These two sentences are taken by Luo Dazhi in a good mood, but he is not swept off your feet by two flatteries, idiot. "Brother, I tell you that I just doubt that you will let you come to my place to help me, and there are still loose veins and soft tendons in the wine just now! Brother, even if you are young, you are a genius, but it is definitely not innate. It is absolutely effective for you. Now that you have lost your skills, you are a lamb to be slaughtered. Aren’t you willing to tell the truth? " Although I didn’t flatter you, I didn’t let Luo Dazhi have a better attitude. Many exports called Zhang Tao Brothers.
"It turns out that my brother deliberately lured the snake out of the hole and then caught the turtle in the jar, but my brother didn’t suspect that there was a dark ghost?" Zhang Tao is still nothing more than Sunday’s work, and the true qi has been running.
Luo Dazhi is right. There is no innate absolute method to disperse the pulse and soften the tendons. If you have less recovery skills, your limbs will be weak and physically weak for twelve hours. However, the innate qi can break through such anesthetic blockade, but there is still one exception.
That’s attribute qi! Zhang Tao Sunday’s Nature Absorbs Cold Spirit and Fine Crystal. How can Zhang Taoli be blocked by this kind of scattered pulse and soft muscle scattered in the cold area of heaven and earth? See? Online game kAnshu^
Running a Sunday medicine suddenly turns sweat out of the pores, but Zhang Taoren is still light in the wind. "Don’t blame me for being suspicious and because I am so cautious, I can surround the moon city with a group of enemies and become two masters. Who are you sent? Is it the Tian Yue gang? "
"Tian Yue gang?" Zhang Tao muttered in his heart, but the surface didn’t move. It seems that there are many gangs in Tianyuecheng. Not the kui is a big city, but a lot of oil and water.
Seeing that Zhang Tao didn’t talk, Luo Dazhi continued to ask, "Are you Huang Tiange?" If modern people see it, they will be dumbfounded. Is this underworld force too rampant? There are only three in one city?
"Who is it? If you don’t shut up, don’t blame me for giving you a hard time. "Generally speaking, Luo Dazhi won’t think of his influence. After all, gangs are always higher than the moon city. Any master in the family can destroy his gang and it is impossible to offend these forces.
"Well, I’m really looking for a gang to take charge of other places?" Zhang Tao said lightly.
Luo Dazhi’s eyes are cold. "It seems that you are a hard-boiled wine. Don’t you know that the big family is seriously ill in bed?"
At this time, Zhang Tao suddenly got up and Luo Dazhi’s pupil contracted. "Are you a congenital master?" Luo Dazhi is a five-level martial artist. I didn’t expect this young man to be an innate master when I saw Zhang Tao young. Otherwise, how could it not be affected by San Mai Ruan Jin San?
"Congenital master? You flatter me. "The aura of heaven and earth was immediately pulled into the body by Zhang Tao’s true qi. Suddenly, the strength of the nine-level jack broke out and the powerful momentum broke out. The wine table in front of you also flew out, and the dining tables spilled all over the floor, but everyone dared not divert their attention.
"Who are you after all?" Luo Dazhi looks pale. This man is too strong for them to resist.
At this time, Zhang Tao didn’t notice that his hair actually turned from pure black to white, just like a piece of ice silk. This is because the adsorption of heaven and earth makes the body cold and violent, and the hair is full. If someone touches Zhang Tao’s hair, he will find that his hair is not only silver, but also freezing.
"Everyone will die today!" Zhang Tao just finished saying that people have disappeared in situ.
“!” The last drop of Luo Dazhi’s phoneticization was followed by several screams resounding through the world.
At the north gate of Tian Yue City, there is a small stream. Now it seems that it has been swallowed up by mud. Perhaps it won’t be long before this small stream will disappear completely for nine days without a snow cover. It seems like an eternal statue, which makes people full of reverence.
Dong Zhang Tao’s white hair seems to shuttle through the night. If it is not dressed in black, the moonlight will scare many people to death. Seeing the face in the night is to see the white hair fluttering, which is bound to be a ghost.
"Is this meaning?" Nine days and a little watching Luo Dazhi lying in a coma with cold eyes and no feelings.
Zhang Tao shan shan said, "it’s a real law for the master gang to kill me, and it’s also a law to kill so many people by cutting off their heads."
After nine days, I quietly watched Zhang Tao and Zhang Tao’s head bowed. Although the white hair still fluttered, the momentum was still a nine-level martial artist, but before nine days, it seemed like a child who had done something wrong. "You will suffer big losses, but I also admit that it is like letting children not touch and touch when they were young. These children always have to experience it first, so I won’t say anything about you. Do you have another meaning to let you deal with these gangs?"
"Increase combat experience" Zhang Tao said that the worst thing to achieve in Zhang Tao is to have experience with people when facing the enemy, which needs to be accumulated. Although Zhang Tao is fighting overwhelmingly today, it has managed to find many problems of its own. If the same strength is used to treat the same enemy, people with rich combat experience can not only save a lot of time, but also get rid of many redundant actions.
"Yes, but if you really want to increase your combat experience, you must learn from the edge of life and death, killing and bloodshed. If you have been so naive to go to the future, you will definitely regret it." Luo Dazhi fainted with a wave of his hand for nine days and was taken away by nine days and disappeared into the vast night.
Zhang Tao looked at the place that disappeared for nine days and gave a wry smile. "Master, I know you are a good Tao Er, but I am a real lawyer." Whenever I see these people’s eyes, Zhang Taogen can kill himself.
"Hurry back or my body strength will disappear." Zhang Tao, however, knows that his spiritual power in heaven and earth has completely disappeared, and he is not small. I’m afraid this place will not work if he loses his resistance.
And the frost feather also flew back at this time. Obviously, the frost feather has just been restrained for nine days. You know, the strength of the original Zhang Tao is far better than helping. If the frost feather magic weapon is used to help, it will be even more powerful, so the combat experience you have learned will become less.
Sad breath back to the integrity of the university Dong Dao almost every time Zhang Tao away from all know, after all, is the master of the two orifices, a student out of school all don’t know, then when the drink offering?
"Nine jack? Not the kui is a senior apprentice looks like a noble institution of higher learning. There is hope this time. I hope the girl won’t make trouble at random and disturb the senior apprentice who taught herself. "Dong Dao was a little surprised that Zhang Tao was imposing now, but later he turned to worry and sigh.
Even if you don’t leave a message, Zhang Tao still faces six pairs of eyes when he comes in, but at this time, Zhang Tao’s hair color has recovered and her body has been strengthened.
"Come back? Take a quick rest. There are new courses on Sunday, "Meng Hua said, and then went back to sleep.
Breathe a sigh of relief. Zhang Tao returned to his bed to meditate and recover. I dare not sleep secretly and be lazy, otherwise I will move physically.
Zhang Tao, the rising sun, vomited a mouthful of turbid gas, and the true qi has been circulating endlessly. Not only that, Zhang Tao can clearly feel that the true qi is thriving. "The cold spirit crystal can make me progress continuously, and the scope is still very large. For the time being, I don’t need to look for a new world of cold."
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4 Zhang Tianyue said
People in Tonghuage got up and washed one after another. Yesterday, they concentrated on gathering gas. Most people failed. Some top people succeeded in gathering gas, such as Gu Weiran and Yi Tinghan.
Meng Hua is dejected and despondent. I didn’t expect that if I worked hard, I would still succeed in Dharma. I will continue to gather gas today. If I can’t do it in one day, I will contact high-level achievement methods in one day.
But when Zhang Tao and others went out, the gate of the university was already packed. Everyone got together and talked about "What happened to this brother?" Meng Hua first couldn’t help walking and asked