more destructive than the powerful magic. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a six-qi fusion body that could quickly repair the wound, he really didn’t know if he could make it through.
I’m afraid there is Tang Jun, a perverted teenager, who dares to swallow the whole day directly without refining by an alchemist.
At this time, Wang Jindan, the snake swallowed by Tang Jun, got the body temperature after being nourished by the fusion of the other body and six qi, which actually revealed the body. Tang Jun’s mind was a horrible and frightening golden snake. Wang Shi, the "then" of Warcraft, was formed by condensing all kinds of thoughts of Warcraft, in order to successfully break through the bottleneck in the process of ascension. Every Warcraft needs a successful then.
This is also why Warcraft will not encounter bottlenecks when it is upgraded to self-repair. By the same token, if human masters want to get these Warcraft elixirs, they will be able to help human masters eliminate bottlenecks and break through successfully after being refined into elixirs by alchemists.
Tang Jun, the king of the golden white snake, was surprised to see that there was a horror in his body, and immediately screamed in his heart. Is this Warcraft then really something? The golden and white snake king showed fierce eyes, and he was biting his body everywhere, and he kept spitting venom. The six-qi fusion possessed by his body was the most horrible thing in the world, but he still managed to control this horrible thing with great magical powers because of his lack of repair.
What should we do? Things are already a little bad?
At the same time, Tang Jun also sensed that Long Fengjiao, who was sitting aside to absorb energy, seemed to be in extreme danger. Seeing her shivering, sweating and direct current situation also changed.
No matter how severe things are, they are afraid of fairy things. Suddenly, Tang Jun’s mind flashed and he remembered his own hand. "Fairy Aurora" was immediately wrapped up and entered the body through a little spirit.
Seeing a glimmer of "Fairy Aurora", the golden snake king was scared to flee everywhere, and was finally shot by "Fairy Aurora". The spirituality inside it was completely controlled by Tang Jun.
Tang Jun, the king of the golden white snake, was sweating like a pig, but he was finally relieved. However, when he opened his eyes and looked at the big beauty in front of him, his face changed again and his heart was pounding.
At this time, Long Fengjiao sat on the ground with her eyes closed, and her body was steaming and shivering, and her body turned crimson and looked ferocious and terrible.
Tang Jun was surprised that he temporarily stopped absorbing body energy and held her white hand. Suddenly, a heat flow came from the other side to his own hand, and Long Fengjiao’s hand immediately grabbed his hand desperately. Obviously, the other side was possessed and was on the verge of life and death. The situation was very bad.
Isn’t that weird? He gave these energy liquids to Miss Guo, Sister Lin, and none of them had this kind of situation. Will Long Fengjiao have this kind of abnormal situation? Tang Jun is puzzled?
What should we do? What should we do?
Tang Jun was so anxious that even tears flowed. It is the most terrible thing for a master to be possessed in the process of ascension. The worst person dies and the lightest person becomes an idiot. These two results are not what he wants to see. Chapter 416 The fruit of the gods.
"Ah fairy mainland reiki is not enough, but it is normal for you to let her swallow such a horrible energy liquid without reiki and average computer-virus; And you swallow this horrible magic. If you don’t have abundant aura to neutralize it, you will fall into perdition. Go to the fairy’ vault key’ and break through. "
Tang Jun couldn’t help but be overjoyed to hear the sound coming out of the wishful button. He immediately opened the "vault key" and took Long Fengjiao into the middle school. Suddenly, the girls who were practicing in it and the beautiful and charming Wan’er girl also gathered around.
"Mrs. Cold"