"Otherwise? !”
"Otherwise, which meeting have so good girl to cheat you! Maybe sister-in-law has already followed Xiao Cheling! "
Han Yiqing opened her eyes in a daze. At that moment, there was no one around her …
Although the debris has been cleared away, she can still vaguely remember what happened yesterday!
My head ached and I passed out.
At this time, the door was knocked out. It was Leng Ruixi’s charming face …
Seeing that she woke up, he seemed to have said, "Do you want to eat anything?"
Han Yiqing shook her head and looked as pale as paper, which would make people feel distressed.
Leng Ruixi looked at her face and felt something was wrong. "Have you eaten something recently and you look pale?"
Did you eat something bad? ! No …
Leng Ruixi hand a meal at this time he suddenly remembered … At that time she disappeared is the lady’s side!
Eyes suddenly asked a tight "yi qing that woman give you something strange to eat? !”
"Strange things? ! What do you mean? " She looked at him puzzled and didn’t know what had happened.
"For example … pills"
"No! She gave me normal meals, and he and I didn’t eat anything! "
When I heard that, Leng Ruixi’s eyes didn’t relax, but tightened several times … Since I didn’t eat, why would I have a headache? !
Han Yiqing was shocked to see his brow tighten. "Why don’t you look like shit!"
Leng Ruixi really gave her a white look. If he hadn’t taken care of her emotions at this time, he would have bullied her!
"Han Yiqing, your current order is getting fatter and fatter!"
Han Yiqing raised his eyebrows and sat on the bed and declared war on him directly. "Then you can hit me! Hit me! "
Leng Ruixi really doesn’t know what she’s thinking and should say something so embarrassing! If it were normal times, maybe he would have rushed there.
At this time, he must endure
Leng Ruixi, who has always been able to control his emotions very well, has an impulse to run away for the first time …
He took a deep breath to calm the blue color. "Han Yiqing, should you give me an answer?"
Hearing this sentence, her heart suddenly stagnated and almost suffocated … She looked at him in panic, and his eyes seemed to have a penetrating force, hoping that she would cut a hole in her body before she would willingly …
This kind of eyes makes her have no way to escape! Of course she knows what he means when he says the answer! But is she going to admit that she lost at this time …
She didn’t have the courage to say that, but she felt a sharp pain in her heart when he said that yesterday …
Her mouth just pulled out a smile, "Leng Ruixi, why don’t I know what you said?"
"I said that you should give me an answer when there are not many bets left between us?" He said lightly that his eyes have always been very calm and you can’t see the waves
"You are not to say that there is a long time! See if you are all right! "
Chapter 31 Time is running out, Yi Qing
Her words made him laugh inadvertently. Han Yiqing was stupefied and had to say that he looked really nice when he smiled.
There will be a trance-like impulse, but this time she quickly reacted …
Han Yiqing! Han Yiqing, you can’t get deeper and deeper! This is not scientific!
When she reacted, she saw Leng Ruixi still smiling and stared directly at him. "Leng Ruixi, what are you laughing at!"
Hearing her say this, Leng Ruixi still smiled and said, "Time is running out, Yiqing."
Of course she knows that time is running out! But now she has the answer … She can’t say.
Han Yiqing gave him a white look and continued, "Leng Ruixi, don’t be so sure about everything."
"That’s because I’m sure."
Sure … Then everything can be in his hands.
She came up to him with curiosity and said, "How did you recognize me at the airport?" She has been disguised by the camouflage teacher so well that even she can’t recognize herself. How did Leng Ruixi recognize her …