Miller, however, knows very well that these shadow beast lords are bellicose and eager for the first world war for the shadow beasts that have disappeared for a long time … Although the dragon clan is the king of the shadow beasts, this king has disappeared for too long. These shadow beast lords have denied that the dragon is the most powerful of the shadow beasts!
Miller felt a paste in his head at this time when he thought of such a complicated situation. Now he is more eager than the sudden appearance of the dragon to stop coming out of that disappearing floating island, otherwise these shadow beast lords will never be quiet …
"Captain, captain! Look at that black ball again! "
A flame knight rushed to Miller and reported the situation to him. Miller was not too flustered when he heard this sentence. He calmly nodded at the flame knight and said, "Don’t panic", then followed him to the outdoor and looked at the sky.
A black ball appeared in the place where the floating island once appeared in the middle of the day. This strange phenomenon appeared yesterday! Yesterday, they were ready to escape at any time in fear, but the black ball didn’t change much, and disappeared again after it lasted for a while, which made the whole Secret Order breathe a sigh of relief.
And this time the situation seems to be very similar to yesterday! The thought that maybe the same thing in the sky will disappear after a while, and Miller’s frown is also a little stretched. He doesn’t want things to get out of hand …
But at the moment when he just relaxed, the knight of the flame secret instrument beside him exclaimed again!
"Captain Mi and Miller, look at the sky! Look at the sky!"
The knight’s voice of the flame secret instrument around him trembled and stuttered, and Miller felt that things might be beyond his imagination when he heard the sound! And when he looked up and looked at Tianhou again, his whole person trembled …
Yesterday, these secret knights saw the outline of the ice blue shadow beast, but this time they clearly saw the head of the ice blue shadow beast on this black sphere!
This ice blue shadow beast intentionally gives off coercion, which makes them all a little weak. This time, it won’t be like yesterday. After the head of this ice blue shadow beast appears from this black ball, his sharp claws also scrape the surface of the black ball in the sky, and then the black ball in the day after tomorrow will shrivel up like a deflated balloon in a flash.
At the same time, the huge ice blue shadow beast appeared in front of all the members of the secret knights.
"God, the frost dragon is really a frost dragon!"
Miller murmured the word frost dragon, and the knight of the flame secret instrument beside him was also startled when he heard the word dragon.
"Captain! Captain Miller, what should we do? "
The anxious sound of the flame knight finally made Miller slow down. He looked at the ferocious frost dragon in the sky and suddenly roared around.
"What are you still doing? Get into the bunker and avoid it. Do you all want to die?"
Miller ordered the other members of the Order of the Secret Instrument who were as stunned as he was to wake up. In just a few seconds, they had packed up the information department and rushed to the bunker near the base. They had trained for this exercise many times, but this was the first time that it was really …
The usual training of the Knights of the Secret Instrument has finally started. For the well-trained Knights of the Secret Instrument, one minute is enough for them to hide in the bunker and hide their breath! However, even if they hid in the bunker, they still looked at the dragon in the sky curiously through the hole of the bunker. Although it said that the dragon brought them great pressure, it was their luck to see the dragon once.
But they moved but angered Miller! Perhaps these inexperienced secret knights think that nothing will happen if they look at the dragon like this, but Miller knows that the dragon not only has great power, but also their perception ability is extremely strong. If someone stares at them, they can easily feel that the target is …
Looking at this one by one, the secret instrument knight wants to die. Miller directly puts one foot on the bunker to take a breath and looks at the frost dragon and the secret instrument knight kicking and flying …
"You all want to die? Can you hide in the bunker and settle down? Do you know that you are exposing our position to the dragon by moving now? "
Even when Miller growled angrily, he consciously lowered his voice! Everyone can feel the anger in Miller’s voice … Miller is the oldest and most experienced person among them. They know that Miller will definitely not lie to them, but they always feel that Miller has overreacted.
"Captain Miller!"
The former knight who reported the information to Miller’s flame secret instrument smiled awkwardly and said lightly
"Captain Miller, we know that the dragon is very powerful, but is it meaningful for us to avoid it? Regardless of whether the Frost Dragon’s goal is still uncertain, and even if his goal is really us small humans, can he not notice that we are here? In this bunker, the shadow beast in the shadow beast paradise can resist the main force with one blow, let alone resist the frost dragon? "
"When we entered this shadow beast paradise, it was already a fish! Maybe other shadow beast lords will not take the initiative to attack here because they are sheltering us, but now there is a strange dragon in the sky, not to mention that this dragon doesn’t know that we are sheltered by that one, and even if he does, do you think that the strange dragon will always care about a shadow beast Lord? When this dragon appeared, the lords in the shadow beast paradise were all United to dare to roar at this dragon! "
Seems to be confirming the flame secret instrument knight words receivable paradise rang with shadow beast roar … And in this roar sheltered the secret instrument knights that platinum Angle python sound is also very clearly into their ears!
Chapter 1193 Spectacular
That’s true. In the shadow beast paradise, I dare not challenge this dragon alone than the powerful Platinum Horned Python. It seems impossible to make this dragon fear Platinum Horned Python.
Miller fell into silence when he heard Nick, the knight of the flame secret instrument! Nick, the knight of the flame secret instrument, knows all these things, but he is the captain of this secret instrument knight team and is responsible for all the secret instrument knights.
Is it because this dragon is so powerful that he will let his players give up resistance? No one wants to give up resistance, but it seems that there is no resistance in front of this dragon.
Miller self-effacing shook his head and finally stopped talking! Indeed, if the frost dragon is targeting them, then the final result is doomed.
Seeing the captain stop talking, Nick also realized that the captain already knew such a thing! He also knows that the captain is actually doing this. They are responsible for their lives …
Although Miller fell silent, Miller’s silence also made all the members of the Secret Order sit still and stop looking around and looking at the dragon in the sky.
However, this state did not last long! Because in one second, a loud noise sounded directly in their ears, and then the violent energy impact spread from the sky. Even with the shelter protection, they were all knocked to the ground by this impact through the bunker …
All the members of the Order of the Secret Instrument consciously raised their heads and looked at the sky through changing the air holes … A scene that shocked them appeared. There was an ice-blue dragon in the original sky, but at this moment, it was an extra article, and the huge dragon appeared in the sky, which brought them great stress. They just looked at it and the dragon was unable to move directly.