Brand’s catching position is very close to the basket. After catching the ball, he directly turns around and steps on the three-step basket.
He is half a head shorter for such close defense, and Leonard’s weight is not the same level. Such an opportunity is very easy for Brand, and it can be said that it is a shoo-in.
But just after Brand stepped on two steps, he suddenly fell to the ground.
"Bang" a muffled sound startled Anthony, who was running outside the three-point line. Looking back, I saw Brand curled up in pain and covered his ankle with both hands, and his expression was very ferocious.
Anthony didn’t know what happened when he saw Brand’s move, but at this moment he suddenly rushed in front of Leonard, waving his fist as if to fight.
Anthony saw that there was a sudden fight, and he quickly wanted to pull it. You know, this game was hard to fight, and now it’s really not worth it if he is sent off.
But just as Anthony came near, he heard shouting in his mouth, "coward, you are not a man!" "
Anthony looked at Leonard with his hands spread out like a koo, but his eyes didn’t look at him at all. He saw something finally white here.
At this moment, the team doctor rushed to the field and kept communicating with Brand. The scene of Brand’s fall was also shown on the big screen.
Anthony looked up and saw the scene on the big screen. The pupil suddenly closed. Just as Brand turned to the basket, Leonard actually deliberately put his foot on the mat, which made Brand fall to the ground and never get up again.
"Have you had enough trouble? I told you I didn’t mean to." At this moment, Leonard seemed to have had enough of spitting out, and the star was full of provocation.
I was born grumpy, and now I’m so angry with Leonard that I can’t stand it. I suddenly pushed Leonard out
Leonard’s body is a whole size smaller than that. This push will have a very great visual effect, just like Leonard being thrown out, he stumbled and fell to the ground.
The situation suddenly changed, and the conflict between the two sides rose from the quarrel to the hands and feet. Next to Leonard, Collins suddenly rushed over and punched his arm.
Collins punched Belma next to him and punched him back. You know, he dares to lock his throat now. How can he not?
Bell left the Jazz and Osterloh Tower also rushed to the Nuggets. Brand also suddenly performed martial arts in the middle of the court, which was to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and six Mob
Anthony can’t watch the night here. In principle, he absolutely doesn’t want the Nuggets to participate in the fight, but now it’s obviously the Jazz. Now the boss of the team doesn’t care about these July 7th, so he rushed at Collins, then secretly punched him in the armpit, and then punched him again. Leonard finally pushed Strotta and stepped on him.
After feeling that he had earned enough, Anthony went on to pull Bell and separate the players from each other.
Kirilenko, the jazz team over there, also rushed to bring players from both sides
Only then did the sideline coaching staff and security guards rush forward.
The scene was chaotic.
To say that the scene looks chaotic at the moment, but it can be seen at a glance that the two teams are not allowed to continue the performance because of the two main players, Anthony and kirilenko.
When both sides were pulled, Leonard and Collins were still swearing. Just now, the two sides were in chaos, and they didn’t know who hit them. Now they can point to the Nuggets players and keep swearing.
The referee on the sidelines saw that the Nuggets’ side was turned off, and the Jazz’s side didn’t stop. He even blew a few whistles and just reached out and pointed directly to the sidelines, which made the two people stop.
Then the players from both sides dragged the players back to their respective benches, and the noisy scene was controlled.
The Nuggets are too angry at the moment. Although they didn’t perform martial arts, they played. They focused more attention on the sidelines. The man behind Brand was sitting on the bench and still communicating with the team doctor. His painful expression should be heavier.
Soon Brand finally shook his head at the team doctor and walked towards the dressing room with the help of the workers.
"Fuck his uncle is not a man!" Seeing Brand limping, he couldn’t help but feel excited. It seems that he is going to rush to the jazz bench.
Anthony quickly pulled him, and now the two sides have already split up. If you go to the ban again, you will definitely not escape.
The judges on the sidelines are not idle at the moment. They keep playing back the video on the technical desk to determine who started the fight and made the final decision.
Although Anthony was arrested, he was still in a very violent state. If the referee’s decision was not good for the Nuggets, he would really give the referee a good beating.
Just then, the audience in the stands suddenly shouted to the Nuggets bench, "Hey, the mad dog who will fight will get out of the nba!"
Obviously, this sentence was directed at the future, and naturally I knew that his horse rushed over to the fans who had just scolded him and shouted, "I won’t beat you if you come to see me!"
"Coward!" That fan is also a bully, and he is not afraid in the stands.
At the moment, it’s really bloody. His whole temper is like a lion rushing to the stands when he gets out of the cage.
Anthony was immediately frightened when he saw the move. Fortunately, he was ready to yank him and the horse shouted "Dickenbay!" "
Mutombo also heard shouting beside him at the moment, and he didn’t hesitate to see Anthony’s move again. He suddenly pulled the other side, and the two men made efforts together to pull it.
Anthony was relieved to see that he was being held back. He didn’t want the Olympic Palace to perform in front of Denver and shouted at him, "If you want revenge, beat your opponent on the spot and don’t rush to the fans!"
When I heard Anthony yelling, I suddenly became quiet. I haven’t been angry since Anthony joined the team. He took a look at Anthony, then suddenly sat back on the bench and picked up a towel and hugged his head.
Anthony’s reaction to seeing it was a burst of resistance, but the impulse to play ball instead of fighting would make him suffer. He was crossing over and watching too much, which was better than the Pacers’ complete failure in the first place.
Just after this scene, the referee on the sidelines motioned the coaches on both sides to go to the technical platform as if to communicate the results with them.