Wave after wave of pleasure in the brain!
He suddenly sat up and attacked the floating clouds by pressing them against the water mattress.
Floating clouds lie on their faces, their hands clutching the waves, their shoulders panting and twisting to cater to them.
The waves pressed Chen Xiushen tightly and launched a rapid, tight and stormy offensive.
After a hearty and incisive attack, the two men arrived at the same time.
The waves suppressed the screams and shot out his essence.
Piaoyuntou lifted his legs backward and tightly coiled the waves, shaking his waist and lips, exclaiming as if he had slipped on a precipice, and suddenly grasped the waves and plunged his shoulders into his muscles.
Both of them were convulsive, trembling and panting, and slowly calmed down.
At the same time, the battle on the other side of the adjacent bed was calm, and Charlie’s heavy breathing was clearly audible.
Chapter ninety-nine Pocket Beauty!
The waves lay on the water mattress and the clouds lay beside him.
Two people lying quietly didn’t speak.
Think about it, there is nothing to say. They are just clients and ladies, even when they are involved, they are clients and ladies!
Charlie is rarely quiet. Maybe he knows that Mugetu can’t understand him.
The waves feel light as floating clouds, and there is darkness around him. His thoughts seem to have returned to his distant childhood!
-At that time, there were happy childhood, kind parents, expanding fields and innocent feelings …
The waves are immersed in this long-lost touch for a long time!
As if it had been a century, the floating clouds first sat up and smiled gently and said, "Are you asleep?"
The waves quickly recovered their floating thoughts, returned to cold reality, and recovered their calm and perseverance.
"No" The waves chuckled and stretched out his hand and stroked the greasy skin floating in the clouds.
Floating clouds and waves touching reluctantly said, "You are very tired. Go to the massage room to have a rest and have a massage!"! The wife of shop-owner has arranged. "
"hmm!" Can the waves nod their heads? He really needs a massage to relax and get tired now.
Floating clouds greeted a Mugetu. Two young ladies got up first and lit up a wave. Charlie washed himself and rushed to the soap bubble to take them out of the steam room. They wore a bathrobe.
As soon as the four of them walked out of the steam room, a young lady came to replace the floating clouds and Mugetu to greet the waves.
The floating clouds pull the waves and people are reluctant to part.
The waves gently smiled and patted the floating hands and turned away. When he turned around, there was a trace of coldness on his mouth!
The young lady in front led the way and took the waves and Charlie through a corridor to a large bathing place.
This is "Japanese massage"
There are many guests sitting on the sofa, waiting for smoking, drinking beer and coke, reading newspapers and talking about the benefits of the next-day massage lady.
They all went through two procedures: steam room and cold shower. The waiter called for a call.
There is a massage female regular customer who specifies a lady to massage, because this lady is waiting patiently because the massage of the guest is not over yet.
The massage room is doing well tonight, and the living room is almost full.
Because the proprietress takes special photos of the waves and Charlie doesn’t arrange the number, he can directly enter the massage and enjoy VIP treatment.
Miss led the waves and Charlie into a big room and politely retired.
The room was dimly lit, and people vaguely saw three single beds with white sheets lying side by side in the big room. Near the ceiling, there was a round tube like stainless steel that crossed the whole room.