The post-Phoenix operation is no different from the frenzy. No enemies were found. They also went back to the exit along the secret passage and connected NPC in parallel to return to the God planet.
When the shuttle of the frenzy squadron has once again left the transport ship and headed for the CD23 asteroid, the Phoenix crowd finally understood the deputy characteristics of the Chief Sergeant.
And their first thought is that if the teammates who died just now can be divided into two parts for repair work, it becomes a natural question whether those teammates who died can join again.
As a result, although those teammates who have been resurrected and have repaired the mecha can not rejoin the team, their deputy progress still maintains the number when they were killed and is already gray to receive rewards.
However, if the progress is forced to board the transport ship with gray teammates, the transport ship will refuse to take off, which will become a sign that they are not ready, and the option of allowing these players to leave the transport ship and take off at any time will be activated.
Yunfei is also willing to let the fallen players get the rewards first, and strive to achieve the ideal state of being injured but killed when the base situation is known.
Not long after Phoenix’s departure, the three teams, the Crazy Lion, the Iceberg and the Devil, also walked out of the federal port and the Imperial port respectively. Obviously, they also completed the% Chief Sergeant.
After a while, all the members of the two teams, the red-faced dragon and the shotgun, appeared here one after another, and they became the first home team to fall off the military base.
Chapter 41 CD23
The asteroid belt of the star where the celestial planet is located.
Has been ejected by the transport catapult cargo space shuttle is flying in it. Naturally, it is the frenzy squadron that has already repaired the outer armor and weapons and equipment department of the mecha.
Although they once entered the big map halfway, as they boarded the transport ship again just now, their environment became an independent vice again.
At this time, after avoiding several asteroids, the shuttle approached the position when it first entered the sergeant’s position, but the direction indicated by primary surveillance radar changed.
At this time, a new question was raised by the members of the frenzy squadron. Since the deputy department is relatively free and they already know the sub-process, can we just fly the shuttle to CD23 at the beginning without going to CD15 in a raiders?
To be honest, Wang Tianping is also very excited about this problem. If it can be realized, the strategy will be greatly reduced, and it is likely to fly directly from% to%. However, reason told him that the system should not make such a big BUG, so he looked forward to prosperity.
I’ve been flying radar in the shuttle, and it’s thriving. In this kind of problem, the most vocal navigator needs a helmsman to point in the right direction. Wherever the shuttle can fly, it depends on her instructions.
After doing some exercises in the radar interface, prosperity tells everyone the answer, that is, the shuttle method can’t reach CD23 in the first place, and now it can also return to CD15 again.
It turns out that the radar shuttle’s pointing direction method is actually the appearance matching method rather than the coordinate indicating method, because the asteroid is not fixed like the front auxiliary transport ship, but is constantly moving in a certain range.
Therefore, the asteroid does not have a fixed coordinate, so the shuttle pilot radar can initially determine a general direction by coordinate indication, and then find out the matching target by 3D scanning all the surrounding asteroids through the appearance data of the former asteroid.
At first, the shuttle radar had CD15 appearance data, but now the radar also has CD23 data. In the case of accurately specifying the position of an asteroid in France, it is different from suicide to forcibly find the specific position of an asteroid by other methods.
Even at first, CD23 made a howitzer attack the shuttle, and the shuttle radar captured the heat source information of the howitzer, and the viewfinder also captured the asteroid image data, but it is not enough to reach an asteroid that is not moving at all times with that little information.
After listening to the prosperous explanation, I looked at the radar only with the CD23 appearance data including Wang Tianping, who sighed in disappointment, and it was not so good.
In such a relaxed atmosphere, the shuttle of the frenzy squadron once again came to the range of the howitzer, and this time they no longer evaded but charged head-on
This time, the difficulty is actually greater than the last time. Although there are still unknown factors in it once, after all, they can get rid of the attack after rushing over a certain distance, and this time they are exposed to the attack and the distance is even longer.
Not only that, but the psychological pressure is not generally great. It is just that even if the group is destroyed, it needs to be picked up again. This time, the deputy progress is already% excellent. If you are killed, you can get a reward and then get it again.
We have reached this point, and then we will die because of a small mistake, and all our previous efforts will be squandered. This will definitely cause a big blow to the team, even if we are familiar with the deputy situation for the second time, it will definitely have a big impact on morale.
At this point, the temporary crew members are also 120% careful at this time. Everyone’s attention is focused on driving the shuttle, and other players are also white. This distance is dangerous. Everyone stops talking and focuses on the picture before them.
"The radar is responding!"
When Wang Tianping heard the red dot, he immediately woke up, and immediately adjusted the shuttle, while the rest of the crew quickly adjusted the viewfinder to capture the target.
When the shuttle was controlled by Wang Tianping, it quickly looked up, and the alloy shells grazed the bottom of the shuttle and flew to the stars. Then Wang Tianping frequently operated the shuttle without waiting for prosperity, and a series of complicated movements were made by the shuttle.
Wang Tianping’s "simple" movements, such as snake-like swimming and lateral rolling wave forward, are already handy. He even made a difficult regular broken line charge by instantly starting the anti-gravity engine and propeller.
As soon as the shell was fired, it flew towards the shuttle, but the shuttle was always able to flash by and keep approaching the target at a low speed. Finally, the shuttle people could see the appearance of the asteroid numbered CD23 very clearly through the viewfinder.
Although I knew the general situation of this asteroid before, at that time, it was a long distance, and the situation was urgent. Moreover, this asteroid was not the main target, and everyone was swept away. This time, everyone could finally observe it carefully.
This CD23 asteroid is much smaller than the former CD15, and it is spherical as a whole, with a barrel sticking out to the shuttle side. Besides, it seems that there are no other anomalies from the perspective of the shuttle.
"On both sides of the auxiliary propeller start! We have to speed up the direction adjustment! "
The closer we get, the shorter the flight time of howitzer shells will be, and the shorter the evasion time will be for the shuttle. So Wang Tianping intends to start the maximum speed directly, ignore the direction of shells, and dodge quickly and regularly and rush directly to the asteroid surface.
The speed of the shuttle is very fast, and the effect brought by the propeller is also very remarkable. In a few seconds, everyone feels that the scenery in front of them has changed several times and they find themselves in a position less than 100 meters away from the asteroid.
When the shuttle arrived at this position, it finally got rid of the threat of howitzers and approached this point. People finally found that there was a hidden door at the root of the howitzers barrel, which showed that it had also been transformed into a acceptable soldier.
Now the deputy progress% now the deputy evaluation is excellent, and the final 2% perfect evaluation is just around the corner.
Chapter 411 Full of twists and turns
Chief, deputy number CD23 asteroid.
There is no tarmac on the surface of this small asteroid for the shuttle to park, but there is a small piece of Diwang balance beside the gate to park the shuttle there.
The next situation is almost the same as before. The gate is still in a state of being able to be opened at will and not locked, and the gate is also an ambush booster cabin, but this time it is better to ambush the enemy.
However, for the frenzy squadron, the number of enemies is a little worse than their own, and there is no firepower to suppress the arms. It is only in a sudden attack that the mecha will be harmed, so that the enemy has no threat when it is ready.
After the pressurized cabin battle, everyone finally entered the asteroid department this time and saw the true face of the reconstructed asteroid.
It can be seen from the surrounding situation that the transformation here is not as thorough as CD15, and it is not as complicated as CD15 base. There is a hall in front of them.
In this only hall is the frenzy squadron. The enemy looks at the dense mecha, armored vehicles and infantry in front of him, watching them respond in an orderly way and skillfully prepare to move. This is the real elite force for no reason.
This is the real First Mechanized Ranger Brigade of the 25 th Division of the First Legion of the Imperial Army. These enemies are completely different from the former base, and even Wang Tianping feels a little pressure.
But looking at the enemy’s frenzied squadron members, they are all puzzled. Infantry are ordinary standard infantry and heavy infantry armored vehicles are also ordinary standard equipment. The same part of the mecha is composed of prototype armor and derivative mecha.
No custom machine A? This is different from what they imagined. Even the deputy district chief has his own custom machine armor, which is stronger than Tian Zhenkun. The captain is called the ace pilot of red blood crazy ghost. Is it a BOSS who drives the mecha? This is not normal from both realistic logic and game convention.
Obviously, the enemy had already discovered the arrival of the frenzy squadron. After seeing that 41 mecha had arrived in the hall, the enemy quickly formed a formation and confronted the frenzy squadron.
Wang Tianping wanted to think for a while, but instead of reaching the attack command, he called an external speaker and said to the enemy, "I’ve heard about the name of’ Red Blood Crazy Ghost’ for advice, but I haven’t seen the battalion chief cabinet." Do you think we are not worthy of fighting together? "
Compared with the captain who has never met before, Wang Tianping still tends to recognize that the captain is not here, but what is not here has become a new problem. Is this not the real core of the enemy?
And then the enemy’s response verified Wang Tianping’s judgment that there was a sound from a typhoon walker mecha. "Our battalion chief naturally can’t see if you want to see it. If you want to see the battalion chief, you can’t get out of here if you can’t beat me."
First, the deputy district chief and then the chief of staff of the brigade made Wang Tianping even more puzzled. No matter from which information, the so-called red blood crazy ghost battalion chief is a martial arts person, but the smiling tiger is definitely a wise chief of staff. From this position, he should not be the one who rushed to the front.