To tell the truth, his purpose of pulling the team up is not to rush into Luoyang to rescue Xian Di from the hot water, but to protect himself, so that Dong Zhuo can’t do it easily because of his own strength.
In April, Cao Cao responded to Tianguangfa Jiaozhao with a total of 13 routes. It was about three days since Feng Zhang, such as Suanzao Huimeng, led the cavalry and 20,000 elite infantry to arrive.
Just like history, Yuan Shao took the lead, but I guess he also felt that this position was his own, right? Cao Cao’s staff is still not very easy to mix because he is white (official position). Sun Jian, the grain and grass governor of Yuan Shu, is a pioneer
I heard that Feng Zhang couldn’t stand to Lombardi. Cao Cao and Yuan Shu were greeted with each other, which made Feng Zhang very surprised.
"Knowing the machine can be called Yuan Mou people to wait." Every time Yuan Shu sees Feng Zhang, he feels very kind. When he is around, his brother can’t get anything good, which makes him regard Feng Zhang as a mascot of Fuwa.
Feng Zhang dare not expect anything in the face of Yuan Shu’s pen face. After all, there is another jealous boss, Cao Lao, who is watching. He bowed his hand to Yuan Shu first and then strode to bow down in front of Cao Cao. "Your master will beg your pardon later!"
Cao Cao ourtenant a help Yuan Shu has made a fuss cried "oh, how do you know the machine was cast in Meng De people? ? Is Meng Mengnan still white now? "
This little brain guy has to force my boss to turn against me. Why?
Feng Zhang Su replied, "Your master has thousands of gullies in his chest, and he is willing to give his life to the service of Puyang, but he will swear to follow his master’s heart!"
Who says Yuan Shu is a fool and an idiot? I want to dig the corner of Cao Cao when I meet you
Cao Cao was so proud that he was sweating all over, and his pores were enlarged several times. The air flow was unobstructed and he was in a good mood, and he couldn’t help but poof.
Behind him, Xia Hou and others will have a shy face and an uncomfortable expression with Feng Zhang’s cold face.
Yuan Shu didn’t leave, moved two steps aside and pulled up Feng Zhang’s hand. "I haven’t seen the opportunity for several years, but I’m greatly famous. Brother is also very happy for you."
With the opportunity of two people getting very close together, I added, "If you don’t like it someday, you will come to the surgery and you will be greeted with shoes."
He thought that Cao Cao could never be more beautiful than himself, right? I don’t believe he didn’t come to vote for myself when I always get along with Feng Zhang! Besides, I’m from Cao Cao, the fourth generation. How big can a eunuch be? Although I am the second child in Yuan Gu …
After leaving with this annoying little head guy, everyone gathered together to take advantage of Cao Cao to send Yuan Shu. At this time, they begged Feng Zhang to promise their armor.
"Alas, alas, alas, don’t make so much noise! I’m exhausted when I March! Besides armor, I brought dozens of good weapons. Will you choose one after meeting your master? What, one hand is not enough? I only have one weapon by myself, and you didn’t spend one. Why should I give you an extra one? Don’t call yourself Cao, I will kiss your ass! "
Everyone laughs at Feng Zhang’s indiscretion, which is somewhat fresh. Everyone is always serious. When we sit together and drink occasionally, we dare to put it down a little. With Feng Zhang, it is different. Even in front of Cao Cao, he dares to swear. Compared with this small shortcoming, Feng Zhang can bring too many benefits.
Cao Hong was embarrassed to blush. He just wanted to rely on himself and him to use more weapons recently. He is now choked like a thick-necked chicken by Feng Zhang’s words.
Cao Cao sent Yuan Shu off and quickly came back to see the people. He was twittering around Feng Zhang and sighed. "Shut up!"
They listened to the silence.
He himself squeezed into the surrounding five big three thick Hanzhong smiled and patted Feng Zhang on the shoulder and asked, "How many possessions did you bring with you?"
Everyone is in uproar. It turns out that Cao Cao can joke sometimes.
Seeing Cao Cao’s attitude like this, Feng Zhang also resumed his sexuality. "Boss, I brought the entire cavalry, 750 people, 20,000 people equipped with armored infantry, and 3,000 people with insufficient armor. The rest are wrapped in leather and bamboo slips."
They also clamored around the two men to pick up some armor from Feng Zhang infantry to equip their QinBing.
"Farting is also to give the boss a personal soldier first, and you are all waiting!" Feng Zhang swore again and then stole a look at Cao Cao’s reaction. Fortunately, he was in a good mood after listening to this sentence, and his eyes narrowed into a line. Those two words were automatically filtered.
There are troops from Cao Cao’s department to help the leader, and Cao Cao took Feng Zhang to Yuan Shao’s place. All the way, there are troops from various ministries, and the number of Yuan Shao people is the largest. But when it comes to equipping weapons, compared with Feng Zhang, it’s even a bit shabby.
Now, although the big battle is just around the corner, there is nothing specific except Sun Jian getting a striker to attack Yang people.
When I entered Yuan Shaoshuai’s account, Feng Zhang felt that Gao Qian’s brother’s frame was different. Compared with Cao Cao’s humble account, Yuan Shao here was like two large frames behind the palace filled with rubbish from third-rate writers, but the package was exquisite and made by thread.
A piece of pear wood with two copper stoves braving a fragrant mist, with some strange symbols engraved on the antique surface that seem to be Oracle Bone Inscriptions, should be worth some money.
Beside Yuan Shao, there is a candlestick with a falling lamp, half of which is high and golden. I wonder if it is real gold. A square wide chair with a tiger skin is placed on a temporary step. A scarlet carpet is spread all the way to the outside of the account. It seems that the regulations for military women are not suitable. There is a maid-in-waiting behind the home owner of Yuan Jia.
Come on, come on, come on. It’s freezing in April. What are you doing with those two big fans? Want to catch a cold?
I wonder if this Yuan Shao likes to let all women wear pants to facilitate their estrus as much as Ling Di did in those days? Feng Zhang has been staring at the two women since she entered the account, but the wide skirt is too big and they haven’t moved a step. I really don’t know if there are any loopholes …
Seeing Feng Zhang come in, I stared at my maid, aiming at Yuan Shao, and at an early age, I paid attention to women. If it can achieve great things, however, it is also a good thing if there is such weakness. Maybe Zhang Feng can take Puyang and Zhang Cun to himself. Those are two gold mines …
Lombardi took out the leader’s demeanor and walked over. If the head generally met Feng Zhang, "General Zhang has come a long way to work hard! This time, I hope that the general will make more efforts to introduce us. This young general is a well-known Feng Zhang Zhang Zhiji, and now he is a general Meng Dehui! "
There were several people in the tent, but when Feng Zhang came in, she saw the women go to the root and didn’t pay attention to them. At this time, they gave a gift to the surrounding group. "Cao Gong Zhang Feng Zhang has seen all the adults!"
Zhang Jie didn’t put his position at the forefront like others, but carried Cao Cao around him, which made him feel a lot.
The faces of all people are different, like Lombardi’s, showing disdain, surprise and beaming. That’s an old acquaintance, Joe Joe.
"This is the river satrap Wang Kuang, this is Jizhou satrap Han Fu, and this is Zhou State Secretariat Liu Dai …"
When introducing Han Fu, Feng Zhang paid special attention to some famous suckers in the Three Kingdoms. At this time, Zhang He and Ju Shou should still be in his hand, right?
Liu Dai? Isn’t that the so-called "Han clan" that Qiao Xuan became immediately after joining the alliance? Looking at Joe Feng Zhang, who smiled at himself, he hesitated whether he should give him a hand.
In addition to Qiao Xuan, everyone nodded slightly to this crazy teenager. This prodigal family never learned to go to Puyang to be a businessman and do something that is not the right way after all. Although more than 100,000 people once defeated the Yellow Scarf, I don’t know whether to find a gunman to write a letter to report the military situation …
After all the crocodile tears, Feng Zhang asked, "Has the leader attacked Xingyang with General Sun Jian Sun?"
Yuan Shao nodded his head, and a slightly dignified square face was somewhat heroic. "Is it General Zhang who has the knowledge?"
"It’s the first time for Zhang to see such a big scene. Although the leader is clever and ingenious, Feng Xin is uneasy to hear that General Sun is brave and brave. I hope his backup can not only gain a long knowledge, but also ensure the smooth plan of the leader."
I was so glad that Feng Zhang finally didn’t have a hard time with himself, so he nodded and agreed to draw a direction from several cases. "In this case, General Zhang, your deputy pioneer, can lead the army to help!"
Cao Cao was puzzled when he didn’t talk to his face, but this incident has always been unexpected. When he returned to his camp, he couldn’t wait to ask, "I know that you are serious and suddenly want to get this job?"
Feng Zhang wants to say, Oh, Lao Cao, I am hello. That Sun Jian is dead or not, but Nakao is really fierce (Yu Huaxiong’s information is in the photo). But who will believe that?
"Boss, that Sun Jian is known as the Jiangdong Tiger, but that Yang people are afraid that it is not so easy to attack because of the south gate of Luoyang. Maybe that Sun Jian won the first battle, but after a long siege, it has more morale and rations, and it is unified by Yuan Da … Yuan’s leader is scheduled to be transported by Yuan Highway, and I expect that it will change."
Cao Cao pondered for a long time. In the early days, he really wanted to get a post of "General of the Western Expedition" in Dahan Meng. It can be said that he was single-minded. Of course, he didn’t want this alliance to fail. After Heng Yi said, "Knowing the machine, the world says that you are crazy, and you are not bound by the secular, but you are a great talent. Surely you have given me a vision and a long-term vision. If things don’t work together, I will be able to get back. Don’t be a teenager."
These words should be Cao Cao’s heartfelt exhortation to himself, which made Feng Zhang feel warm for the first time from his parents, Huang Wen and others. Looking at his eyes, Cao Cao and Feng Zhang were almost one and a half heads shorter than himself. For the first time, he was willing to kneel down and put away the usual game mentality. "The master of the master’s front man values not speaking out of turn, but he does his best!"
"Please get up quickly!" Cao Cao can detect whether Feng Zhang dialect is true or not, and a person who weighs a position can judge from the habit of eye movement.
At this time, Feng Zhang’s eyes are reddish and his shoulders are trembling. Can’t it be fake?
Section 49 Rescue
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Sun Jian’s victory in the first battle, Hua Xiong and Su Li’s unfavorable exit from Yangcheng, and Sun Jian’s siege several times is not a confrontation between the city and the camp