After thousands of years of history, all living beings should have spiritual intelligence, and all know that human body shape is the most suitable for cultivation. Of course, some extreme creatures are not excluded.
For example, the 24 Demons of King Kong in the Demon World, one of them has a faster cultivation speed than human beings, but of course, some special constitutions among human beings, such as Du Yunxuan’s heavenly vein constitution, are not included.
There are many kinds of Warcraft, and they don’t borrow external forces such as magic weapons and fighting skills, but they are born with strong physical strength, strong defense and great attack power.
A beastmaster, who is more effective than human beings in the realm of immortals, Du Yun saw that there was a beastmaster in his heart.
"Wan Jian Qi Fa!"
Du Yun offered Fang Tian a painting of a halberd. After a turn, thousands of light spots suddenly came out from the halberd head and then attacked the herd. He didn’t intend to fight them, just to attract their hatred.
"Hey!" Many Warcraft attacks and Du Yun is a face of provocation. Suddenly, they are completely angry and growl one by one.
If they would have washed away at ordinary times, but there was a situation of a bm, they must be much stricter than humans in the rules and regulations of Warcraft from the bm’s order.
There may be people who deceive others, but this kind of thing in Warcraft will definitely not appear. For Warcraft with equal order and low order, there is a kind of shock. This is a kind of blood suppression. When there is no beast king or higher order Warcraft, it has absolute power.
"Hey!" Beastmaster has a certain wisdom, which is not inferior to that of human beings. Although there are some doubts about Du Yun’s provocation, it is not as treacherous as human beings. Since someone provokes himself, he will be destroyed.
After a big roar, the BM immediately stepped on its hoofs and swept away Gao Chao and Du Yun with billowing smoke. Some Warcraft saw it and roared to attack Du Yun.
Du Yun’s purpose is not to fight this group of Warcraft, but to lead them to the center of misty rain and misty city. The Imperial camp saw many Warcraft attacking himself, and he ran away without saying anything.
And many Warcraft saw Du Yun escape, especially the beastmaster, and the speed of chasing Du Yun in the continuous roaring was accelerated a lot.
Du Yun looked at the heart not surprised but rejoiced. These Warcraft really did not rise to the limit when he was there, but flew to other places.
About ten minutes later, Du Yun came to another hill, where there were more than ten heads of Warcraft, but there was also a BM, and not far away, there were just more than ten heads of Warcraft coming.
The winner of Warcraft was attracted by Du Yun, and the BM saw that there was also a BM here and immediately gave up chasing Du Yun, and then the BM fought.
The scene of the battle between the two beasts is extremely shocking. They don’t display any fighting skills like humans. They fight not beautifully but with a kind of solidity and shock.
Every blow of them is a kind of killing with incomparable strength. About half an hour later, one bm yelled at the other, and then his mouth tore open and the dead bm’s body bit out a colorful magic core and swallowed it directly.
After a flash of white light, the head of the BM has recovered from its injuries. Du Yun looked intently at the head of Warcraft, and the strength was actually increased a lot.
Du Yun’s heart is relieved without moving but thinking about it. In the magic nucleus of Warcraft, this bm devours the dead bm’s magic nucleus and absorbs the essence of the dead bm’s life. It’s just strange that the strength is not promoted.
"ho ho!" After the victory of BM, the scarlet eyes suddenly turned to Du Yun, and there was a hint of provocation in those eyes that made Du Yun feel naught.
Du Yun ignored it, but raised his hand and pointed to it. He immediately ran away again. Du Yun made a gesture, which was a provocation. He believed that the wisdom of the BM must know.
"Hey!" Sure enough, I saw that Du Yun once again provoked himself. The Beastmaster was angry and roared, and then immediately chased after the hateful human beings in Du Yun. You have angered me!
So to about midnight, Du Yun has followed a large group of Warcraft behind him. I don’t know if people will see this scene and Du Yun may be the leader of this group of Warcraft.
Du Yun, the god of knowledge, passed by and saw the magnificent army of Warcraft behind him, and his heart was somewhat uneasy. If he was surrounded by these Warcraft, there would probably be life and death!
"Almost!" Du Yun for the number of Warcraft or extremely control, he also dare not overdo it, and finally put himself in, and the strength of the bm behind him should be comparable to a third-order strong after beheading and devouring about ten bms.
"It’s time for the era of imperial camp … Chapter two hundred and nineteen The beast tide struck ()