He could see that the woman’s eyes were particularly alert. They were so well dressed that they knew they were not bad people at first glance!
Is this aunt still so cautious? !
"Aunt, we are not bad people!"
Feather tried to get close to the window again!
However, the woman’s words made Luoyu recognize something strange!
But when I saw the woman, I pulled the paper window to the landing feather and shouted, "You all said it was not a bad person! But this time it almost killed our whole village! You go quickly! "
The woman slammed the window with "bang" and was turned away for the first time in the opportunity of exploring the road!
Not enough, but he knows about it. It’s obvious that someone has been involved before it was hidden in Shanzhong Village!
And something unpleasant must have happened with the villagers!
The line of sight at the entrance of Luoyu Mujiazhai follows the rows of thatched cottages, and all the doors and windows are closed. What makes him think that if he takes one step further, throwing it out of the second thatched cottage may not be as simple as a broom!
Step on the horse or consult with the Lord!
Feather looked up, and the heavier the rain, the more hurried out of Mujiazhai archway!
At this time, however, burn old people and others have come to the front!
"Lord, don’t let in this village! It seems that someone has been here before and almost killed the whole Mujiazhai. They are very alert! "
Feather hurried to tell the story to burn old!
When the words fell, several of them looked at each other and intuitively felt that this Mu family village was very wrong!
Smell burn old cold eyes slightly narrowed even Su Ling tightened arch eyebrows!
The heavier the rain, if the Mujiazhai doesn’t let them in, how far is a village from here? It’s not clear that the distance shown on the map in Shaoluoyu’s hand is not close!
"Go again!"
Burn old eyes moment not instantaneous eyed MuJiaZhai words fell he took Su Ling into the archway again!
And with so many people appearing at the same time, everyone obviously noticed the rustling in many straw houses!
Not surprisingly, after several people entered, the window of the first hut was hit again, and this time it was not a broom!
It’s a chopping axe!
In this case, I feel that my forehead is almost smoking!
I really want to slap these huts to fly!
If they are bad people, do they need such courtesy? !
"How is …"
Sure enough, the woman appeared in the window again, but this time her mouth stopped suddenly before the landing sound!
But when I saw this woman with a red cotton cloth on her head, she stared at them!
But her eyes light swept to burn old body automatically silenced!
Burn old toshihiko unsmiling with women’s thin lips pursed! With a simple smile on his face, Mo Ying deliberately smiled in front of him and asked, "Can Aunt stay for one night?"
"Who are you …?"
Before and after the blink of an eye, the woman changed her attitude and made Luoyu want to scold her!
Is he so ugly? !
It should not be!
Ink shadow looked back at Huang Laosan in surprise, and then he continued to be naive and said with a smile, "Auntie, we are passing by businessmen. It’s getting late and rainy. Can we stay overnight without any money?"
Hearing this, the woman still looked alert, but from time to time, she looked at Huang Lao as if she had looked a little more!
"Are you really businessmen?"
"Auntie is absolutely true!"
"That’s all right! Come in first! "
I don’t know whether it was Mo Ying who came forward or Huang Lao who made the woman change her attitude. They all entered Mujiazhai smoothly!
As for the woman, someone suddenly sighed in a few rooms not far away after she welcomed Huang Lao and Su Ling into the thatched cottage!
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