After a period of time, Yang Yesong shook his hand and got up to pretend to have strength. He took a long breath and looked tired. He said, "Well, the empress has no problem at this time. I can protect the insurable empress and live a long life."
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was surprised but saw Yang Yebi shaking his body weakly and hurriedly asked, "Ai Qing, are you … are you all right?"
Yang night barely smiled and gave a hand. "I can’t move my body, my qi and my five internal organs are damaged at most, and I have lost my life for ten years."
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was so surprised that he showed a distressed look that he reached out and helped Yang Ye with his arm shaking and said, "Love Qing! I really don’t know if it’s so serious!
I’m so distressed! "
Yang Guifei has recovered from Yang Ye’s energy and added some illusory psychological hints that she has completely recovered by this time. She got up from the bed and arranged a dress. She walked to Yang Ye with a broken step and said with a sad look, "The kindness of the public to save the slave family has actually broken her life!"
Yang Ye smiled weakly and waved his hand. "Even if the empress is serious, I will lay down my life to save the empress. It is said that since ancient times, beauty should not be frivolous!"
Yang Guifei turned red and bit her lip, but she didn’t speak again.
Tang Xuanzong paid attention to Yang Yeshen and felt that he had just got a bosom friend who knew his own mind and lost his lover. He was very sorry to kill his bosom friend and died. He sighed lightly, "I love you, my empress, and I want to be rewarded for such a sacrifice!"
Yang Ye smiled faintly and bowed deeply with his fist. "The monarch, the minister, the minister, and the minister supported Jun Jun to give a generation of life and death!"
After listening to one leng, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was deeply moved. His hands held Yang Ye’s arms and he was about to speak. At this time, Gao Lishi came in and told the imperial concubine that the underground waitress mother had called Qi to wait in the outer court of her bedroom.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty smiled kindly at Yang night without any more words, nodded and turned to walk towards the bedroom door.
Yang Gui-fei quickly followed him when he walked past Yang Ye with Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. He looked at Yang Ye quickly and politely looked back, but Yang Gui-fei’s eyes stimulated a burst of pins and needles behind a neck.
Yang night gave Yang Guifei a grateful look at this definition, but how to aftertaste it seems a little complicated. Is it because Yang Guifei was moved by the feat of just sacrificing herself at this time? So it’s a little ambiguous?
It is very likely that Yang Guifei has been moved. The biggest weakness of women is that they are easily moved, and they are still moved when they eat 10,000 times and lose money. They regard this feeling as something else.
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Yang night and Gao Lishi walked out of the short distance outside Yang Guifei’s Yan Xin Temple with Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei. Gao Lishi kept groveling around Yang night and asked for directions with a smile, which made Yang night extremely uncomfortable. Maybe his performance just now scared Gao Lishi. Otherwise, how could his attitude towards himself suddenly come to a 720-degree turn?
Dozens of ladies-in-waiting in the courtyard looked uneasy one by one. Seeing the emperor and Yang Guifei coming out, they all knelt down to pay their respects. Tang Xuanzong looked at his knees behind Yang Ye, and the eyes of the maids kept sweeping his heart, guessing whether Uniform Xin would win.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty knelt in the courtyard with a "ceremony", and the ladies-in-waiting ladies began to get up one after another.
Yang night continued to look around, but dozens of people were so dark that they couldn’t make eyes at the moment.
Tang Xuanzong turned to Yang Ye and asked softly, "Do you love Qing as much?"
"I will check it!" Yang night fuels bow way
Emperor Xuanzong nodded and waved his hand gently.
Yang night, a long gown, swinging away the steps of the temple door. From the first row of the courtyard, the maid-in-waiting waits look like a tour, looking for it in a hurry, but still pretending to concentrate on observing and excluding it one by one.
When I saw the fifth row, Yang Ye saw the tail of the row at a glance, and these plump and fertile ladies-in-waiting maids were even and graceful together, and their symmetrical posture was as fresh and outstanding as fireflies in the dark.
Yang night repressed ecstasy in the heart and looked at it one by one. Finally, he came to the front of Uniform Xin, and suddenly he frowned tightly and said, "Look up."
In front of the maid-in-waiting, even Xin slowly looked up and took a careful look at Yang Night. Suddenly, there was something familiar in her eyes. She was surprised, puzzled, unbelievable or unclear. Her eyes were always stunned.
Of course, Yang Ye saw this detail. He smiled and asked softly, "What’s your name?"
Maid-in-waiting even Xin also stared at Yang night and looked at her mouth, but she didn’t dare to neglect the light and replied, "My adult handmaiden’s name is Niannu."
"Niannu?" Yang night one leng this name how did he feel a little familiar with is surprised? Maid-in-waiting even xin and looked up at Yang night eyes surprised and excited this time in the eyes become really up!
Yang night in the mind is also a little surprised from even xin eyes he felt even xin recognized him! That is to say, even Xin still knows him!
"Niannu, pass your arm." Yang night saw that even Xin recognized him, and his heart was also excited, but Tang Xuanzong was surrounded by too many eyes and ears behind him, which meant that any good tricks would continue to be played.
Maid-in-waiting even jasmine hesitated to raise her hand and pass it to Yang night. Her lips moved and her eyes gradually turned red.
Yang Ye hurriedly grabbed Yi Xin’s hand and touched it randomly, then pretended to be played by a force. "Ah!" I leaned back and didn’t loosen my hand. Then I leaned back and reacted. I dragged her into my arms and shouted, "Where can the Uber escape?"
Mouth so cried out, even xin has been Yang night a hug in his arms Yang night quickly stick even xin ear down and said, "even xin whether you recognize me or not, don’t zhang! Wait till I take you away! Now you just pretend to be very scared! "
Even Xin was gently pushed by Yang night at the same time, and then her eyes became more and more red and tears flowed out. Her lips trembled but she didn’t shout out after listening to Yang night talk.
Yang night looked at her pitiful look, and it really hurt her, but she pressed her shoulder and shouted, "Get down on your knees!" "
Even Xin is surprised that she has been kneeling on the ground by Yang night. All this makes even Xin involuntarily and gently "ah".
Yang night after taking the opportunity of even fragrance neck gently knead even fragrance immediately blue to soft paralysis lying on the ground all strength up.
Yang night turned to the steps in front of Yan Xin Temple, and Tang Xuanzong fuels "pursuit! This girl is the ghost girl called for the imperial concubine! "
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Yang Ye’s idea is very simple, but it is also a little complicated, because it was his momentary idea, and he didn’t think too much about what to do after he said it. He can take it one step at a time and once said that "all roads in downtown public toilets are closed". Never said it? That’s what I said. You bit me?
He said that he would call the gods to catch ghosts. Yang Ye’s eyes are not close to Yang Guifei. Of course, he doesn’t really want to get close to Yang Guifei. His purpose is to find Yang Guifei’s side as a maid-in-waiting. Maybe he can take this opportunity to bring her to his side. Yang Ye has been worrying about what to save you and my lover. This is a chance!
However, when Yang Ye said this, he was shocked by Tang Xuanzong.
"I will call the gods to catch ghosts!"
"ah? Call god to catch ghosts? " Tang Xuanzong was shocked and overjoyed. "Is Ai Qing serious?"
"Sure enough?"
"Sure enough!"