They don’t know if the answer is good. Britney said, "Kay, you egg!" Root didn’t say the same "
Kenai tunnel "let’s go! One way to really kill this bloody flower is to blow up this large area. We see that the blood fog is all bloody flowers. Once they die, another will inevitably come back to life. That’s it. "
At this time to ghost domain blood fog gradually dissipated fog innocence.
The irritating smell in the fog gradually faded, and people felt a little refreshed.
"So! Both the undead and the Terran can remove the ghost domain because the scarlet flower is the root here, which makes these monsters appear in this environment. The only way to kill it is to destroy this area, and it is precisely because of this relatively closed area that the scarlet flower is trapped that it cannot harm people. No one can kill it, because the way to kill it is to let it go! " Moerdao
"It’s too complicated." Sen Luo waved his hand.
"Could it be a member of the night clan? The old night tree can make small essence float in the water, plant it in the ground, grow into a tree and finally give birth to a child. It seems to be like this," said Combaton.
At this time, everyone recalled the double demon city and felt that Kang Barton was right, because all the buildings in the double demon city were made of wood, and those buildings were understandably arranged in order, just like the plants, although they looked more like human construction.
At this time, everyone walked farther and farther, and when they looked back, they saw that there were already three or five blood flowers, and several huge blood flowers were in the middle. You tore me and bit each other and spat at each other, thinking that it would be decided in a moment.
Six people all the way secretly managed to get something for themselves.
Kay realized the purple aurora, the dark dragon wind ice storm, the dark thunder dragon wind ice storm, the wolf howling holy month and got a blood diamond.
Sen lot arrived at the warrior to divide the book "The Secret Agreement of the Dead"
Moore got the bloody Wolf King.
Brenia got many treasures.
Thieves get high-level daggers.
A female blade master Gusul didn’t get anything specific.
The whole team got an ivory treasure chest. Although we don’t know what’s in it yet, this business has gained a lot.
At this time, the ability of the six people is greatly increased, and everyone is a completely different person when they come.
Walking all the way through the dark wind ancient cave, the dark wind still turns around. It seems to be quiet. It’s dusk or dusk, but there is a beautiful scene of blood in the evening in front of everyone, which is different from the scene of the end of blood in the blood fog.
At this time, the blood fog gradually receded, and everyone felt refreshed. Then go forward and you will come to the front line.
"We want to jump and climb over? Kay "Moore looked at Kay laughed.
Kay threw an ice with a broken suspension bridge and inserted it on the stone bank over there, and a new suspension bridge was formed.
"It’s a pity that we can’t fly there yet!" Britney sigh a way
Further on, you will reach the gate of the suspension bridge connecting the corpse city and the bloody dusk. Everyone used to fight The Hunger spiders here, but now the city is very quiet when the wall collapses.
The bloody wolf king went to the stone wolves and kissed them one by one, which seemed to be very attached.
"Oh, by the way, when the bloody Cang Lang died, how did their stone statues automatically return to their original places?" Brinia asked.
"There are two states of bloody Cang Lang, one is animal state, and the other is petrified state. Their petrified state will be affected by the attraction of the stone points that produce them, just as the negative pole of a magnet will be affected by the positive pole of a magnet." Moore gave an answer.
After crossing the city gate, you can meet a few wandering zombies in the zombie city. At this time, although everyone was injured, the ability of six people had grown a lot and it was easy to kill a big zombie.
Look ahead, we’ll get to the stairway from Amoy. Everyone thinks we can finally have a good rest.
43 vertical and horizontal armies
Climbing the ladder in the fog, everything is lonely. Looking at the vastness, Kay is lost in her heart. Kay is a sentimental person and a sexual freedom. It is the heart of this person to be low-key and arrogant with the wind.
All the way to suspense, the world is clear and quiet, and everything in the zombie corridor is as faint, terrible and slightly weird as the Tathagata.
Kay was very tired all the way. He said a lot and blamed a lot. He really wanted to go back to sleep, take a bath, get some food and hit the treasure chest to see what was in it.
Coming out of the ground, thousands of horses and torches are held high in front of you.
"Kay Yunxi Haier, we knew that you, a fugitive, had long been in collusion with the undead witches." A Terran mage shouted in front of the army.
"hmm? Who? What? " Kiah looked at him blankly.
"What did you do everywhere? Oh, the zombie king should be a terrible pet! " The Terran mage cried
"Whatever. I’m sleepy. I’m going back to sleep," Kiah said coldly.
"Please respect the Terran army." The Terran mage growled.
Kay coldly glanced at the magic ball without saying a word, and a dark thunder and dragon wind storm broke out.
"Kill him …!" The paladin commander, the army, was killed by thousands of troops at one stroke.
The great war broke out in Senluo, and a hell broke out. Senluo roared and rushed at it heroically.
"Ow ~!"
The bloody wolf king was also furious and rushed to kill him.
The one-eyed thief sneaked into the enemy army to kill and kill.
After winning the terran musket, Moore shouted, "I have milk!" "
Gusul stood where she was, and Zhang Chi used knife to protect Brenia to a certain extent, and Brenia added blood to everyone.
Six people and one wolf are almost replenished when they come back from Double Demon City. At this time, all of them are wild and domineering.
"Dragon wind and ice storm!"