Guanyin said, "The Magic Regiment is as hidden as the God Regiment. Our God Regiment wants to find the Magic Regiment Camp. Only after he becomes a real magic from the candidate can we follow him to find the Magic Regiment Camp and then disintegrate it."
"And the tool to get revenge in his mind is to increase his chances of being successfully elected as a demon … and I am the chosen one of God, and he is naturally my opponent to give him a chance to ask for help, which is naturally to ensure his safety."
"But I didn’t expect that he didn’t have the memory technology to improve his revenge ability. It was just the memory technology to achieve eternal life."
Lin has long wanted to know about the God Corps, and this Guanyin turned out to be a God candidate. How can he miss this opportunity to ask?
Lin asked, "What’s the difference between a god regiment and a magic regiment?"
Guanyin said, "The God Corps is a loyal mission to develop science and technology so that science and technology can benefit mankind, while the Magic Corps is a group that always wants to get something for nothing and seek more benefits for itself by thinking about science and technology."
Lin asked, "Can you tell me about their origin? Are there these two regiments in the 21st century? "
Guanyin said, "The Gods Regiment was established by a group of scientists who wanted to benefit mankind and gain glory, while the Magic Regiment was established by a group of war criminals. In ancient times, before the 21st century, there was no gunpowder in China, and no one thought that it was a group of magic regiments who studied it before moving to the battlefield, so that the whole earth could live in gunpowder explosion, while the Gods Regiment used gunpowder to split rocks to benefit the people."
Of course, at that time, the so-called magic and god were limited by science and technology at that time to form a group, and it was not until the emergence of the internet in the 21 ST century that they really formed two groups.
"However, at that time, the social form was tense, and the emergence of nuclear weapons made a country afraid to fight. At that time, there was such a living place as the earth, and no one dared to fight … The magic group could hide in the dark and secretly develop and grow. First of all, they used the extremely convenient platform of the Internet to broadcast their magic ideas and destroy human social morality."
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Pressure is not equal to motivation!
"The method of the Magic Clan to destroy the moral concept of human society is simple and direct, and it is insincere, sincere and sentimental … All the magic clans have one common feature, that is, exploiting legal loopholes or taking advantage of minor crimes stipulated by law to destroy moral barriers."
"It takes a lot of effort to grind the iron pestle into a needle!"
"In this era, even a small penny transaction in the online world needs to sign an online contract … this is the result of their labor for thousands of years!"
Do people and people still have letters in the online world?
A penny trading bank needs contract constraints … I think it was easy for players and players to trade in the game when online games were just popular. Buying game coins and buying game coins cost a lot of money to buy account roots, so there is not much deception. As time goes by, more and more players want to spend money to buy things or sell things in the game and have to rely on third-party networks.
Now, even the third-party network can’t be trusted by players, and it can be traded under the restriction of network contract by virtue of the real-name registration system network system today.
Lin suddenly opened his eyes and rushed to Guanyin at the same time, slapping it again on the back of Guanyin’s head to make it work.
"Mind-guided hypnosis!"
"How amazing hypnosis is!"
Lin lamented that if his willpower was not strong enough, ordinary hypnosis would not work for him, and this Guanyin would not try to hypnotize him with this kind of thought-guided hypnosis.
Thought-guided hypnosis needs to guide the hypnotized person’s thoughts, and it also needs to speak so that the other person can trust the theory. By guiding the other person’s thoughts to a certain extent, the purpose of hypnosis can be achieved.
Slow down your thinking and slap on the back of Guanyin’s head and say, "The story is right. Explain the normal development process of human society from another angle that others have never thought of to guide others’ thinking … It’s amazing!"
In fact, the moral corruption of human society is not rooted in the so-called magic group conspiracy guidance … In ancient times, there was no word, no car and no train. Everyone’s life circle was limited to a small scope, and business could be done with the residents of nearby square gardens. Once people were deceived and sold fakes, business could not be done. Everyone’s life circle was small. It can be said that no matter who they were, they all had certain relatives and friends because of their understanding and trust.
In the 21st century, with the development of internet, cars, trains and planes, everyone can easily reach a remote place that the ancients could not imagine, and there are many strangers. There are absolutely no strangers, a large number of immigrants and migrant workers, and the increase in population density and the convenience of life have led to everyone becoming alienated … This is the main reason for the social moral corruption and the lack of trust.
Of course, a game killer like Lin is also responsible for doing all the bad things on the Internet, but this kind of responsibility is very limited … After all, the game is a game in which one hundred people are defrauded, and the impact of defrauding one person in the real society is not as great.
Guanyin said, "Yes, almost … your brain is more powerful than your strength!" "
Lin said, "You should have known everything I talked to him before. You pretended not to know it on purpose."
"That’s right!" Guanyin said, "I’m surprised that the world knows the memory cloning technology, and it’s just me and him, and he can’t implant his memory into the human brain, let alone teach others the memory cloning technology, and I haven’t done such a thing … how can you have part of his memory?"
Lin said, "Are you so sure that I have part of his memory instead of knowing something about him by investigating him?"
Guanyin smiled and said, "Details!"
Yes, the details of memory are definitely understood except by the memory owner, and Lin knows too many details to a certain extent, so he can be sure that Lin has some memories of the Dark King.
Lin said, "Come here, are you going to help me remember?"
Guanyin said, "Of course, people’s words are true and false, but memory can’t lie!"
Lin said, "Really?"
"…" Guanyin paused and said, "I was wrong. Memory can also be forged and I can do it myself!"
Creating a strange memory in someone’s brain is not complicated, and it can be easily done by hypnosis. It is also very simple to delete the memory, but it is a little troublesome to modify the memory, which requires extremely advanced hypnosis.
Scientific and technological means can forge, modify and delete memories, which is much simpler than hypnosis. It is easy for ordinary people to do it with corresponding psychotropic drugs and a certain language
"Tell me what you want to teach him about memory cloning technology, what makes him your opponent, and what you want to give him a chance to ask for help!" Lin said, "I need to know these things and I won’t ask others!" "
Guanyin was a little surprised and said, "You don’t want to get the memory cloning technology?"
Lin said with a smile, "I’ll trade you something special if I want. Trust me, something will make you tempted!"
"Oh!" Guanyin said, "What is it?"
Lin said, "Let’s talk about the previous things first. We’ll talk about the transaction later."
Guanyin said, "Let me lie down and talk. It hurts to talk like this!"
Lin stretched out his hand behind Guanyin and knocked on the acupoints on her orbital surface to make her eyes close before she put them on the sofa … Looking at Guanyin, Lin was very emotional. What a beautiful woman.
Guanyin closed her eyes and asked, "Why can’t you look into my eyes? You didn’t mean to look me in that eye just now! "
"I’m afraid of your hypnosis!" Lin said very directly, "Let’s get to the point!"
It was Guanyin who didn’t want to get down to business and ask, "What? You also know hypnosis and your willpower is extremely strong, so don’t be afraid of my hypnosis! "
Lin said, "Although I don’t know what the principle of memory technology is, I can guess that it must have something to do with hypnosis to create memory technology. I really don’t know if I can resist your accomplishments in hypnosis … I’m more sure if I see your eyes and hear your words again, I’m afraid it won’t be just willpower and knowledge of hypnosis."
Guanyin knocked on the corner of her mouth and said, "Zhencong, do you think what he told you before is true or false?"
"The base is true!" Lin said, "Although the reason is ridiculous, the possibility of truth is very high … After all, there are so many eccentricities in this world that ordinary people can understand people!"
Guanyin said, "Yes! It is obviously more reasonable for me to weave lies, but lies are lies, and truth is truth. Although truth is sometimes harder to believe than lies … it should not be a problem for real smart people to distinguish between true and false. "
"I just regard him as my opponent because I lost a game. Although he is not my opponent at all, how can I lose to a mortal? So I’m going to change him from a mortal to my level. Now I’m going to implant all my knowledge of memory and technology into his brain to make him a god and let him have the resources and potential to compete with me … It’s a pity that I never thought that he would be so useless for nearly three thousand years and grow to this extent."
Lin shook his head and said, "If you hadn’t killed his relatives and friends, he wouldn’t be like this. I know that you killed his relatives and friends just to make him hate you and give him the idea of killing you. The motivation for revenge is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, you don’t know that hatred is really not a boost for him."
"Oh!" Guanyin will definitely look at Lin curiously if she doesn’t open her eyes when she hears Lin’s words.
Lin went on to say, "I have memories of his first twenty years. I know very well what his personality is … what he will become an otaku and what he can do in online games is worthless in reality. It is because he is weak, lazy, timid and afraid of trouble that the only thing that can interest him is the game. Before the game, it is necessary that the game must not endanger himself and let him get benefits from it to make him refreshed to play."
"And although what you did ignited his hatred, it also made him feel fear and fear in his heart … so he was abolished!"
"Like me, it’s not the same. I used to be a Kelong person with no memories. I grew up with extraordinary strength and extraordinary wisdom because I implanted his memories for more than 20 years. I am afraid of everything … What’s the difference between me and his foundation? I can say that I can grow up to now because I don’t have a terrorist opponent like you to put pressure on me! "