"What did Hu say!" Not far behind Yang Ye and Ru Yan, Xiao Yang Ye was unhappy. "You don’t even have to pretend to be my name to flirt with the maid, do you?"
Yang night was startled and worried that Xiao Yang night would have its thoughts behind him and then reported to Yang Zhenkui or Cheng Bo, so he quickly turned his head and explained to Xiao Yang night, "No, no! I’m not saying I’m Yang Ye … "
"Then who are you?" At this moment, before Yang night, Ruyan asked again, "How do you say you are a gentleman? Now you deny it. "
Yang night quickly turned to a face of anxious distance very close staring at RuYan eyes earnestly said, "RuYan you really don’t know me? I am really a young night! "
"Ah fate you bully children? Why do you always pretend to be me? I’m not here! " Behind the Xiao Yang night and interrupt a face of unhappy pinched her waist at Yang night and RuYan shouted here.
Yang night gas twist a head mercilessly stared at Xiao Yang night growled, "I didn’t say I was you! I’m not you, Yang Ye! "
"Which Yang night are you?" In front of Ruyan, she was not so scared at this time, but her eyes were still a little frightened and she dared to ask, "Do I know you?"
Yang Yefei quickly turned his head and looked at Ruyan wait for a while. He couldn’t speak to look at Ruyan’s eyes. Yang Yefei saw it or was completely amazed and scared. This moment Yang Yefei suddenly turned white. Ruyan really didn’t know him or was actively tampered with by the black domain. She didn’t know herself now.
Hehe, Yang Ye’s face stretched and his heart smiled two times. He slowly loosened his grip on Ruyan’s hands and shook his head while laughing. He stepped back a few steps away from Ruyan’s hanging hands without talking.
This performance makes Ruyan and Xiao Yang, not far behind, stare blankly at night and think that this guy is really a model in mental illness, and this mood changes too fast.
What is Yang Yexiao laughing at?
He laughed at himself and laughed at himself. He was too excited and impulsive. He was too stupid to ignore such a simple fact when he met something.
What is Ru Yan’s status now? Young’s family maid! At least she has lived in Yangjia Mansion for so long, and now she has returned to Baobaolong, which belongs to Yangjia Mansion, to work as a maid. If she still has memories, how can she be unfamiliar with all this? How could she not be surprised by this Xiao Yang night, not by Master Yang Zhenkui and Lady Yang who has not yet died? How can she still be so calm and doing her maid work? More importantly, how could she not be surprised to see Yang night without a mask? Not happy?
I was too bold to ignore such a key problem, which led to my impulse and scared Ruyan. Fortunately, no one else saw it or I would be suspicious.
I came to Yang night to think that if I saw Ruyan, I would recognize Ruyan as if I had met Uniform Xin in the Tang Dynasty, and I would have known him without losing my memory. I didn’t expect that I was a hot face with a cold ass.
So figured out that Yang Ye knew that there was no need to make a fearful effort at the moment. Ru Yan didn’t know who he was now, and she had to find a way to make her recover from the disappearance of her former memory.
But now Xiao Yang is still behind him at night. Besides, the location of several people is the third floor of the main house of Yangjia Mansion. There will always be people coming and going here, which makes the Yang family here suspicious. It is not so good.
So Yang Yehey smiled, shook his head and waved his hand, turned to Xiao Yeqing and said, "It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m kidding. See how people and girls react when they see God."
"A joke?" Xiao Yang night one leng then pursed mouth to face is also a heavy low said, "a joke is a joke? Why do you take me to say something? Pretend to be me, even if you pretend to be me, what kind of god are you! "
Xiao Yang Ye said that he has not recovered from a series of emergencies just now. He leaned against the wall curiously and looked up at Yang Ye and Xiao Yang Ye over there. He leaned forward carefully and hesitated a little and said softly, "Really, how are you so similar to our gentleman?"
When’ tis once spoken, Yang night here one leng quickly turned to look at RuYan side.
Ruyan still looked at it, and then her face gradually showed a little surprise and said softly, "It’s really like it, just like our gentleman has grown up."
Listen to Yang Ye.
Hurriedly put on his mask and buckled his face, then cleared his throat and approached Ruyan, so he said in a dignified low voice, "Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know my true identity."
Ruyan got a fright and looked at the Bai Sensen mask in front of him, and some of them were frightened and nodded quickly.
"What’s your name?" Paused for a young night and wanted to look at Ruyan’s head, contemplating a way to save her, and asked her out in a low voice.
"Me? I, my name is Cunninghamia lanceolata "RuYan was Yang night ask one leng and then hesitated a light replied.
"Oh, Chinese fir" Yang Ye nodded. "I remember, you go."
Ruyan did not dare to neglect Yang night and Xiao Yang night, bowed respectively, then turned and ran away quickly, thinking about how he met such a guy today. Like a ghost husband
As soon as Yan Yan left Yang Night, he turned back to Xiao Yang Night and took a few steps to raise his hand and patted Xiao Yang Night’s head and said, "Come on, Yang Night, let’s go save your mother."
Xiao Yang was patted on the head at night and leaned forward for a while. Then he turned his head and gave Yang Ye a sideways look and whispered, "Isn’t that what God did? Seeing a beautiful woman can’t walk, it’s still such an old-fashioned way to strike up a conversation."
Yang night suddenly a nervous face also embarrassed, fortunately, there is a mask in front of Xiao Yang night can’t see.
Was I so precocious when I was a child?
Yang night with Xiao Yang night to Mrs Yang room while suspicious thinking in my heart.
When I entered the ward, it seemed that everything was the same, but Yang Zhenkui’s face was even more anxious. On the other side of Chengbo’s bed, Xiao Yangshan and Xiao Yangxu were holding another beautiful maid’s hand.
Nan Rong Huan, the scorching sun and Muyang Zheng are all dressed in black robes and masks, standing side by side not far from the door in the same posture. At first glance, they really look like cults.
In the summer, the throat is facing Jun, and a row of sofas near the hospital bed are as steady as Mount Tai. I saw Yang night coming in with Xiao Yang night, but I didn’t get up.
Seeing Xiao Yang coming in at night, Cheng Boma got up and came over and nodded and smiled at Yang Ye. Then he pulled them aside and led them to Xiao Yangshan’s side on the other side of the bed.
Yang night took a few steps and went straight to sit on the sofa, with his fingers clasped and his abdomen bowed slowly. He thought about how to have a specific name for Xia throat and looked up after he bowed and said, "Great master, I’m back."
Xia Shouchao Jun was almost surprised by the name Yang Ye. He snorted and shook his body slightly, but quickly adjusted his mood and continued to sit in a low voice and asked, "Is everything done?"
"Done" Yang night know summer throat toward jun asked HuaLiYouHua, but nodded and promised to see his father Yang Zhenkui and Cheng Bo at the same time, they all looked here and added, "Great master’s true qi has been collected without hurting Yang’s young master."
"Well" summer throat toward jun promised to get up slowly and took a few steps. Yang Ye also quickly straightened up and stepped aside to let himself behind Xia throat toward jun.
Just passing by, Yang night reached out and secretly touched Xia’s throat toward Jun, and then he took two steps back in situ.