"Go to the ancestral hall!" Village head Li Dao
There is a ancestral temple in the best place of geomantic omen in the village. Generally, there are great events in the ancestral hall. For example, every time food is handed over, there are memorial tablets for some elders in the village.
Nowadays, the villagers are all peace village builders, and their elders have occupied the ancestral temple position. Moreover, the village head will also ask people or record the major events in the village themselves, which shows the determination of the villagers to take root here from generation to generation.
The villagers also have great respect for the ancestral temple. It is a big deal to be promoted to the ancestral temple to solve the problem. They are more worried that this matter will be recorded by the village chief for future generations.
"Don’t go to the ancestral temple for the village chief, right?" Mrs. Tang is the oldest and most worried about her fame.
"It’s better to solve it outside." Both Kim and Wang are thinking of their own children. They all hope that their children can be readers in the future. If they have anything bad, they are afraid that they will be discredited in the future.
"This will know scared? Know that it is shameful? " Miao Cunyang looked at them one by one and saw from their expressions that their minds turned and walked to the ancestral temple. "Let’s go to the ancestral temple. Don’t worry, I won’t write about this trivial matter. You are not ashamed. I am also ashamed!"
Took two steps and then stopped to look at the crowd before "call the villagers to the ancestral temple"
As soon as this was said, both Wang and Jin were worried. They didn’t want to be embarrassed by others, but the village chief ignored people and went directly to the ancestral temple.
There is no way, even if I don’t want to, they will follow.
At this moment, the sky has turned dark and hazy, covering people like a black cover. The sky is shining with sparkling stars, and the cold wind is blowing gently on the leaves.
The candlelight in the ancestral hall will light up the spacious hall.
The village head faces the villagers in the front. The population of peace village is less than 100, which is much smaller than that of other villages. If you don’t unite, you will be bullied.
Miao Cunyang sighed.
"What the hell happened today?" Let’s deal with the fight first
Wang didn’t hide anything, saying that his eyes were slightly red. "If it weren’t for Tang Jiatai’s bullying, Xu Ge wouldn’t have started. Everyone in the village knows that Xu Ge’s head and I don’t have parents to look after us and no brothers to help us. I feel that it’s okay to be bullied when we were young, but now if we have a baby, how can we be bullied?"
She didn’t say that going to Sue’s home was for Su Lingling’s helper because she was afraid that talking casually would get Su Lingling into trouble, but this Tang Sheng seemed guilty. He immediately said, "Don’t let people talk if you dare to do it? Which woman hurried home after watching her man leave and rushing to get his man back? Who knows what you are doing behind your back? "
"You …" Even being accused by a man in front of so many people makes Wang feel ashamed and angry.
"Ignore him" Xu Lan looked at Tang Sheng coldly with a face of dredging. "Do you know when my wife will go out and go home? You have no peace of mind! ?”
"I … I happened to meet" just feel fishy again.
"Uncle Tang, it’s not a good habit to give people a crime with his mouth open!" Su Lingling stepped forward and asked the village chief to look at Tang Sheng. "Aunt Wang helped me with my work all day today and didn’t do anything bad. You are a big man and you are not afraid of bad tongue."
(づホ 3 づホ) 17 Business
"Is there anything you can talk to?" Tang Sheng looked at Su Linghan with a fierce "little girl, mind your own business"
According to the generation, Tang Sheng and Su Xiao are one generation longer than Wang Shi and Su Lingling.
"No! Are you threatening people in front of me? " Miaocunyang drink a way
"The village chief … her children’s families just cut in."
"If you want to know the truth, anyone can interrupt. When are you still showing your elders?" Miao Cunyang is a little impatient. "If you really know that you are occupying the elders, why do you bully the young players! ?”
It is obvious that Miao Cunyang has made things qualitative-the trouble is Tang Sheng.
Don’t like the old lady "village head, how can you listen to the words of that wench of Cold Sister and say that you are a bully? If a girl needs help in any job, I think she is lying! "
"Old woman, did your family go to eat dung because they couldn’t afford rice?" Su Chen’s present situation: How can Mrs. Tang wrongfully accuse her granddaughter? She glared at Mrs. Tang and said, "When you watch other people’s daughter-in-law go out, you will say that people are doing bad things behind their backs. Now you will say that others are lying and spitting feces. Qi Xin doesn’t know what dirty things are in your withered head!"
"You … you …" Mrs. Tang trembled with anger.
"Shut up!" Miao Cun yang Li yelled, and no one dared to say anything.
Mrs. Tang’s poisoned eyes kept sweeping Su Chen’s body, and Su Chen was afraid to stare back one by one!
"Cold sister Wang is working at your house today?" Miao Cunyang said that justice still asked Su Lingling
"Well, I signed a contract with an inn in the county to do some business." Su Linghan said with a smile, "My father and mother are busy working in the fields and help me when I have no time. When I am too busy, I call Sister-in-law Wang to help me."
Miao Cunyang has some doubts, and most people in the village don’t believe it either.
"What Cold Sister said is true," said Yan Pi. "The shopkeeper of Fulai Inn likes Cold Sister’s craft very much."
Everyone in the village knows that Yan’s family should almost give him a bite at Fulai Inn, and everyone has no doubt. They all look at Su Lingling and secretly guess what she has to do.
Miao Cunyang is also a little curious, but he doesn’t ask, but he looks at Tang Jiaren. "So everything is clear. It’s because Tang Jiaren doesn’t care about everything. I’ll punish you for apologizing to Wang. Can you?"
"I don’t! With what … "
"no?" Miao Cunyang’s face is cold. "When Jianping Ancun was built, the old people all knew that peace village was the last place for us displaced people to rely on. Let’s make concerted efforts to build our homes and not be ashamed of black people! If you know your mistake or not, then leave peace village! Don’t spoil the atmosphere in peace village! "
"no! Miao Cunyang, if you dare to drive my son away, I will fight hard with you! " Mrs. Tang excitedly pointed to Miao Cunyang. "You are just a village head. If it weren’t for Tang’s support, you wouldn’t have to look at my wife. You dare to bully my family now! ? I won’t let my son go if I tell you it’s impossible. What can you do to me? "
"Tang Dajie, I won’t treat you like anything, but before Tang Sheng maliciously insulted Wang, you and Tang Xu took the initiative to hit Xu Lan, and if Xu’s family was investigated, it could be reported that your family was unreasonable."
Mrs. Tang immediately refused to make a hullabaloo about and burst into tears. "Wife, you went early and left our mother to be bullied … these conscienceless people …"
The villagers bowed their heads and just didn’t look in the direction of Mrs. Tang. They were really worried that they would accidentally laugh. This speed of changing face was a must.
Miao Cunyang is very calm and may have been familiar with Mrs. Tang’s tricks. He decided, "Don’t cry, don’t be bullied by your family. You haven’t cried yet. What are you crying about?" I remember that Tang Torre is good, but I don’t want you to bully people in the Tang family village. "
"I’ll give you three choices: let my brother apologize or let my brother leave peace village or I’ll take the Hsu family to the newspaper office."
There is no room for further discussion at all.