The result is "silk!" "Silk!" It seems that there are still a few who ran too fast and fell off, and they appeared above our heads.
Yi Xue directly bows and shoots arrows "swish!" "Hey!" It’s all dead
"Run quickly. These guys and other zombies seem to have different regions, and they are very hard to chase."
I took Yi Xue and ran forward. I don’t know what will happen ahead. I ran away anyway
Yi Xue ran and said, "Look, there’s a place where you can hide. It’s no good for them to chase after the past and always run. You have to think about what’s going on."
I stopped and saw that there was a huge gap on one side of the wall where people could hide, and there was gravel next to it to block themselves.
It feels perfect. Without lights, you can’t see.
But is this okay?
I asked, "These zombies are so easily escaped by our hatred."
Yi Xue smiled. "This time I believe you are a novice. These guys are not as powerful as you think. The pursuit is serious. We should have no problem hiding in order to avoid their sight, otherwise it will be too inhuman."
I also ran over and looked at it. "I can hide two people, maybe this is the whole thing for the player to set you up to watch."
It’s really hidden. The rubble piled up next to it. Throwing the torch in front should be able to avoid it.
But I’m afraid I’ll be stuck here directly by the tail chase. I have some doubts
Yi Xue did it, but she was weaker than me, but she believed it, and she had participated in it five times. She knew it better than I did, and I knew that it was not possible to run like this. There may not be anything ahead to be stable.
Also a grind drill into the rubble in there.
Then throw the torch to make the output go forward, at least more than 100 meters away, and then retract into the dark, unable to see anything, and hide in the tunnel wall
Yi Xue also said, "Don’t worry, I almost died in the second vice. That’s how I escaped."
I still doubt the stability of doing this, and I can finish it by hiding. The assistant asked, "Can’t the unified regulations be completed?" If you don’t finish it, there will be punishment, not direct obliteration. "
Yi Xue looked at me and said, "You are really a novice. I believe you. It’s different. Some vice-presidents will ask for 100% completion, and if they don’t finish it, they will kill it. It’s quite difficult to give it to all awakened people. For example, this time, so many dungeons have been allocated once.
We feel that we are abnormal enough, but Jiu Jianxian and Qiu Shui Yiren are in the main tomb of the emperor shunzhi, which is more difficult to imagine.
There is also the Nangong Emperor Kangxi, and that is the same thing. That is to say, this time, the deputy must be completed. If it can’t be completed, it will be obliterated because it has given us a relatively suitable ability. "
So that’s a little white.
And outside, it’s "silk!" "Silk!" To make my heart tight and go straight, and I can’t help but be happy.
Yi Xue sat on the ground and stretched his legs and said, "Don’t worry, I dare to do this because there are awakened people on this floor. It’s a disaster. These things won’t know about us."
That makes more sense.
I sat down and felt the noise outside "bang!" "Bang!" The ground shook so badly that our bunkers were a little loose.
Then I got nervous. It must be that the mother at the bottom of the river also chased me up. At this time, I came here and choked back my heartbeat, holding a seven-star tangdao and listening outside.
Afraid of an accident
Fortunately, it’s not bad. The banging is gone. I wonder if the awakened one here will be unlucky. Anyway, we are temporarily safe
Yi Xue is curious and looked at me and said, "you are really surprised that you are so bad that you can’t take points seriously. You just give people a dozen bottles of detoxification drugs and you are a novice? It’s so strange. "
I pretended to say, "local tyrants have never seen it, so let you see it once." Forget it. Let’s recover first, and then the swelling is gone.
Mainly during the thinking about what is this situation.
Five hours back to the underground palace, and the underground palace is not at the top, but on the second floor, but we are at the top, which is weird.
And that’s what it is.
Scratch one’s head
Yi Xue, on the other hand, asked, "You should be a family. I gave you so many things, but you lost them all this time, didn’t you?"
I didn’t answer
She sighed and said, "If you don’t say it, you people are really weird. It should be said that the earth is weird and the awakened one is even weirder."
Sit down and stop talking.
It’s not hard to see that she seems to have done five things and still doesn’t know the life of the awakened one. She doesn’t understand why the earth is like this.
I’m not, but I’m too lazy to talk too much. My secret is too big. There is no need to say more. She is also the vice president of the guild.
Have to keep an eye on it
Just think about the whole story. What should we do next?
As a result, there was a sudden fight "Bang!" "bang!" There is also a human voice "players, players, they are not awakened, I don’t remember them, they are players"
At this moment, the player actually appeared, which makes us seem to understand that dividing everyone is to let the awakened person and the player meet and kill each other in different places.
This is the key
Chapter 75 First Battle Players
Yi Xue and I thought of this almost instantly at this moment, otherwise we wouldn’t be like this. There was no player on our floor, so we came to this floor and met it.
Although I haven’t seen that cry yet, it seems that we entered those people together.
Yi Xue even said, "It seems that our guild sounds are very familiar."
It appears that we are asked to kill the players, even if not, from ruin, because we and the players are naturally hostile to each other.
We just make toys for them.
But this toy can also kill them, and our companions are outside.
I said, "We can’t shrink back. Players’ abilities will certainly not be too weak. After so many children and mothers at the bottom of the river, we’d better go out and help."
The main reason is that it takes five hours to talk about whether it’s long or not, and you can’t always wait and die, and you’ve met it