Yang night raised his hand and pretended to fight, then slowly let go and looked at Wangcai and asked, "What happened? Who talks so much about killing you? "
"oh! I almost forgot to say! " Wang Cai fiercely opened his eyes "gentleman! It was cold’s father’s hand! "
"What?" Yang night a surprised to listen to Wang just said so, my mind suddenly remembered that I had arranged Wang to examine the cold’s father’s affairs.
"Really! I followed them to the back house! " Wang Cai was afraid that Yang Ye wouldn’t believe it and nodded his head.
"Tell me about it," said Nan Rong Phantom in a low voice beside the bed.
Wangcai looked at Nanrong Phantom and looked at Yang Ye’s eyes for advice from the gentleman. Yang Ye nodded and motioned for him to say
"Well," Wang Cai recalled looking at the gentleman and said slowly, "I received your order to check on Leng’s father and found that they went directly back to their car after leaving the master’s mourning hall, but the car didn’t leave. Soon three people came from the car wearing our Yang’s maid clothes! I’ve been observing from a distance to see what they’re doing. You know, young gentleman, I’m the most conscientious. It’s doubtful! I’ve been sneaking around, and when it was a little close, I found that one of the three men dressed as our Yang family maids was a cold sunset! I can see this from the back! How can a man twist his ass when he walks? Right, young master?
"Hey hey, don’t stare at me, I said I said I’ve been following them and I’ve been secretly following the cold sunset and his two hands as they saw three people pretending nothing was going to our back house! At that time, there was no one near the back house. I thought they must have stolen something! So I stood outside and prepared to get dirty!
"Wait for a while is a few minutes, anyway, it didn’t take long before they came out! The cold sunset walked in front of him and came out with a box behind his two hands, and then, ah, there was a man behind him! Guess who it is? Mr. Nan Rong, can you guess? Okay, okay, I said! Don’t fight! Don’t fight! I said!
"I don’t believe it! It’s Cheng Bo! Cheng Bo came out after him! With a smile on his face, he said,’ Don’t worry, Second Young Master, I’ll send you out of the past post for a while, and I won’t check the in-situ Yang Jiagan’s words, except that the high manager is me. Have a look? OK! It’s hard to guard against domestic thieves day and night! Cheng Bo actually colluded with the cold sunset to steal! And stole a box! I was so angry at that time! A Yang family! Chief driver of Yangjia Mansion! How can I sit back and watch this happen? That’s too sorry for my conscience! So I jumped out and shouted, "Whoo! Bold Uber dares to steal in broad daylight! You’re surrounded! Come on, give in easily …
"ah? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you hear that, young master? No! I’m not lying! I really thought so at that time, but I just didn’t dare. My thought at that time was to find you and report to you quickly! But I was accidentally found when I ran away, so those two cold sunset hands took out their knives and came at me. I dare not neglect them! At that time, I used a trick called the lion stealing peaches. I can’t steal peaches, but this hand has a pinch of hair. Guess this is the solution? "
Yang night looked at Wangcai and held out her hand. Wangcai was wrapped in gauze on three floors outside. She gently played a Wangcai and immediately called out the brotherhood of the Wolf.
"Let you tell me what happened!" Yang Ye scolded, "You are lucky not to be killed by the cold sunset hand!"
Wangcai smiled. "Gentleman, to tell you the truth, I’m Wang Cai, and I’m also a Taoist. Those two hands are not professional killers at first glance, and even the knife is unstable. One of them has to prick my heart. My hand is blocked and he pricks it when he sees blood.
"I didn’t expect it to be Cheng Bo?" Nan Rong shook his head in disbelief at the bedside and asked, "Did you really see Wangcai clearly?"
"Really! More real than real! " As soon as Wang Cai cried, the wound hurt, and the horse’s grin became much smaller. "Otherwise, how dare I frame him casually!"
Yang night bowed their heads and thought of suddenly remembered when he asked ChengBo ChengBo later said that sentence.
"Gentleman Xiao Shi’s girl is just a maid. Gentleman, don’t be distracted by this little thing. I’ll let the servants look for the whole house. At present, it’s still a heavy funeral for the master. Now Yang Jiake is relying on the gentleman. Are you alone?"
Now recall this sentence more think more feel suspicious, Yang night clenched his fist and bowed their heads and asked Wang Cai "Wang Cai, you just said that the cold sunset was carrying a box? How many boxes? Can you pretend to be human? "
"No problem! I’m sure I can It’s quite a big box. It can hold me for one and a half! " Wangcai quickly answered.
Yang night nodded and stood up and looked at Nan Rong Magic and said, "I’m surprised what didn’t come at the end of the world! Jinshi Islands He is so obsessed with Xi Shi! How could he miss this chance to see Xi Shi today? " Talking, Yang Ye was already shaking with anger. "It turns out that this old thing in the cold sky came with a cold sunset to snatch Xi Shi!"
South glory magic leng a immediately thinking about also nodded "this is really fish in troubled waters through Yang’s funeral chaos to wait for somebody else? I really don’t know what cold heaven thinks. "
Yang night long out of breath glanced at Wang Cai "Wang Cai you have a good rest, I will send someone to take care of you" said the step toward the door.
"Yang night you …" South glory illusion hesitated to ask.
"I’ll talk to Cheng Bo." Yang Ye smiled back. "Now it seems that one of the people my father said has surfaced."
Yang Ye asked Nan Rong Phantom to help him see Ru Yan, although Ru Yan was taken care of by tenderness, but Yang Ye hasn’t said a few words to Ru Yan since he came back. Besides himself, Nan Rong Phantom is the only relative acquaintance of Ru Yan, and even Xin has been with him for a day. Master Nan Rongjun is in charge of taking care of his father, Yang Zhen Yang Ye. At this time, the hatred and anger in his heart are getting deeper and deeper. From his father’s critical illness to Xi Shi, Yang Ye was kidnapped by the Leng family, and he suppressed his stomach and vented his anger.
More let Yang night didn’t expect that if Wang Cai said it was true, the person referred to by his father was Cheng Boyang night. I never expected that the person who brought himself into Yang’s family in a factory would be the undercover of Yang’s family. ! According to his previous knowledge, this famous Fui-On Shing Yang’s family has been around for at least twenty years! What is this concept? A person who gets along with you day and night is actually a person who betrays you? What does it taste like?
Find cheng bo!
Cheng Bo’s face was confused and Yang Ye called to the small drawing room on the second floor. Yang Ye sat on the sofa and saw Cheng Bo come in quickly. He nodded and shouted, "What can I do for you, gentleman?"
"Sit" Yang night narrowing her eyes refers to the opposite sofa.
Cheng Bo hesitated a little and sat down in the position opposite to Yang Night. At this time, he had been polite to the young gentleman who suddenly turned around and respected the elderly and loved the young. He felt accustomed to it. Generally, it was nothing important. He was already able to sit and talk to Yang Night.
After sitting, Cheng Bo felt a little uncomfortable. Yang Ye sat opposite him and squinted at him but didn’t speak. This made Cheng Bo very uncomfortable and silent. Cheng Bo couldn’t help but ask, "What can I do for you, Young Master?"
"Nothing. Just ask the maid about Xiaoshi. You think it’s important that Xiaoshi is missing, right?" Yang night faint asked.
"It’s not a gentleman. That’s not what I meant," Cheng Bo explained quickly. "I mean, you should concentrate on your master’s funeral and the whole Yang family now. Now that your master is dead, you are the patriarch!"
"Oh, that’s right." Yang Ye nodded. "I thought so, too. It’s not a big deal that a maid just disappeared. There are so many maids in the Yang family."
Cheng Boma smiled. "Yes, there were maids who sneaked away privately before, and the root of the incident could not be found."
"Well that … ChengBo I still have to ask.
Now I’m the head of the clan and a maid is missing. If people want to ask me, I must at least have a confession. "Yang Ye cocked his head and looked at Cheng Bo and said," Cheng Bo, where did you take Xiaoshi just now? What did you do? "
"ah? Oh, it’s like this, gentleman. "Cheng Bo paused as if thinking," I just took that little girl to the main entrance of the main house to sort out a wreath sent by those people, and then I let her go back. "
"Oh, that’s right." Yang night nodded and suddenly leaned forward in a mysterious way and said, "Cheng Bo, we had an accident in Yang’s house."
"ah? What happened? " ChengBo stare big eyes.
"There was a murder on the lawn of the back house!" Yang Ye also widened his eyes. "That’s our Yang family. The lawn was stabbed a lot. It’s full of blood!"
"What? Really? " Cheng Bo looked surprised and got up from the sofa. "Who is it?"
Yang night slowly leaned back and said, "It’s just a driver of our Yang family." Looking at Cheng Bo’s surprised appearance, he added lightly, "Fortunately, he didn’t die when he was found rescued."