Mohanfa shouted, flew back several feet, and collapsed in the corner of a hall. Everyone saw the dust flying in front of them, but the bricks and stones fell in succession. Mohanfa had fallen to the top of a tall pine tree 40 or 50 feet outside the pavilion, screaming and screaming.
Although Qi Yufeng’s strength is great, it is soft and fair, and he can send and receive doves. Although he respects his uncle, his flying skills are very poor. When he saw that both of them could not succeed, he closed his move and did not attack.
Qi Yufeng heart way you three-person conjoined work, maybe I’m a little worse, but if I work separately, I’m afraid you’ll come? This Mohan method, Mohan Saint, is also too big.
Just at this time, I saw the flowing water rushing in front of me. I held a gun in my hand and made Gefeng sharp and discerning at Qi Yufeng. Because I was in the imperial city, I couldn’t move my bow and arrow.
Qi Yufeng thought to himself, "So arrogant soldiers in Beijing want to stop me?" See him whistle, long sleeves, a pendulum, three long swords, blowing a whirlwind by the wind, cold mountain, and blazing like the same Youlong, protecting the three long swords around Qi Yufeng, like servants, and seeing the sword around the main guard, making a sharp sword, which is full of strength from the body and full of strength. Several swords are scattered and scattered, flying like a storm, and the sword is as sharp as a net.
Mongolian officers and men everywhere did not expect to be invincible, and he immediately fought his way out.
He was flying in the sand and filled with smoke. Three people, Mohan Fa and Mohan Sheng, came from the startled walk. Qi Yufeng was proud, but when he saw Qi Yufeng’s sword skills for a moment, he couldn’t help but look at each other and thought, "That’s all. It turns out that this young man’s martial arts is exquisite. If he wants to win him, it will be a lifelong hope."
Immediately, the three men turned around and escorted Yuan Shundi, but Qi Yufeng was carrying the female body to make the Three Swords kill more than 100 people in a row, and then showed his flying skills. If a long dragon passed by, his feet ran faster and faster and suddenly disappeared.
There are many Wulin people in the capital who can’t help but care for Qi Yufeng’s martial arts at this time. They heard with horror that Xiliang was an excellent martial arts teenager, but they didn’t expect the wonders.
Qi Yufeng knows that he can’t hide it from people. He just showed his skill and taught everyone in the Yuan Dynasty to be mindful. But after listening to his whistling for a moment, he has been whistling in the cool air. The whistling is getting louder and louder, and many people are talking about it.
Many veterans of the Yuan Dynasty knew that the arrival of the "Little Devil" of the Xiliang Army was a worry.
Yuan Shundi stroked his beard and asked the three people in front of him, "What are the three Buddhist martial arts?"
Before Mohanfa and Mohan Saint could speak, the venerable dove bowed down and said, "I heard that this martial arts enemy’s swordsmanship is excellent. Today, I saw that he really possessed it, but I didn’t smell it. Although I didn’t have a strong palm technique and I haven’t mastered it yet, this ten-step Lingyujian swordsmanship will fail once I use it without making a move."
Then he sighed with a sigh, "Even if I practice for another 50 years, I will never be able to get to his position. It is said that kendo is practiced to a high level. This kind of ling-killing swordsmanship is the so-called mountain Wan Li, and it is not necessarily impossible to hold a sword and fly ling."
Qi Yufeng combined the nine swords of Dugu, Gan Kun’s great move method, Tai Ji Chuan’s sword and other methods to synthesize the swordsmanship, which made the dove honour person full of praise and feel that Qi Yufeng’s martial arts was still heard in Wulin.
Yuan Shundi nodded, "There is a reason why real kung fu is more in the smell. In the hearts of ordinary people, it is amazing and can’t be trusted. The evaluation of outsiders is generally based on their own experience."
"But the two people have different realms, and how can you guess that the sword fairy flows into people’s kung fu? What they imagine is to enlarge their kung fu by 100 times, and to enlarge the kung fu they have seen by 100 times. This is the actual kung fu of the master. Although it may not have the effect of magnifying the low hand by 100 times, it is impossible to describe the realm of the master even if it is magnified by 1000 times and 10000 times. "
"It’s amazing for Buddhist teachers to draw inferences from others."
The three Buddhist was praised by Yuan Shundi, and the heart was slightly awkward. Immediately, they stopped talking, and the three of them got into the soft sedan chair and went straight to the palace.
Qi Yufeng carried the woman behind him for a few times, and the sound of chasing behind him gradually disappeared. They turned a few times in the alley before stopping.
Two people pause Qi Yufeng immediately hand gift way "Richie Yufeng visit ancient tomb school elder master".
The woman smiled wryly. "You saved my life now. What kind of master is it?" Her tone seemed particularly bleak, but then she turned her head and asked strangely, "How do you know that I am an ancient tomb?"
Qi Yufeng said, "How can there be a second sect to make the Jade Maiden’s sword method?"
The woman nodded slightly and sighed, "It’s a pity that this swordsmanship has not been alive for a hundred years, but it is not as good as those three people’s strange strength. Do you know what it is?"
Qi Yufeng said, "It is said that Tianzhu Yoga can transform Yin and Yang through physical exercises, but compared with Chinese martial arts, it is unique."
The yellow shirt girl nodded and said, "What kind of work do you practice?"
Qi Yufeng said, "It is wu-tang clan’s pure Yang Gong."
The yellow shirt girl sighed, "Look at you today. You want to come to our Nine Yin and One Pulse Martial Arts."
Qi Yufeng hurriedly laughed. "The elder said that the words came from the ancient tomb school martial arts. A hundred years ago, the leader of the Jianghu killed Meng Yuan. Today, the elder killed the Dalai emperor, but it was just a little bit of luck. How many people can say yes in this martial arts day?"
The yellow-shirt girl seemed satisfied when she heard this. She nodded and grabbed Qi Yufeng’s arm and said, "Those bald donkeys in Shaolin Temple dare not assassinate Tatar even if their martial arts are the best. This is not a place to talk. Come with me."
Said her arch one’s back led Qi Yufeng into an alley.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four The secret meeting in the palace
At this time, Qi Yufeng thinks that this female appearance is only thirty years old, but her tone seems to be more than a generation older than herself.
She had just suffered a little setback in those three people’s hands. At this time, with a little breath adjustment, she immediately improved. The two of them smelled that the city was very strict, and she soon found that the roads were full of officers and men.
Qi Yufeng was about to rush out of the woman and hold him cold. "There are 50,000 or 60,000 people outside. Do you want to kill all these 50,000 or 60,000 people by yourself?"
Qi Yufeng leng way "how is that possible"
The woman said, "since we can’t, let’s choose a convenient way. Do you have a dagger with you?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "No"
The woman said, "Then follow me." She finished a sentence and took the lead in walking out of the alley. Tingting borrowed an official to turn around and avoided his sight, and then flew forward with a dagger in her hand and killed two people in an instant.
She hid the body of your honour, turned around and waved to Qi Yufeng. Qi Yufeng nodded and flew by.
After several alleys, the two of them went through this procedure. The female melee kungfu is very severe, and they have killed hundreds of your honour.
All these officers hold gongs and drums, and once the suspects are found, they immediately beat gongs and drums to call most people to come and get people, but in that female newsletter, no one can ring the gongs and drums.
Qi Yufeng secretly surprised to say that although this woman may not be able to compete with herself, she is almost inferior to herself in this melee.
They walked all the way east and then west, so many times, even Qi Yufeng couldn’t remember the number of roads, and then they came to a humble yard.
A secret door in the female backyard revealed a passage without hesitation, so she turned over and got into it. Qi Yufeng looked at the dark face and hesitated for a moment and followed. Unexpectedly, this passage surface was covered with extremely thick soft grass and landed without any pain. The secret door was obviously restored to its original state when she heard the top of her head ring gently.
The two men ran out of the tunnel with twists and turns for dozens of feet. Although they were blind to things, Qi Yufeng’s martial arts were very deep, but he could also tell a thing or two. He felt that the tunnel project was extremely spacious and grand, which was not natural, and he couldn’t help wondering.
After two people walked for several miles, Qi Yufeng felt a fresh air coming and knew it was at another exit. The woman stopped slowly and said, "Well, let’s have a rest here."
Then she hit a drawer around her and took out a long white candle, lit it and put it aside. Qi Yufeng, but when she saw this passage, there was a small table, a small chair and a short bed bench. She was very surprised.
By candlelight, I saw the woman dressed as white as a veil, as if she were in smoke and fog. Looking at the front, he felt that the woman’s eyes seemed to be sad and it was inconvenient to ask questions.
The woman sat for a long time before saying, "This is the passage where the capital of Jin Kingdom was located. After 300 years, there are also ancient tombs who know this secret passage. You can rest assured that the officers and men will definitely not find it here."
Qi Yufeng suddenly realized that Wang Zhongyang, the owner of the ancient tomb, was a master of digging holes in those days, and then he dug a hole in Zhongnanshan and named himself the living dead. Presumably, this secret path was also discovered when Jin Guo made its capital in Yanjing.
Qi Yufeng nods, "Is this place good or not? It’s just a little stuffy."
The woman said flatly, "We ancient tombs have been living in this stuffy place for a year."
Qi Yufeng watched the woman become cold and faint, and felt strange in his heart. He immediately asked, "What can I eat?"
The woman said, "You are hungry. There are some dry food on the stove. You can take some."