ChiDingyao nodded and said nothing, but drew a sign from the tube.
"Is there something wrong with this person?" Small secretly asked small "I always feel something is wrong"
"Of course there is a problem." A small attitude is rare and serious. "Brother Zhu is a monster."
"Monster!" Little startled, "Is there really a monster in this world?"
"Of course, there are monsters. What’s the fuss about this?" Trail "He’s not the only monster in this courtyard. Just now, the big mouse is also practicing fine. Besides rats, spiders and ants, there are many strange things in this courtyard that are monsters, but this one is in front of him who can transform into human beings."
Little gasped. "You mean this is a monster’s den?"
"That’s about it." Trail "I think there are at least ten monsters."
Little face turned pale. "What do they want? Why don’t you kill them all? "
"I don’t know what they want, but I don’t think it’s harmful. If it’s harmful, it would have hurt them for so many days." Trail "I’m afraid I can’t cope with these monsters who have been able to change shape for hundreds of years."
"You have been practicing for tens of thousands of years and you can’t even deal with a few monsters?" Little anxious "What about Xiaozhu?"
"Hum, if my strength is restored, even if they come to 10,000, it won’t be enough for me." Xiao is also depressed. "I’m imprisoned so badly now, but it’s all your fault. You have the nerve to blame me."
"What shall we do?" Sweat broke out on his forehead. "I don’t care if I have to save Xiaozhu."
Small sigh "let’s take it one step at a time. It is estimated that they are looking for something in Xiaozhu’s sister’s house. If they don’t find this thing, they will definitely not kill people."
Just as I said this, I saw Master Zhu suddenly look back, his eyes glistened, and he took a small look. He saw a quivering and was about to pretend to be calm and stare back. Master Zhu had turned around and untied ChiDingyao.
"Some people are ill-intentioned, and they also see that the front-line dry days and the seven times and seven times of robbery are constantly abstaining from greed and wanting to practice. This is a sign." Master Zhu Kan Kan talked about it. "The sign made it clear that the disaster in your family is the karma accumulated by the seven times and seven times. Not only that, but there will also be villains who are ill-intentioned and close to what you want to eliminate disasters and solve problems. One way is to abstain from greed and practice self."
"Master, can you be more specific?" ChiDingYao frown way "this is too general!"
"Ha-ha, let me put it in a popular way," Master Zhu said. "That is to say, you need to give up your worldly wealth, cut off your evil intentions and give up your karma, that is, jump out of the world of mortals and you will not be rewarded by the world of mortals. Only in this way can you get rid of the disaster at home."
Chi Dingyao hesitated for a long time before saying, "Master Zhu, you don’t want me to be a monk, do you?"
"This is not necessarily everyone has his own luck, and everyone has his own chance. The benefactor will quote me your birthday first and treat me with a fine divination." Master Zhu looked at Chi Dingyao and was a little blue. "The benefactor must be too worried. If he really gives up, I can also keep you safe for three years."
ChiDingyao nodded and reported his birthday.
"What the hell is he going to do?" I read it inexplicably. "How can I finish reading it?"
"He’s full of bullshit, you don’t have to take care of it," the little sneered. "Look at it. In the end, you must want ChiDingyao to hand over something. They monsters should come at something in ChiDingyao’s hand. If I guess correctly, it should be something Zu."
Chapter 8 Monster psychic ()
Chapter 8 Monster psychic ()
At this time, Master Zhu’s voice rang again. "The donor’s surname Chi is full of water, and the birth is full of water. It is a flowing animal’s main residence. It can be seen that your father was still in the mind, but I don’t know that God’s will can prevent the donor from living a stable life. This word has been exhausted, and the water will be full of water in the home. It is easy to attract ghosts and strangers. This is the first reason for the loss of earth and air."
"What shall we do?" Chidingyao avenue
"It’s very simple to change the name," Master Zhu said. "Water can flow without blocking, but dredging and transformation can make water grow trees, and woody calm is deeply rooted, even if it can’t take root, it can float in water. It is just a word in the donor’s name."
ChiDingyao face a happy "that’s easy"
"It’s not that simple." Master Zhu shook his head otherwise. "Just now, it was very clear that the problems in the donor’s family are mainly the people’s side and the family’s injustice. This karma must be solved."
"How do you explain this?" Chi Dingyao was very depressed. "I have always read behind closed doors and rarely asked about the world. How can there be a bad side?"
Master Zhu’s face floated with an intriguing smile. "Although the benefactor closed the door, you have a wife and children, but they can’t ban the world."
"Elder brother, he is insinuating about you." Little quietly said, "I guess he can’t see through what you want to get rid of you first."
Sure enough, Master Zhu said that ChiDingyao’s eyes glanced at the little one, and the expression became more and more unfriendly.
"Ha ha elder brother, this old man must be looking at his property." Little gleefully laughed.
I hate my teeth so much that I really want to punch Master Zhu’s face full of mystery, but if I want to think about others, I just have to endure this tone because I can’t even deal with the senior monster.
"Then what about the family injustice?" Chi Dingyao asked
"The benefactor’s ancestors or benefactors themselves must have done something harmful in their previous lives, and what has happened has come back to them." Master Zhu said, "If I expected it, there should still be some karma things in the donor’s home, and then there will be injustice to find a way to harm the doorsill and release the earth. If the benefactor wants to avoid disaster, there is no other way. Only by giving up this karma thing can he retreat and truly achieve world war."
ChiDingyao thought for ages before shaking his head. "I shouldn’t think so. My Chi family has always been a good person and never did anything unnatural. In my generation, I cherish moths, veils, lamps, sweeping the floor and not hurting the lives of ants. How can I do anything harmful and things? Is the master miscalculated? "