Zhang Hao just wanted to give a positive answer when he heard it, but Yang Feng stopped him with a wave of his hand. Yang Feng looked at the middle-aged man and smiled and said, "Hehe, uncle, it doesn’t matter if I am a deputy mayor. What matters is that we are here to help Uncle Dou’s family, don’t you think?"
"Listen to this in this! Hey, you can come and say that the government policy is good, but the old couple in Uncle Dou’s family have been dragging this disabled child for more than 30 years. I have never seen a penny from the government, let alone the city and the county, and I have never been to the village once! Oh, it’s bitter for the old couple! " The middle-aged man sighed.
"Uncle, don’t worry. These are famous experts in the harbor hospital. I believe they must have a way to cure Uncle Dou’s leg!" Yang Feng said and went into the house with middle-aged men and doctors.
Into the room, the middle-aged man took the place of the old man’s warm hospitality. "Comrades, sit down quickly … You see you have to come all the way here and haven’t even drunk hot water …" He waved the thermos flask while picking up a few Mazars and handing them to Yang Feng.
"Ha ha, uncle, don’t be busy. We’re not thirsty. Let’s let the doctor look at Uncle Dou’s legs first …" Yang Fengxiao refused.
"Look at your legs first!" As he spoke, the middle-aged man walked to the back room, pulled the light at the door to light up the dark room, and then shouted to the man lying in bed, "winning streak! Come on, the big leader came to see you and brought the doctor. After that, you won’t hurt so much … "
Uncle Dou’s winning streak is now brimming with pain and turned to look at it. It seems that Zhang Hao smiled and said, "Hello, we are uncle Dou and aunt Dou invited to treat your leg specially. Now their harbor is waiting for you! You don’t move now let the doctor show you … "
Zhang Hao said that the expert group led by the vice president carefully looked at the winning leg and finally reached a unanimous conclusion that the disease can be cured. I dare not say less to let him walk freely or listen to the doctor’s words. The middle-aged man was so excited that he knelt down to the doctor and said, "Doctor, I thank the old couple for him! You don’t know what day the old couple have lived for more than 30 years! "
The doctor looked at Yang Feng and quickly pulled the middle-aged man up and said, "Hometown, what are you doing? This is what we doctors should do. Thank you …"
At this moment, he lay in bed and shed a tear in his eyes. He didn’t know whether he was happy or wronged. He thought about suicide many times before. He thought that his life would be over. I didn’t expect to get up again in this life …
Yang Feng lifted the middle-aged man up and said, "Uncle, don’t worry. When the winning streak brother comes back, he will come back on his own!" Then ordered to Zhang Hao and others, "Zhang Mi, let’s go and carry the winning streak eldest brother to the car. Uncle Dou and Aunt Dou are still waiting there. Chapter 1 Guess who I saw.
Yang Feng their middle-aged men watched Dou winning streak slowly leave Dou Cun car driving Dou Cun mountain road Yang Feng thoughtfully looked out the window for half a day and suddenly said to the co-pilot Zhang Hao, "Zhang Shu, don’t you think our city is a little too vain? I don’t know how I grew up accustomed to prosperity, but coming to this township is poor and shabby, but it makes me feel at ease … "
"Ha ha Xiao Feng, this is why we always talk about how prosperous the outside world is after the prosperity of human nature. We always have a homesickness …" After listening to Yang Feng’s words, Zhang Hao has forgotten his secret identity as a mayor because Yang Feng is a child in front of him and he is also an elder.
"Ha ha, uncle Zhang, listen to your voice. Is your hometown rural?" Yang Feng asked
"Well, it’s the plain city of Dongshan Province. Since I graduated from college, the capital has settled down for more than 20 years. It’s really a handful to go home!" Zhang Hao regrets replied.
"Plain city? Is it Juye County? " Yang Feng, a listen to the plain city, immediately asked him sensitively that he had just come back from his hometown Juye County, a while ago and remembered this place name vividly.
"Yes, how do you know Juye County?" Zhang Hao first promised and then asked questions.
"Ha ha, where do I know? I guess my friend’s house is Juye’s, by the way …" Yang Feng replied with a smile.
"Oh, I tell you, how can you know Juye!" Zhang Hao also said with a smile
"Uncle Zhang, why don’t you go home often?" Yang Feng asked doubtfully.
"Hehe, it’s not that Uncle Zhang doesn’t want to be really busy with his work. Now the official is like this. You want the people to do something practical to be exhausted, but those moths can suck the blood out of the people!" Zhang Haore sighed.
"Ha ha, Uncle Zhang, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Who dares to try the law? But it’s not the case that you don’t go back to your hometown for such a long time. After all, your parents are old and you should always go back to see it. Anyway, it’s only three or four hours before the bus from our harbor to the plain city …" Yang Feng advised.
"Ha ha, I know the mayor Yang …" Zhang Hao said with a smile.
"Not to say? Don’t be so serious at the end of Zhang Shuping. You and my dad are good friends. You are my uncle. Why are you so polite? Now that your harbor is near your hometown, I will arrange a suite for you in a few days, and you can let your grandparents come to the harbor to enjoy their retirement for a few days … "Yang Feng continued to look out the window and said with a smile.
"Ha ha good! Then I won’t be polite to you, Xiao Feng. Sometimes I must take my parents to see the sea … "Zhang Hao also said.
In this way, talking and chatting, unconsciously, the team drove to the vice president of the port city hospital for instructions. Zhang Hao asked the car to stop there. Yang Feng ordered the car to stop directly at the first people’s hospital of the port. He also followed him to show Uncle Dou and Aunt Dou that they had not seen each other for a day. I wonder how worried they should be now!
In this way, the car road galloped to the First People’s Hospital of Haigang, and it didn’t take long to arrive, not to mention that now Uncle Dou and Aunt Yang Fengzhao have been admitted to the intensive care unit according to the hospital’s personal instructions, and they don’t need to take care of anything. There is a special nurse to take care of Uncle Dou and Aunt Dou, who has never seen this world before, but they have taken care of their children for more than 30 years, but they have to let their heads bleed and their eldest daughter take care of them. What’s more, they are still worried about their winning streak. He lay there unable to move himself. The old couple could go back at noon after selling radish and cabbage. Who would have thought that this would happen? I don’t know if my son was hungry. It’s almost a day. Two people walked around anxiously in the ward for a while and looked at their feet for fear of getting the shiny floor tiles dirty. At this time, the nurse came to change the medicine for Uncle Dou. Aunt Dou begged like a child, "Daughter, we are fine. Just let us go home, okay?"
"Ha ha aunt isn’t it good here? Why are you in such a hurry to go home? You are our dean’s special care for patients. If I don’t take good care of them, I will be punished! Aunt, are you hungry? Why don’t I fix you some rice? " The little nurse was puzzled and asked that she was off duty today, but the head nurse called her over and said that she had important patients. He was a senior cadre and came to recuperate again. When she came to see it, it turned out to be two rural aunts and grandmothers.
"Oh, aunt girl is not hungry, so let us go home. My baby is still lying in bed waiting for the old couple to take care of her …" Aunt Dou said that she was almost crying …
The little nurse panicked at once and comforted quickly. "Aunt, don’t cry. Tell me what’s going on?" Is your son still in your care? "
"My son was born with a broken leg, and the old couple have been taking care of him for more than 30 years. I wanted to come to the harbor to sell some vegetables and buy medicine for my baby, but I was beaten by the clothes. Fortunately, your young mayor saved me. By the way, can I ask you something?" Doudama is complaining. Suddenly remind of something and ask.
"Aunt, just ask me what you want to ask, and I will tell you …" The little nurse quickly assured me that after hearing what Aunt Dou said, she remembered that the old couple was the youngest vice mayor in the history of the Internet, and the old farmer was the protagonist. I really worked overtime last night.
"Daughter, you said that if your legs are born, you can’t walk. Now you are in your thirties. Can you be optimistic about your big hospital?" Doudama asked hopefully.
"Aunt, I’m not sure about this …" The little nurse replied honestly, but when she saw Aunt Dou’s disappointed eyes, she immediately added, "But I can help you ask Aunt. I remember that before they could not walk, they seemed to be able to walk …"
"Really, girl? Really? " Doudama listened to the little nurse’s words and immediately grabbed her hand and couldn’t believe it and asked
"Well, it’s a real aunt, so you can rest assured that your son’s illness will definitely get better … you can rest first and I’ll cook for you …" The little nurse comforted the aunt and went out of the ward excited. She took out her mobile phone and called her sister Zhao Yaqi. As soon as she got through, she was excited and said, "Yaqi, guess who I saw today?"
"See who? Seeing you excited won’t mean seeing the girl of your dreams, will it? " Zhao Yaqi quipped
"Go to you! Tell you that I saw the two aunts and uncles selling vegetables in the hottest video now, and now they are in our hospital and I take care of them … "Zhao Yafang, the little nurse, said with pride. Chapter 13 Angry Pepper.
Chapter 13 Angry Pepper (Readers, if you think Xiaoqin’s writing is not bad, give some flowers and VIPs. More importantly, you can collect it first, so it will be much more convenient to read it later. The collection method is just to click on the page "Join the shelf" … Your support is the biggest motivation for Xiaoqin’s writing! In addition, if you like this reader, if you want to discuss the plot with Xiaoqin’s friends in Gangeqi, please add the official friend group qq948616 of Gangeqi. Please note the word "Gangeqi" when adding friends. Thank you! Don’t talk nonsense, let’s continue to watch …) "Haha, my silly sister came, and you look like this when you see them? Do you know who took that video? " Zhao Yaqi on hearing my sister say that secretive asked