After Ye Han left Ye Tianfang, he went to Ye Roufang to look for Ye Rou, only to find that Ye Rougen was no longer in the room, but now it is nearly midnight, which makes Ye Han feel these abnormalities.
Didn’t find the leaf soft Ye Han was ready to go back to his room, maybe the other party would wait for himself in the room, or maybe Ye Han soon returned to his room with this idea.
When I first came to my room in the middle of the courtyard, I found that my room was lit. Obviously, someone in the room could occasionally see a black shadow shaking in the room.
Ye Han looked at busy striding towards the room and just wanted to stretch out his hand to push the door away and found that the door suddenly hit a beautiful image and rushed out of the door.
"Mother? Why are you? Where’s Sister Rou? Why can’t I find him anywhere? " See the dash for the door is his mother Ye Han face suddenly flashed a disappointed color busy pushed the door and entered the room and looked around the room after the face disappointed color is even worse, this just asked Ye Mu outside the door.
Ye Mu saw that Ye Han’s face was delighted. Everyone’s eyes were already dead. Ye Han appeared in front of her at the moment, which made her feel so sad that she unconsciously felt relieved.
"Cold son is it really you? Is it really you? Are you still alive? " Seeing her own son come back from the dead, Ye Mu’s face was suddenly very excited, but obviously she doubted her eyes for fear that she was wrong, so she repeatedly verified it and found that she was not wrong. This was a face of surprise and shouted
However, when Ye Mu was overjoyed, Ye Han rushed out of the room and stepped out of the door without looking back, and then stopped and hesitated for a long time before turning around and looking at Ye Mu.
[5] [Ye Rou leaves]
"Mother, do you know where Sister Rou went?" Staring at leaf mother feel her eyes some trance Ye Han immediately asked a face of don’t understand.
On the question of former Ye Han, he thought that Ye Mu was too happy to see his son coming back from the dead, so he didn’t mean anything and didn’t answer, so he planned to go out and look for it himself.
But before leaving the house, he suddenly found that his mother’s face was a little abnormal, and his eyes couldn’t help flashing Ye Han. His mother must have known that the truth was deliberately concealed.
Sure enough, Ye Han just asked Ye Mu’s face changed several times again, then sighed for a lifetime, but did not speak, but looked at Ye Han with a bitter face and never moved his eyes for a long time.
Ye Han looked at him and affirmed that he guessed that his mother did have something to hide from himself, and this matter was based on Ye Rou, and perhaps this was also the most worrying thing that his mother would deliberately hide.
However, Ye Han did not consider whether Ye Mu had any difficulties, and it was obviously very difficult to look at Ye Mu begging to get the answer from Ye Mu’s mouth, but Ye Mu was still awkward when she saw this.
She should feel happy that her own son has come back from the dead, but at this moment she is not happy at all, but her eyes are still flashing and she is almost in tears.
Ye Han doesn’t want to ask again when he sees his mother like this, because he knows that he can be sure that his previous guess is right, which can be seen from Ye Mu’s face.
"I once heard Sister Rou say that she had an engagement with someone else. If I remember correctly, it should be her mother at the beginning of next month. Why don’t you want to tell Han Er the truth?" I remembered Ye Rouyan’s engagement with myself when Yunzong was in the cloud. Ye Han soon understood what I can’t find now. Ye Rou fell on the first day of next month, and now she is leaving, which proves this. And she must have gone back to prepare for the wedding.
Ye Mu glanced at Ye Han and saw the melancholy color on his face. At the same time, he also knew that he was so melancholy. Ye Mu suddenly felt a little unbearable in her heart and took out a letter from her pocket.
"Cold son, you’re right, Rou Er. She did go back to fulfill her engagement. This is what he gave me before he left. She said that if you are still alive, you must give this letter to you." Ye Mu looked at the letter in her hand and hesitated for a moment, only to find that Ye Han was in demand and took it away. Ye Mu just smiled bitterly at Ye Han.
Ye Han nodded his head and ignored the expression on Ye Mu’s face. He simply opened the letter in his hand and then went back to the room to open the door. Then he quietly looked at the letter with a piece of writing paper in his hand.
"cold son forgive elder sister took French leave again elder sister know you must be alive, but there is no way to elder sister can’t see you come back to leave this letter.
By the time you read this letter, my sister may have returned home and is preparing for the wedding on the first day of the month. You will come even if you want to hide!
In fact, I will come back to attend the Singapore Festival this time because I want to see you again for the last time. I’m afraid we will never meet again. Although my sister doesn’t want to do this, she can’t choose because of her family mission.
Sister knows that Han Er really likes her sister, but it’s impossible for us. Please forgive her. My sister is also forced. If there is an afterlife, my sister will never fail you again!
Well, now that it’s over, please take care of yourself. My sister is gone. This time it’s really gone. So I won’t wait for my sister to find a woman I like again and stay with her forever!
By the way, your parents are really kind to you. If you have an organic conversation, you must forgive them. After all, heaven is not your parents.
Be sure to listen to your sister. Although my sister is not with you, I will always silently bless you and wish you happiness forever! "
Looking at Ye Rou leaving a letter, Ye Han’s eyes became more melancholy, but he didn’t cry because he knew he shouldn’t cry. Ye Rou really loved himself.
However, it is impossible for two people to get together now. He also thought about it before. After all, Ye Rou had determined her engagement six months ago, but she was also able to do so!
"Sister Rou, don’t worry, Han Er will live well. One day we will meet again. Although no one wants to tell Rou Er’s sister’s family background, Han Er won’t give up." Said Ye Han, the corner of his eye was finally wet with two lines of tears, even though it flowed down his cheek and fell on his skirt, and the letter paper was wet with a large piece.
There were several traces of tears on the stationery, which Ye Han knew must have been left when Ye Rou wrote this letter, which also proved that Ye Rou must have been in tears when writing this letter.
Now, after Ye Han’s tears baptism, the handwriting on the whole stationery surface is blurred, and the root can’t be seen clearly, but Ye Han didn’t notice it at all.
At this time, Ye Mu also entered the room and saw her son so sad. She thought about comforting, but after thinking for a long time, she didn’t think of comforting words. Nai Hao was stunned in the room.
Ye Han didn’t feel sad for long, so he forced himself to hold back the pain in his heart. He glanced at the writing paper in his hand and found that the handwriting was blurred, so he no longer threw his hands to the ground.
Ye Mu naturally saw Ye Han’s move, but it was not white at all. Why would Ye Han erase the pain in such a short time as if nothing had happened?
See leaf mother a puzzled Ye Han immediately no way "mother, are you ok? Now that everything is gone, go back to rest first! "
The original Ye Han looked relaxed, and Ye Mu still felt some abnormalities. Now Ye Han is still laughing. She is even more rooted in strangeness and faintly gives birth to a point of concern.
If you want to say that Ye Han has got rid of the pain, no one will believe it, but now Ye Han has really smiled and relaxed. Yuzryha’s mother can’t help but think of some bad things.
"Cold son, are you okay?" Think of the beauty of leaf mother no longer depressed live in the heart worry busy holding Ye Han hands a face of eager asked.
Ye Han looked at him and froze, but he didn’t think too much. His current reaction was indeed abnormal, and even he himself didn’t believe that he would be so obedient to Ye Ruan.
"Mother Haner is fine. You don’t worry about Haner. You just feel sleepy and want to sleep. Mother has been worried about Haner’s safety all day. I think she should be tired or go back to rest first!" Ye Han nodded his head to show that he was really okay. Then he took his little hand out of Ye Mu’s palm and went to the bed without saying anything or tidying it up. He fell down heavily and fell asleep in a flash.
When Ye Mu saw that the worried color gradually disappeared, she looked at the bed leaves with a look of relief and sighed, "I didn’t expect that my cold son has really grown up now!"
With that, Ye Mu didn’t leave the horse, but came to the bed to move Ye Han’s body and then cover him. This just sighed and turned and left the room.