"Don’t say believe it or not, I’ll kill you." Chu Yun threatened with an Baal sword.
"Kill if you want" Dragon people close their eyes and die.
Chu Yun didn’t expect this guy to have a backbone.
"Big brother, I know where the Dragon Palace is." Violet said with a smile, giving people a sense of innocence and liveliness.
"You know?" Chu Yun’s joy did not expect the little mermaid to know.
"Of course, but my mother said it was a terrible place to go." Violet blinked. Although she didn’t know what the Dragon Palace was like, her mother always said that it was the most terrible, gloomy and horrible place in the world with bad guys and super bad guys, and she was afraid of it for a long time.
"You didn’t tell me," Chu Yun smiled. "And you have to repay me for saving you."
"Big brother, do you really want to know?" The little mermaid said seriously
"Really …" Chu Yun nodded.
"It’s in the deep sea hundreds of miles southwest," said the little mermaid.
"Deep sea secluded place?" Although Chu Yun is not familiar with this place, he still knows it hundreds of miles southwest.
"Big brother, be careful!" Suddenly the little mermaid exclaimed
"Go to hell!"
And at that moment, the dragon man punched Chu Yun directly, and it passed when the dragon sound was cooled down.
Brilliant soil thorn!
With a wave of his sword, Chu Yun Baal killed the Dragon Man because it was worthless.
"Wow, big brother is great." The little mermaid clapped her hands excitedly.
"Just so-so," Chu Yun said modestly. He felt a sense of accomplishment in playing a few tricks in front of this innocent little mermaid.
"Big brother, will you accompany me to play?" The little beauty laughed happily.
"No" Chu Yun has to go to the Dragon Palace to see the array.
Xiaomei fish is a little sorry, but she doesn’t care if she can be saved. This is a pleasant surprise.
"By the way, how many strong people are there in the Dragon Palace?" Although Chu Yun is not afraid, but one or three days Xuan or three gods Xuan didn’t even summon the phantom of the goddess of light.
"I don’t know." The little mermaid shook her head.
"By the way, where is your home? I’ll take you home." Chu Yun decided to go to the Dragon Palace slowly or send her back first.
Anyway, the little mermaid is also a mermaid princess who saved them herself. I think the princess will repay herself with all kinds of good things.
"No, don’t …" The little mermaid hurriedly shook her head. She had a hard time escaping from home this time, saying that she wouldn’t go to anything, even if she wanted to go back, she would play enough before going back.
"What?" Chu Yun see anxious sample is not clear about what.
"I finally left home to play, so I won’t go back," the little mermaid insisted.
“! # $% ….. "Chu Yun thought how can I ask your elders for payment if you don’t go home?
"Brother, thank you for saving me. Then I’ll leave first," said the little mermaid.
"Wait" Chu Yun stopped.
The little beauty looked at Chu Yun curiously without talking.
"You said that I saved you and your mother would give me a lot of treasures," Chu Yun said with a thick skin.
"It seems so," the little mermaid remembered sweetly. "If you don’t have enough fun with me, I will naturally go home."
"What to play?" Chu Yun twitched and asked, What’s the fun of this seabed except strange and strange fish?
"A lot of things can be raced with small fish and played with small crabs. Whoever is strong enough to play with crayfish will jump high …" The little mermaid talked about one by one.
Chapter 435 The mainland world!
Chu Yun’s head is big, so can he play? And it seems fun to watch the little mermaid.
"Big brother, it’s really fun not to lie to you …" The little mermaid shook the lavender scale fishtail naively.
Chu Yun’s mouth kept twitching. "Did you play like this before?"
"That’s right," said the little mermaid, noticing Chu Yun’s strange eyes. "Doesn’t big brother like it?"
"I …" Chu Yun wanted to say that he didn’t like it very much, but after thinking about it, his expression became stiff and he said "like it".
There’s nothing to do. Just play with the little mermaid first, and then she can go home and ask her elders for a reward.
"Good, good, good …" The little mermaid clapped her hands excitedly.
"Big Brother, follow me." The little mermaid swayed her beautiful tail and swam to a place.
Chu Yun wondered where the little mermaid was going.
"By the way, big brother, what are you?" The little mermaid didn’t know what human beings were curious and asked
"I’m not a thing, I’m a human being," Chu Yun replied seriously.
"Humans, oh, I know. My mother said that humans live on the mainland."
Chu Yun! #¥%……”
"So you humans are like this. You are so strange and uncomfortable." The little mermaid looked at Chu Yun’s legs strangely.
Chu Yun! #¥%……”
"By the way, big brother and mother said that you humans can’t come to the bottom of the sea just like I can’t go to the mainland, but how did you come here?" The little mermaid eyes stare greatly curious and said
"I happen to have a water drop shelter to come." Chu Yun didn’t hide that water drop shelter is a treasure to terrestrial creatures, but he was not afraid of being coveted by underwater creatures at all.