Hanging in the sky, the sun is diabolical and dazzling, and it’s already sweaty to walk from the Tieqi Post to the sect hall. I really don’t know how the np patrols outside get through it. Well, they are np, so they can’t feel better.
Few players stay in the fighters.
Time to find the iron rider butler Longyuan Longyuan impressed her with the kind of business-like command from the soldiers that surprised her. Longyuan almost buried his face in the watermelon image. The sloped sound is easy to remind people that he is feasting.
Even np feels hot
Seeing someone coming, Longyuan quickly hid the corner of watermelon and didn’t sweep the light. It happened to be another man guarding the frontier fortress.
"I haven’t seen you improve a lot in kung fu for a long time. Now you can learn how to kill the enemy in the battlefield."
Breaking the shield and marching in a hurry, Yang Jia’s gun swept away a thousand troops (level 2)
The streamer glanced at the skill learning department.
"Congratulations, you have achieved Level 3 fame in the Jianghu. However, it is not enough for you to become an iron rider after being baptized in the war. Now, I ask you to go to [Broken Battlefield] to support them to complete your work, so that you can continue to improve your ability. Tell me when you are ready."
Long Yuan talked to him again directly, and he asked if he would enter the battlefield.
The editor told the cup to get the cup ready for the 24th of this month …
Although I have been looking forward to the cup for a long time, I suddenly want to give up when I look at the collection. After thinking for a long time, I decided to give them a shot before [running away with the lid on]
Don’t look at me as an iron rider.
Streamer didn’t immediately promise to go into the battlefield to complete the Sect of "Tempering".
The instructor at the tinker department took the pointer and urged the recruits to practice dish kung fu.
"I haven’t seen you for a long time. Why are you still so weak?" The instructor looked at the streamer and "followed them for ten laps before coming back."
Time obediently with the big army, I can’t eat it. This running is so different from Yao Wangshan’s pursuit of Ningcai grass and climbing over several mountains. The environmental conditions of the iron horse are bad, the wind and sand shave, and the sun is scorching. I am wearing sandbags, wrists and ankles, and I am wearing three pounds of iron rings.
In the game, sports will bring benefits to the real body, and other players are not sure about it.
With heavy steps, she managed to lead the np in front of the tail of a big army. In it, she saw a burly figure with flying steps, but it was a male player.
She took an appraisal.
Don’t look at me. I’m a 52-level fighters.
I noticed that someone had made an appraisal of him. Although I was as sharp as an eagle riding an iron horse, I stared at the tail streamer of the crane for the first time and he picked his eyebrows.
What sharp eyes!
Time suddenly caught by someone, she smiled apologetically and thought, don’t look at the name I am an iron rider. I seem to have heard it somewhere, but I haven’t thought about it for a long time. She doesn’t often pay attention to various rankings, and she doesn’t even know if she is the top 5 in the wealth list.
Don’t look at me. I rank first in the iron rider ranking list. I often haunt the advanced map of the wild.
The streamer continues to hang from the rear of the car, and I’m not used to the back load and the gravity of my hands, feet and wrists. Even if I want to run a few steps faster, I still have insufficient spare capacity.
Although I am an iron rider, I can’t feel her malice when I look at her. I haven’t slowed down and continued to lead.
When she ran to the third lap, don’t look at me as an iron rider. I have finished running and asked the instructor to hand over and enter the first ring.
On the fifth lap, the streamer gasped and ran with the big troops. At last, np kept about 3 steps away.
According to this practice, there is no reason for fighters to be short-legged and puzzled.
"Time what uninteresting facts! Run in the energy! " After the instructor in front of the instructor, the instructor yelled at the streamer and everyone ran a few quick steps. "This girl is trained." The running team disappeared in the smoke and dust, np muttered.
Although I am an iron fighter, I can hear clearly and look at the instructor. Zhang Shishi’s big iron bow is aimed at the scarecrow 50 meters away.
The arrow feather buzzed and the arrow went deep into the arm of the scarecrow.
Running, archery, chopping wood, fetching water, helping cooks cook, 2 rings have no experience, and a total of 11 gold, 7 silver streamers, spears and shields are accumulated to support the body. Every step of the way, the feet are soft and weak. If this situation persists for more than ten minutes, the bad state will be refreshed. She thinks that the sects send a little attribute to each ring.
Running can improve the proficiency of marching in a hurry, chopping wood and carrying water can improve the proficiency of breaking shields, and archery is one of the ways to improve strength.
Who said that the light of fighters can’t dps?
Streamer’s current level can support her to complete the daily sect limit of 2 rings, and she is satisfied to see the attribute increase little by little.
She didn’t return to Zhongyi Hall until she improved her ability to find Long Yuan and enter the battlefield.
I will wash my hands of the past before I sell it.
At dusk, salted duck eggs are like red, and the sun is slowly sinking on the edge of the distant desert. At the other end of the sand dune, there are a group of wolves overlooking the exhausted soldier who has just finished fighting
The streamer is sent to the barracks next to the tent, and there is a map hanging on the screen of the sand table camp in the battlefield, and there is a strategist at the door, and np also has him.
She talked before.
"You can’t leave your trial until you die from this moment. You can’t leave until you finish the trial. I hope you can gain something in the battlefield." The strategist went on to say the requirements of this trial
"When you die, you will be sent away from the battlefield to kill the desert wolf. Every five times, you will have 1 meritorious service value. When you kill the leader of the desert wolf, you will get 1 meritorious service value. Our enemies are desert bandits and Fu tribes. Killing one of them gets 2 points of meritorious service, killing the leader gets 5 points of meritorious service. According to the statistics of the battlefield, if you don’t get 2 points of meritorious service, you will be deemed to have failed the trial. You can choose to challenge you again with Longyuan the next day. Do you need me to say it again? "
"I wish you a smooth completion of the trial." The military adviser gave her a hand.
The streamer didn’t go out immediately. She tried to come to the map first, took out paper, ink, pen and inkstone and copied the screen map. This is the map of the whole battlefield. The battlefield is located in the desert Gobi, and every step is wrong. Less sense of direction, getting lost in the desert in minutes is not far from failure.
That’s the advantage of the game. The map is in hand. I don’t worry about losing my way wherever I go.
The marching map not only depicts the terrain, marks the direction of soldiers’ attack and killing the enemy, the location of trench supply points, but also depicts the direction of ore veins, so that the np map is drawn like this.
Sand table simulation March before she sent it, they had a small battle with bandits, and both sides suffered casualties.
She wrote sand table information on her map and walked out of the camp.
It’s getting dark, fires are burning everywhere in the camp, and there are more soldiers patrolling at night than during the day. Soldiers are loyal to their duties in the watchtower, and wolves are everywhere. Green eyes are staring at the np soldiers in the camp from a height. An Ruosu is used to it.
"You come and help me dress up."
Np military doctor shouted at streamer, and it seems that it has passed the age of no doubt. He wiped his forehead with sweat and waved to streamer. Behind him were many soldiers waiting to be treated.
Losing the battlefield is to gain 2 points of meritorious service through trial. Only when you leave the battlefield can you get a reward and continue to upgrade. Everything that happens in the battlefield will not appear in form. Players who have no reward can choose to assist np or regard him.
She walked around the camp, and the desert wolf didn’t know whether to fear the camp fire or wait and see if he didn’t attack the camp.
If you have nothing to do, it is better to help you see if you will get meritorious service.
She should follow the military doctor’s steps to dress the wounded. Most of the wounded in the camp have injured their arms and legs. After a few days’ rest, they can return to the battlefield with guns.
Your proficiency in knife wound treatment +1
Your proficiency in knife wound treatment +1
Does streamer show this proficiency while dressing the wounded, which increases the dressing speed? Time thought feel a little funny.
"Foreign enemy attack alert! Alert! " The soldiers guarding the watchtower first found the enemy’s situation and hit the drum as a warning.