"Yan Shoutou, please sit down." Put the tea lamp on Yueshan and raise your hand to show that it’s more polite.
Without a word, Yan Liang walked over and sat as if he were at home.
She seems to have no idea what to say while waiting for her master to come.
But in two or three minutes, a touch of moonlight appeared at the entrance of the small hall, and suddenly Yan Liang’s eyebrows rose slightly.
People appear in a white moon, spotless and tall, a little thin, with neat ink and meticulous hair, showing their faces completely. It is said that the king of Weijun looks more real at this time, and his facial features are even better than that of the emperor
However, although the facial features are handsome, those eyes have a strong sense of distance, which makes him look like a bright moon.
He walked gracefully when he came in, and the corner of his robe moved as he walked, more like a breeze blowing.
Got up and Yan Liang watched him approach, then she walked past and finally turned around and sat in the main seat.
"Captain Yan heard that your snitch had a fight last night. Did you see his face?" When you see the mountain, his voice is low and cold, but you can tell how commanding he is without looking at him.
Sitting in Yan Liang’s chair and leaning back is even more fearful. "He didn’t see the black towel covering his face." Looking straight ahead Yan Liang seems to be talking to the air.
"He may be a pawn of Qi State who made a special trip to save the prisoner who was closely detained. Think again." Looking at her side face, Weiyuan’s slightly slender eyes are covered with a layer of clouds, which makes people dare not look at each other.
In a blink of an eye, my eyes narrowed with respect to Yan Liang. "I didn’t see it even if I thought about it for a few hours."
Wei Yuan, with his thin lips slightly raised, sat there and made a conspicuous appearance. "Last night, Yan Shoutou helped me, but I can’t even say this thank-you word today. If something goes wrong, I don’t know how to explain it to the emperor."
"This hat buckle big sovereign hand has nothing to do with arresting people. That’s your limited ability. For so many years, I have never missed it. Even I didn’t say it to the emperor." Yan Liang’s tone is also sharp.
"On the day of the palace banquet, the emperor told me that Yan Shoutou had great martial arts and outstanding achievements. Since I have nothing to do, I wonder if I can ask Yan Shoutou for help?" Her tone David deep expression of eyes also cold a few minutes cool thin like water.
Raise your eyebrows, Yan Liang, raise your hand, strike the table, and one side of the grain is startled.
"Report wants to order me to do things. Let’s have a fight. I can beat you. Whatever you want, this is punishments, not your backyard. We are half-rebellious. We always talk with our fists." Her hands became fists. She knocked on the corner of a table. The corner of the table was cut off and clicked.
Yan Wang Shi, strange things
Walking out of the three doors, a fiery figure will make the tree graceful and feminine. She is the most eye-catching around here.
"Oh, you’re out. I still have to fight inside. I’m about to rush in and see the excitement." Seeing Yan Liang coming out, Ning Xiaoyue came a few steps and felt very strange that she didn’t fight.
I saw her frowning "dressed like a turkey"
"I can die, can’t I? What did the king of Weijun call you for? You don’t know how to appreciate his beauty. You might as well call me. "It’s actually a loss to Yan Liang to say such a thing.
"beauty? I almost didn’t see where the beauty is. "Yan Liang sneered at Wei Yuan’s face and she wanted to punch him flat.
"Wow, Zou Langzhong said that the king of Weijun called you here and had something important to ask. Isn’t it waiting for you?" Because the king of Weijun has entered the punishments department, all departments are very cautious now, and Yan Liang is irritable and easily caught.
"He wants to take care of what he’s doing, and he wants to goad me into taking over." Her eyebrows are slightly frowning, and her expression looks terrifying.
"Really? That’s enough to hurt him. The emperor gave it to him, right? If you take it over, wouldn’t it be a deliberate attempt to grab credit and show off? Yes, it is said that the more beautiful things are, the more poisonous they are. "Ningxiaoyue didn’t expect this. The king and emperor of Weijun must have a secret agreement. If people in punishments intercept them at will, they will be angered. The emperor gave punishments so much, but these people are getting more and more presumptuous.
Hum a cold face from Yan can see how dissatisfied she is.
NingXiaoYue smile swaying "I want to know how you refused? Gee, let me guess. Your fist is scary. "Look at Yan Liang again. Ningxiaoyue guessed it easily.
"Breaking a table" is a simple answer. If you fight with her just now, you have to be prepared to become disabled and she is not responsible.
That surnamed Wei probably didn’t expect her to be so grumpy and gave up.
"Strong" thumbs up Ning Xiaoyue sincerely admires her temper and is not afraid of anything.
The eyebrows are slightly raised and the breath is scattered, which is enough to form a wind wave and sweep people away.
"Don’t go near this place in the future." Looking back, Yan Liang sniffed that there were countless intrigues and intrigues in the imperial court. She was bored. Now these things have extended to the punishments, and her boredom is already full.
If you mess with her again, it’s hard to guarantee that she won’t do it.
However, the punishments are so big that there are always times when people in Weijun County can’t see them everywhere.
People in all departments are also disgusted to varying degrees, so they are required to be cautious. Now they appear everywhere, which makes everyone extremely inconvenient.
At that time, I came up with more and more people who are away from the emperor. Even Liu Tianzhao, who doesn’t want to be away from the emperor at ordinary times, wants to go out.
There is an unidentified corpse in the mortuary of Shuntianfu yamen. If there is no corpse in the mortuary, the yamen will send someone to the punishments department to invite one there.
Just NingXiaoYue sometimes took this, and at the same time, he was also ready to take over and go out, and Yan Liang was dragged away.
The sun is setting in the west, and two women are walking in the street, but they are very unique.
"Go out for this kind of thing, let them men do it. Why do you want to go out for a woman?" Ning Xiaoyue, with his arms around his chest, is enchanting when he walks.
"Going out now is the best thing to do." The punishments provoked a lot of coquetry.