How can you not give it to yourself?
Be careful to meditate on the formula. With a slight shake, I have taken off my metamorphosis clothes to reveal my self.
Xiao Zhu looked at the little face with a slightly open mouth and an incredulous expression on her face. Then her eyes opened wide and slowly filled with water droplets, and she said, "Yes, you should have been like this …"
She took a sniffle and raised her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. She said softly and firmly, "Let’s go."
The sound just fell downstairs, and the last thing I want to hear is "No one is allowed to leave here, old man."
It’s finally time to tear Pierberg!
Be careful to sink. He slowly turned around and saw Lou tearing Pierberg with rage.
"It turns out that the third person is you." The sound of tearing Pierberg is not high, but there is great hatred in the sound of yin. "You not only ruined my third person, but also tried to steal the old-fashioned axe. Even the daughter-in-law selected by the Shenberg family wanted to kidnap Yan Xiao Yan Xiao. You are not too cruel!"
At the moment, the words have been broken and no longer forbear. "Well, let’s talk about reason. Xiaozhu is my wife, your nine-day Xuan Nv shoes, and I want her to be a tool of your family. Speaking of it, it should be that you are sorry for me."
Tearing Pierberg proudly said, "I’m an old lady with five masters in the underworld. That’s not asking for anything. Little bamboo girl can be seen by my son. That’s her blessing. What need to be said?"
Watch your head and nod. "Well, according to you, isn’t it a matter of course that I steal the seal of Pan Gu Axe? The third young master can’t beat me. Isn’t that asking for a dead end? "
Tear Pierberg into anger and laugh. "Come on, I’ll see if you want to fight the old man."
Now that Xiao Xiao knows Xiao Zhu’s mind, he has long ignored life and death as a cold hum and strode downstairs to show no weakness before tearing up Pierberg.
Berg family experts have almost gathered in this bamboo building, and many demons float to form a perfect circle.
"Don’t besiege him, all of you." Tearing Pierberg was obviously moved. I was really angry. "I will tear him to pieces myself!"
Small sneer at a way: "No matter how powerful you are, can’t you stop my magic formula?"
Tearing Pierberg’s face was as serious as a drop of water. "The magic formula is known as the seal of God, but it is the effect after the seal. Although I have never met the magic formula for tens of thousands of years, I have already made several assumptions about it. Now I am not sure that I can avoid the magic formula. If you don’t believe it, you can try it!"
Small posture aggressive way "you look good!"
Tearing Pierberg’s body nerves tensed instantly, and he has adjusted his attention to the limit and said, "You can do whatever you want."
There was silence at this moment, and all the demons closed their breath.
Can the first person in the Three Realms Seal really stop the magic formula that claims to solve the absolute seal?
Blink of an eye has made a move. He didn’t open his mouth, but suddenly he reached out and held out his hand. One thing in the wind grew long and his wrist moved, and it swung a wonderful semicircle. Huo Ran went forward and struck a ray that was brighter than gorgeous. From his hand, it seemed as if Changhong had cut a long line and was facing the tearing of Pierberg!
Chapter 14 Fighting ()
Chapter 14 Fighting ()
This split is really a strange peak. Everyone’s eyes are staring at the small mouth. No one expected that he suddenly started to see that the ancient axe was about to split the top of Pierberg’s head, but he suddenly looked up and opened his eyes. His face was full of anger. He neither dodged nor parried. He shouted at the axe, "The ancient axe is back!"
Small hand shu that a more than a meter long axe suddenly by disappearing moment tore Pierberg stood on the spot right hand clutching Pangu axe is coldly looking at small "what tricks do you have old you display"
"This … what is this?" Small immediately some panic.
"I knew you were unfaithful." Tearing Pierberg sneered. "I have more than one formula when I come with this axe. I tell you that it’s just the most superficial method. You need to know that the artifact is the Lord, so how can it be used by outsiders for no reason?"
Small eyes swept a heart from the field and slowly sank.
All the elites of the Berg family have rushed to tear up the Berg family behind them. It is the Berg family gentleman and the second young master, and then Miss Rain Song is staring at herself with a pair of disgusting eyes, while the left and right sides of herself have just seen those three handsome inferno masters not long ago, and then the bamboo forest is densely covered with inferno. I am afraid that even one person can spit and drown himself.
"Today … I’m afraid I’m going to die …" The little thought here calmed me down and smiled. "I don’t have any tricks. Let’s do it."
Tearing Pierberg’s face slightly nods, "I’ll give you a chance to live and ask you to leave Chixiaozhu to solve my son’s magic formula and I’ll let you go."
Without thinking, I shook my head and said, "Xiaozhu is me, and I will never give up."
Tearing Pierberg’s face flashed with anger and forced him to say, "The most respected thing in my old husband’s life is that the master of magic training is the first magic training teacher in the underworld, and I will forgive you again. If I want you to cure my son, I will let you go and never pursue it."
The gentleman heard the big hurry and cried, "Father and Xiao Zhu’s sister …"
Tear Pierberg and stare at him. "Shut up!"
I didn’t even think about it, not to mention that he couldn’t unlock the magic formula. Even if he did, he would never believe that tearing Pierberg would let go of the ruthless wind in his underworld. He also had a lot of experience. Faced with this obvious evasive word, he immediately shook his head and said, "I’m sorry, I refuse."
Tearing Pierberg is really angry this time. Drink "Since you want to die, I will be you!" "
Small hand tightly holding the bottle of creation, the in the mind doesn’t even have any confidence, but gritted his teeth and said, "Come on."