"Ah-"The Lins couldn’t help exclaiming loudly, even Yu Han couldn’t bear to look at his head to one side again.
And phlogistic family members are all smug and secretly glad that Master Ying killed Lin Yu so easily.
Boom-this foot with flame finally fell quickly and has been unable to move. Lin Yuze cleverly made a roll to hide the foot of inflammation.
A footprint in the place where Lin Yu was lying just now deeply imprinted on the ground, and the flame was still burning.
Lin Yu skidded up when he was hit by the bomb, but it was a state of high spirits!
"Caution is a good thing in most cases. It’s a pity that you missed the best opportunity to beat me." Lin Yu sneered at Yan Ruo Ning and smiled at Yan Ruo Ning’s heart.
She asked herself that Tianyuan fire was absolutely strong enough, and it was still a body explosion. Even if Lin Yu’s body was not exploded into coke, at least there was always a burst of his vitality.
But look at Lin Yu like this. Where is there any sign of injury?
Lin Yu also secretly took a breath of air conditioning. If it weren’t for inflammation and coagulation, I hesitated for a moment and gave myself a chance to get up again when hell absorbed Tianyuan fire.
"I have to thank you for your kindness!" Lin Yu toward inflammation if coagulation hey hey smiled two words to stimulate inflammation if coagulation.
How can the most talented third-generation phlogistic family be angered by Lin Yu so easily?
"It’s not that easy for Lin Yu to provoke me. You were lucky just now. Now I want to show you how terrible the fire is!"
If inflammation coagulates, his hands are staggered on his chest, and then a flame rises like a raging dragon, and if inflammation coagulates, the whole body will be surrounded by the fire dragon.
With the appearance of this fire dragon, Lin Yu found that the temperature around her suddenly increased, and her skin felt a kind of burning pain!
"What a strong flame!" Lin Yu immediately shipped the shura vitality to resist. Anyway, it was red everywhere, and no one could see clearly that Lin Yu moved the shura vitality at this time.
Shura’s vitality comes from hell, and hell is the birthplace of Shura’s magic flame, which just restrains itself from the fire claimed to come from the gods and heavenly sources.
If it weren’t for Lin Yu’s present hell, he wouldn’t have been hurt if he hadn’t cultivated the magic flame inflammation of shura.
Lin Yu, who didn’t cultivate the magic flame of shura, can now display the vitality of shura, but he can’t bear the inflammation and coagulation, and the natural fire is also evenly matched. After all, if inflammation and coagulation exist, the nine-fold strength is not in phase with Lin Yu.
If phlogistic root doesn’t know that Lin Yu will have the restraint to her, Heaven, Source, Fire, Hell, and Shura’s vitality still keeps releasing her flame vitality, which is condensed by the side of fire dragon phlogistic in just a few seconds and more than ten meters long.
"Go!" Inflammation if coagulation a call to drink the fire dragon immediately "roar" to make a Yi Long roar toward Lin Yu positive bump.
The fire dragon’s momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers and burning the sky and cooking the sea are enough to shock the audience.
"Lin Yu is dead!" This is a common idea of many people.
And Lin Yu himself didn’t worry at all when he was about to be wrapped tightly in the body with the dragon to engulf himself!
The Lins’ hearts sank steeply and were swallowed up by the fire dragon. Isn’t Lin Yu going to be burned to ashes?
But there is a belief in their hearts that Lin Yu will never die so easily, never!
The fire dragon roared and burned for more than a minute before it dissipated.
Everyone in Yan’s family is beaming, waiting to see Lin Yu turn into a pile of ashes.
With the realm of inflammation, Tianyuan fire has not burned people!