"Xier!" Su Yi gently tugged at Gu Jin’s sunseeker sleeve and turned to someone who didn’t know when to come around next to him, yelling, "What are you all doing? Why don’t you go and save people?"
Du Ruo and others are like stakes.
"Gu Jinxi, I tell you that if something happens to my eldest brother, I want your family to be buried with my eldest brother!" Xie Qi’s eyes are shining with rage at the moment.
Followed by a stuffy hum Xie Qi has not yet reacted, and the whole person has come to the middle of the school without exclaiming, and has already fallen to Xie Yu. She turned to look at calmly withdrawing her hand, and Qin Rui’s eyes were full of disbelief. "Report you …"
"Sorry my hand slipped" Qin Ruinai shrugged his shoulders.
"Ah, help! I, I can’t float to save … help! "
Xie Qi fell into the water and immediately went into a hurry. Xie Yu had a hard time just floating up and was trampled by Xie Qi.
"Xie Qi, what are you doing when you step on me!" Xie Yu is annoyed.
"I I …" Xie Qi is also in a flurry.
Brother and sister actually had the strength to make noise when the water was constantly fluttering. Gu Jinxi took Ann from Su Yi and gently patted and looked at her. Although Anna kept crying, her face didn’t even bury half a tear in his face. She kissed our house violently. Ann was really smart and sharp.
"Luo Luo Luo" Ann gently smiled and raised her hand to catch Gu Jin sunseeker face.
"Well, I’m tired, aren’t I?" Gu Jin patted Ann and played with her for a while, looking at the two brothers and sisters Xie Yu and Xie Qi in the lake.
Xie Zhen and Xie are already in a hurry. Xie’s family have already reached the water, and it’s hard to save two people.
"Gu Jinxi, you count yourself!"
Xie Qi, who is soaked to the skin, is like a drowned rat, pointing to Gu Jinxi’s eyes with a thick anger. "You wait for me and I will not finish with you!"
"No wonder Mrs. Gu doesn’t like your upbringing and is eaten by dogs."
Xie Yu at the moment is also with a thick anger, especially in front of so many people lost face.
"That’s enough!"
Smell speech original expression Qin Rui at the moment the whole body has sent out in addition to the rich cold; Rao is already used to his grandfather’s sudden change of face. john young couldn’t help but take two steps back at the moment and look at those two people who still don’t know themselves.
Xie Yu and Xie Qi suddenly froze and turned to see that the face was ugly to the extreme. Qin Rui suddenly couldn’t help shrinking his neck and hiding behind Xie Zhen and Xie.
"King Rui, please forgive me. My eldest brother and younger sister have no malice towards Miss Gu." Xie Zhen’s heart has already hated Xie Yu and Xie Qi, but who let them be his own brothers and sisters? Can you endure Qin Rui’s kind words to apologize before freezing people to death? "After going back this time, the right-hander will let the elders in the family discipline them well." He turned to look at Gu Jinxi. "Please don’t argue with them."
Qin Rui raised his eyebrows and turned his eyes to look at Gu Jin with deep spoil. For a moment, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and the snow was raging. Suddenly, it was sunny. "What do you think, Sunseeker?"
"We don’t thank the family for a few big buddhas in Heng Wu Yuan Temple." Gu Jinxi held Ann in her arms, who was already asleep, lowered her eyelids, gave Ann to Ye Zhenniang and charged the nurse to take care of it. "How did these things come and how did you take them away? Even if we starve to death, we don’t need your Xie Gu relief."
"Hum, this is what you said yourself." Xie Qi is very upset at the moment, especially when he sees Qin Rui’s attitude towards Gu Jinxi. If he is spoiled for himself … just thinking about it, he feels satisfied. Qin Rui has hung his eyelids and his eyes are still hanging. Since he has not been found, his teeth have been grinded. Such a good man must not be cheap. Gu Jinxi.
Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth inclined hook heart cold hum a face seems to be with a shallow smile.
"Well, I said" Gu Jin sunseeker nodded solemnly.
"Don’t regret it then!" Xie Qi gnashed her teeth.
"Xie Qi, shut up!" Xie Zhen immediately hate can’t take things to block Xie Qi mouth turned to look at Gu Jin sunseeker fundus seems to be with a thick request.
Gu Jinxi hung his eyelids and didn’t see the general "Zhenniang Fujian!"
"Hum, who wants you to send" Xie Qi’s nutty mouth "is just a poor wretch who was driven out by his family and kindly sent you something without thanking the housekeeper. But you personally heard that so many people can prove it, so you can’t say that we have wronged you in Xie Gu"
Xie from beginning to end with his head down at the moment see Gu Jin sunseeker when it’s really angry without any room for everything that turned to look at Su Yi "second young lady this … this is the master specially ordered to give you this …"
"Xier, forget it!" Su Yi gently pulled Gu Jin sunseeker sleeve face with difficulty.
Xie Jia’s parents are really good to her. Although she still can’t name her parents, she knows that her own parents didn’t abandon themselves on purpose, and they have been trying to find themselves for so many years. Su Yi felt very warm in her heart, and even she didn’t realize the excitement.
What child doesn’t want to grow up with her parents is that she doesn’t have the blessing. Now she has finally found her own parents. She doesn’t want to be so stiff.
"Why didn’t you hear what the young lady said?" Gu Jinxi’s face suddenly sank and turned to look at Su Yi. "Why can’t we keep you hungry and frozen without Xie Gu?"
Su Yi suddenly felt a little wronged when she was said by her beloved daughter. "That’s not what I meant. Sunseeker, I …"