Apple’s mobile phone was almost killed, except for the iphone3g, which was just released in July. It can barely play a generation of Apple’s mobile phones. After playing for a while, it will crash 100% and it will be horribly stuck. Even the new iphone3g will get stuck from time to time. The main reason is naturally that the mobile phone’s performance is not enough. If it is stuck, it will easily crash.
Engineers in the company said that they would continue to optimize the game, which has shrunk a lot on the mobile phone, but it will still get stuck. Even if they continue to optimize, they can guarantee that it will run on the iphone3g at most. Forget it.
Jobs said that the panda has done a good job, and only with such fun games can people upgrade their mobile phones. * * Apple expressed its intention the next day, hoping that the "Panda Workshop" would release games on the ios platform in the future, so they would buy them green dollars to monopolize the ios platform.
The performance of the android platform is similar. At this time, the android platform mobile phone has not occupied half of the country, and Nokia and BlackBerry still occupy a large market share.
Only bo36 was surprisingly popular, and the live game platform sold 50,000 sets in three days, which greatly exceeded the expectation of Ji Guoqiu. On the contrary, the sales volume of the mobile phone platform was half that of the host platform. In the past two years, the mobile phone performance was not enough, resulting in a bad game experience.
However, as the game continues to be optimized, the game sales are full of stamina after the iphone3g platform can barely run smoothly. This mobile game that no one cared about before seems to have become a dark horse with full potential like the season clippers.
Christine is going to film Twilight these days, so Ji Guoqiu sometimes hooks up with little radish.
Ji Guoshi has left Los Angeles and continued to go to the countryside with the little singer to catch turtles and dead foxes. This is an addiction to catching turtles. He found that it is also very emotional to catch turtles and swim naked occasionally at the lakeside villa and Taylor Swift quietly.
Although the pace of this life is slow, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also good to come to a quiet town occasionally to breathe a fresh breath and rest quietly. He feels that he has exhausted most of his fatigue in a few days after coming here. This place is indeed a good place for vacation. Although Hawaii is good, there are too many people, even if he is physically tired, he will be more tired.
Of course, it is enjoyable to rest here for ten days and a half months. If you stay here all the time, you can’t stand the humiliation of Ji Guo.
On July 1st, "Angry Birds" landed on psp platform, and with the powerful handheld function, it immediately sold in Japan. With the continuous popularity of several platforms and the fame of his boss, this small mobile phone game was greatly out of control. After a week of sale, the sales volume did not drop, but increased with the upgrade patch, which reduced the performance requirements.
The major game evaluation organizations have given high marks to Angry Birds, recognizing that this game story is quite interesting and cartoon 2d images are suitable for all ages. It’s really a wonderful feeling for players to watch all kinds of angry birds throw themselves at the green and purple-gold pig fortress. The game soundtrack is also full of joy, relaxed rhythm and cheerful style. The simple gameplay makes children from a few years old to people in their 60 s and 70 s attracted by the game.
However, the Lakers and Celtics expressed their serious protest that the enemies of this game are not good in color, but they are made into green and purple gold, and how many enemies are so like Kobe Bryant and Gart?
Ji Guo’s shame lies in his own Weibo, saying that not only enemies are like those birds, but also like several popular stars, such as Zhengtai Paul, who is particularly like a green bird, MengMeng Duncan, who is very like a white bird, and O ‘Neill, who is naturally an orange bird like a balloon …
Finally, Fox also broke the news that this game will soon launch a documentary titled Gorilla Rise!
Chapter three hundred and thirty Olympic Games Grouping
Ji Guoqiu’s "Giant Panda Workshop" was expanded in three parts immediately after its success. In addition to the original panda workshop, a "Twilight Workshop" and a "Loli Workshop" will be set up, and the number of staff will be expanded to about one person in three months. New games will also be exhibited at the same time.
On July 12, Ji Guoqiu had already rested in Los Angeles for a week in an instant. Instead of going anywhere this holiday, he had to go to the training hall and gym for several hours every day. The rest of the time, Xin Yi Company was trying to find a way to slide around with his two sisters and live a very fulfilling life.
There are many ways for athletes to relax completely, such as the leisurely fox.
Another way is to keep yourself in a reasonable amount of exercise. This kind of rest method is more scientific. Jordan was like this in those days. Kobe has always been like this. Many hard-working players have done this. They have no physical problems and can hone their skills.
Ji Guoqiu has been practicing his own throwing and backhand hook, and strengthening the basic skills of dribbling by the way. Now he can also train these skills, so that he can master new skills when he doesn’t spend time this summer. For example, he has always wanted to practice his backhand jump shot and three-pointers
"Emma’s" Radish Workshop "is my gift to you. This workshop will open a game called Plants vs Zombies. Don’t you like tower defense game? Just this game."
Ji Guoqiu just sent Twilight Girl home, speeding home and found little radish in his home. Now he even gave the key to Big Mouth Loli.
"Really? Is Twilight Studio for Christine’s sister?" Emma Roberts said, lying on the sofa and looking at the ceiling lazily.
Ji Guoqiu’s face was embarrassed. Hehe smiled. He just finished training in a smelly sweat and needed to take a shower first.
Emma Roberts quickly sat up from the sofa and exposed his lie in one sentence: "Didn’t you train barefoot without sneakers?"
Ji Guoqiu’s face turned red and speechless.
"I hate it when people lie to me. That’s how my father’s bitch lied to my mother. Do you want to lie to me like that?"
Emma Roberts’ words made someone feel like they were faltering and didn’t know what to say.
"I know that China used to marry a lot of wives, and so did the United States. There were a lot of mistresses behind those rich people, but now it is a modern society. China and the United States don’t allow you shameless men to be half-hearted. What will happen if I date another boy?"
Ji Guoqiu sighed and went to Emma Roberts’ side to sit for a long time before he made up his mind and said, "I will find a chance to break up with her. Don’t worry. I don’t want to affect my state after the Olympic Games."
"Really?" Emma Roberts smiled at Ji Guo’s hatred, and the title of big mouth beauty was worthy of the name. She came to Ji Guo’s hatred mouth with excitement and then a giant panda’s mouth disappeared immediately.
Ji Guoqiu can’t stand the temptation of Lori. Sperm once again hugged Emma Roberts. Nothing she said this time can make her run away. She must be eaten or eaten by her.
Emma Roberts screamed when she felt Ji Guoqiu’s big hand pass through her clothes again. But Ji Guoqiu didn’t let go this time. It was an animal. Instead, she might as well continue to take off her clothes. He has already become very skilled in Christine’s body.
"Don’t resist, I want you to be my panda wife." Ji Guoqiu easily controlled the three circles and three circles smaller than him. Emma Roberts felt a different kind of excitement when she faced the little radish giant panda less than 16 meters tall. "I really am lolicon!"
Emma Roberts was too ashamed to say anything at this moment. Ji Guoqiu didn’t know that this was acquiescence. She couldn’t watch the shadow like a dead fox. The heroine had to yell at him about "Yamei Dad" before she started work.
Ji Guoshi is learning from Jiang Taigong by the lake at the moment, and he can’t catch one for a long time there.
"Hey, your brother, you have a stake in that game company, right?"
"Yes, I asked him for a 2% video company share exchange."
Taylor Swift laughed at the news. "Then you took advantage. You broke the internet and have been throwing money at your brother’s game company. My father said that the profit this year may exceed 30 thousand dollars."
Ji Guo was ashamed and said, "Why does your father always care about my money? You account for 3% of my company, I account for 5% of my brother’s 2%; I own 2% of his company, 5% of him, and 3% of that big mouth loli. I heard that they are now reorganized into three workshops. The parent company is Panda Interactive, and my share is the parent company’s share, not the workshop. "
Taylor Swift leaned over to the fox and handed him some photos with a particularly gentle tone. She said, "I have seen several villas. This is my favorite one in a prime location of Beverly Hills. There is a room, an activity area outside the bathroom, a swimming pool, a sauna, a gym, a private garage and of course a large green lawn."
"Ten million so hard? I can’t afford it if you sell it! "
Taylor Swift’s previous tenderness disappeared immediately and glared at the dead fox. "We agreed that you have made so much money now, and I know that you have endorsed several contracts. Don’t be as stingy as your boss."
Ji Guo’s shame suddenly stopped talking. Taylor Swift angrily held a small fist and was about to use violence to solve the problem when she suddenly found that the dead fox friend had set up a tent!
"You goat, what were you thinking when I told you to buy a house?"
"I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I stabbed her. It turns out that the smelly girl is also a cup cover, and she’s going to have a nosebleed."
Taylor Swift doesn’t know what’s wrong with this guy, but he flew into a rage when he heard the words A cup cover!
July 2 nd, today is Canada team training day.
During this period, Taylor Swift was still content to take the dead fox to see his favorite house. In fact, he didn’t care about these. Qian Xin signed several endorsements and made his wallet swell. Not only did he have the money to buy a house, but he also continued to throw a second sum of money into the video network.
It will take some time for his network to make a profit. Now it is the investment stage. Who told him that he is ambitious and wants to turn Fox into the video network with the most hits in China, and also wants to turn Fox player into the video software with the most hits in China?
The expansion of the three workshops of Ji Guoqiu Panda Interactive is being carried out in an orderly way. Every day, new employees join in, and the three workshops of the company are officially renamed as Panda Workshop, Fox Workshop and Rabbit Workshop instead of deciding what little radish is.
They didn’t take their girlfriends to Canada this time. Taylor Swift is busy decorating her new home, and her new album has reached the key stage. Emma Roberts would like to follow, but this time it’s a training rather than a competition. Of course, Ji Guoqiu won’t distract her.
The Olympic group has also been released, and the strength of the two groups is almost the same. There is no death group, and the strength of Group ab is even.
China, the host country, was assigned to Group A. The teams in the same group included Canadian, Spanish, Greek, German and Angolan.
The top American Dream Team was divided into Group B, with Argentina, Lithuania, Croatia, Australia and Russia.
The Canadian was finally assigned to Group A, which was beyond the expectation of the two brothers, which meant that they would definitely play against China in the next Olympic Games, which made Ji Guoqiu very embarrassed.
In the United States, Argentina, Brazil and other strong teams, the Canadian team is not a strong team after all. Almost all of their excellent records are obtained by their youth teams, and the adult team may not be much better than China.
However, this year, the Canadian team has twin brothers and Nash, which makes them surpass Greece, Lithuania and other powerful teams in the strength list, and tie for the third place in the Olympic Games, behind the star-studded American team and Spain with Gasol brothers.
The Spanish team, the champion of the World Championships in Group A, is probably the strongest team. Their team starts with all nba players, and it’s not like Seung Jin Ha. There are real excellent players, and just like the Canadian Big Three, these international players have extra achievements in international basketball games.
In addition to Spain and Europe, the strength of Greece is also not underestimated. The three-point rain of the World Championships directly took away the Dream Seven team and made the United States not even get the runner-up completely humiliated!
There is also the host team, China, which also has the nba line combination, plus Wang Zhizhi and Sun Yue, plus the host status, and China also has the strength to compete for the top three.