And a train thousands of miles away, Zhan Lan, sounded in their ears at the same time. Zhan Lan, the Lord God’s penalty, got up quickly and made O ‘Connor sit next to them. He quickly protected Alex and looked around warily and said, "What happened?"
"It’s okay, don’t be nervous." Zhanlan reluctantly comforted. She turned to look at Ming Yan Wei and saw the latter with the same worried look.
At the same time, I lost two points … What happened to Qin Jing there …
Zhan Lan forced herself to be quiet. Qin Lan was not here. She took the position of captain of this team temporarily. She looked at the intercom point that had been pulled out. This is Qin Lan’s modified intercom, which can make calls even thousands of miles away, but the latter shook his head when he saw Zhan Lan and said that he could not connect Qin Jing.
"We can trust the captain at this time." Ming Yan Wei sat with a sigh.
Qin Jing’s figure is flickering in the jungle outside the O ‘Connor couple’s mansion. He doesn’t look so relaxed. Just now, the blow of the elf fire seems very cruel, but Qin Jing can see clearly that Zhao Zhuan actually made a sudden transit in it in less than one second, and his feet stepped on the huge paws and jumped out of the hall with strength, but he didn’t suffer much damage.
Not the kui is an assassin’s family … Qin Jing secretly praised the sentence, but he didn’t want to let Zhao compose such a killer who can perfectly hide himself. If he can’t give him a short-term action to hurt him, how can he feel at ease and let the new team in Zhongzhou stay in London?
"It seems that this time I have provoked a great person ….." Not far ahead, Zhao Bian’s figure is also vague and Qin Jing seems to be different from time to time like teleportation. Zhao Bian’s figure is almost like a ghost, and he can see an assassin’s family with a shadow in such a lush forest. The flexible figure accounts for the absolute advantage.
You can’t summon the elf fire. Although it moves faster, there is no doubt that these branches and trunks have become the biggest obstacles. Before touching him, they have already fled far away. Is that why he must get into the Woods?
Qin Jing kept thinking that he could fly straight and straight, and in such an environment, he was pulled farther and farther by Zhao Bian.
"How about asking about a person with you?" Zhao Zhuyin still came over in the distance. With sharingan Qin Jing, he could almost see his cold smile. "It’s easy to recognize that * * looks like a green apple. I think if she enters this world, she should be in your team …"
"Don’t answer? So I’m very upset ….. "Zhao compose face but didn’t see the change of look." It’s no problem if you chase it out like this. I just saw a lot of people wearing red robes and holding weapons around your room … "
Although he said this, his feet didn’t stop, but he suddenly crossed the distance of more than ten meters when his feet lightly stepped on a tree trunk.
Qin Jing didn’t answer behind Zhao compose, his eyes were fixed on the figure in front of him, but his heart secretly left a heart for Zhao compose. Suddenly, his face moved. It turned out that they were chasing the Woods and there was a land with a diameter of 100 meters.
Qin Jing looked fiercely, and his whole body immediately seemed to have a golden flow flowing through his general feet. As soon as he stepped in the virtual space, the distance between him and Zhao was sharply shortened.
Zhao Zhuan looked at the fleeting distance of 100 meters, and when he looked back, his eyes finally floated slightly, because behind him, the man named Qin Jing suddenly shot a purple light rope across their right wrist for more than ten meters and wrapped his right foot. At the same time, there was a huge pull on his right foot, and Zhao Zhuan raised his hand and saw nothing. The light rope on his right foot turned into purple powder, but it was this pull that pulled Qin Jing and came to Zhao Zhuan’s vicinity.
"It seems that I am really underestimated." Zhao made a wry smile, but his eyes were solemnity of murder. "Someone is willing to fight with me in melee."
Qin Jing’s face finally changed when he heard Zhao compose. Zhao compose’s fingers moved ten times at this time, and at the same time, the air around him began to appear fuzzy vibration, like stacks of waves beginning to rush towards Qin Jing. Everything along the way, whether it was light floating leaves or solid tree trunks, was instantly reduced to particles smaller than dust in this fuzzy air.
This pile after pile of vibration seems to be slow and fast when it appears, it has been at Qin Jing’s side, let alone dodging. Even if you open your mind to shield yourself, you can’t rush. The red sickle of death once again appeared in front of Qin Jing, and it was sealed across Qin Jing’s chest and collided with Zhao Bian’s pile of gas vibration.
In the process of collision, you are silent but angry, but in the process of collision, you swing away from the center of Qin Jing and scatter around, turning everything you encounter along the way into fly ash
This sickle is really hard and abnormal. Qin Jing can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he looks at the surface of the sickle intact.
But for a moment, there was a huge gap in the knife face, and I bypassed the sickle gap and stabbed Qin Jing in the chest. With the cold sound of Zhao compose, I entered Qin Jing’s ear. "Sure enough, you are more to my liking than those rotten and broken fruits, so let me pick them myself."
Chapter 13 zhongzhou team counterattack 1
Blood soaked out of Qin Jing’s chest, and Zhao Bian also put on Qin Jing’s neck with his other hand. His smile was even better because he could twist the young neck in front of him for a moment.
"Sure enough, you are also worthy of picking fruits. I feel excited at the thought of being able to twist your head." Zhao Lian leaned to Qin Jing’s ear and said to Qin Jing that he was afraid that Zhao Lian had completely detained the boy. He didn’t believe what else the boy could have.
But for a moment, the touch of his hand and the dagger suddenly disappeared. At present, the boy turned into a virtual shadow in the end, and he was still hanging on his dagger in his coat.
Hidden footwork four maple three-cicada
This is the first time Qin Jing has made this A-level pace. This skill is close to exploiting loopholes to let himself escape. Even though Zhao Bian finished and killed Qin Jing, Qin Jing was still out of Zhao Bian’s control.
Zhao compose showed a violent look for the first time. He hasn’t turned around yet. His hands have been pressed on his back. Just now, the boy came up from behind with a gasp and a bad voice.
"Double lotus pale fire falls!"
The blue flame turned into a towering pillar of fire, burning wantonly in this land. Qin Jing awkwardly took off from the flame range and fell to a nearby place, vomited an one mouthful blood, and the ghost damage exploded almost regardless of the enemy and the enemy. Even if Qin Jing ran faster, he was hit by the ghost wave of No.70.
At the moment, he was wearing a white light coat, and the yellow blood was still flowing from his chest. Zhao Bian’s blow hurt his lungs. Qin Jing even felt a little difficult to breathe at the moment. He took out the three-sweeping operator and stuck it on his wound, and the blood dizzy stopped.
Qin Jing looked at the flame not far away in a complicated way. Zhao Bian was really fierce. If he didn’t have such a high-level pace, I’m afraid he would have planted it here this time. Qin Jing has completely lost Zhao Bian’s figure, but he really hurt himself. He didn’t expect Zhao Bian to fall into an invincible situation for the first time.
It shouldn’t be that I lost, and I got rid of Zhao Zui, who used almost all my skills, and Zhao Zui still seems like a mystery to myself. What is the ten-finger skill? Qin Jing knows it.
Qin Jing looked back at his coming direction. At the moment, he was a little worried that Zhao Zhuan’s mouth said that those people wearing red robes should be resurrected according to the movie plot. Now that they are not left, those people are even a little dangerous …
Not to mention that the battle between Qin Jing and Zhao Zui caused a terrible blue flame. Even this loud noise attracted people around to wait and see, but it was obvious that Zhao Zui and Qin Jing had already disappeared when people arrived recently.
Qin Jing was in a hurry because he wasn’t sure if Zhao Zui had left for the fastest speed, hoping to show Zhao Zui the clues in the urgent shuttle, but there was no trace of Zhao Zui still nearby, which also made Qin Jing feel a little relieved.
When Qin Jing rushed back to Mr. and Mrs. O ‘Connor’s room, it was only now that people around him were crowded. It seems that Zhao Zhui didn’t lie to me in this matter
Qin Jing immediately entered the room, and people around him couldn’t even see the shadow.
At the same time, wang xia and Jonathan are hiding behind the sand to avoid machine gun shooting by men in red robes.
"Where the hell are these people from?" Jonathan tightly holding the golden staff looked pale at wang xia.
"How should I know?" Wang xia looked up slightly at those people and attracted them to shoot a series of shots, which scared him to hide back quickly.
It turned out that shortly after Qin Jing chased Zhao Bian out, these men in red rushed in along the broken glass window, and dozens of men rushed in with all kinds of weapons. At first, Wang Xiaxun knocked down the men in red around him with his own skill. At this time, the men in red had separated wang xia and the remaining newcomers, and wang xia fought and fled. Soon, the men with guns rushed in with the vanguard. Although wang xia was much stronger than ordinary people, he was not able to reach the point of seeing bullets. It was not long before he was forced to a corner of a room by everyone. Behind the sand, I didn’t expect Jonathan to be here.
The sound of machine gun fire is particularly harsh in the small bedroom. Seeing this sand, it won’t last long. wang xia said to Jonathan, "I’ll run to the right and you run to the left. We can go one by one."
"What … Yao …" Jonathan quickly grabbed it and was exploring to the right to wang xia. "Are you crazy? We will be shot into a honeycomb in such a dense situation!"
Wang xia tugged at his sleeve but didn’t pull it out. I didn’t expect this man to have such a strong way at the moment. wang xia looked at Jonathan with a scared look and couldn’t help but be angry. "You …"
At this time, all the guns died in an instant. This sudden change made wang xia and Jonathan look at each other. They still didn’t dare to look up. Jonathan made two gestures. wang xia conveniently pulled out his sleeve and looked at himself. The army couldn’t help frowning. "I don’t know what you are talking about?"
"He’s saying, why don’t you go and have a look?" A faint sound came from above their heads, and they looked up and saw Qin Jing looking at them with a democratic face.
"So everyone else may have been taken?" Qin Jing listened to wang xia in the room and simply introduced the process before frowning. At the moment, there are three of them left in the room. Just now, those red men have all disappeared to the ground, those weapons and some things like ashes …
Jonathan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He probably guessed these red men’s fields. He was afraid to say a word about this seemingly angry teenager.