But now it’s unheard of for Lengling to say that he is an assistant practitioner. It’s even more impossible to say that he is familiar with it.
"You and I belong to the cold practitioner. If you want to fix the two together, you can use my repair to forcibly lift you up."
See Ye Han a face don’t understand sample LengLing immediately white this auxiliary uniting the achievement method is very strange for Ye Han so consciousness explained.
Ye Han naturally listened to this, but he didn’t want to talk about it. Just halfway through, he stopped his heart in time, so he was very anxious.
In a hurry, Ye Han asked Lengling calmly, "Since there is a way, you and I will practice according to law quickly!"
After listening to Lengling’s words, Lengling suddenly smiled bitterly. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded at Ye Han and said, "In that case, let’s do it!"
Said the LengLing eyes looked around a law around and check the lack of leakage that came back at Ye Han nodded his head.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han is naturally very happy. After so many days of practice, it is finally possible to upgrade.
See Ye Han a face of joy cold ling face is also full of joy, but her joy is mixed with a series of Naise from time to time.
For LengLing face nai color bent on repairing Ye Han nature didn’t notice and didn’t put his things at ease.
"All right!" See LengLing sitting Ye Han also busy sitting opposite her feeling everything is ready Ye Han quickly nodded his head.
See Ye Han in such a hurry LengLing is a wry smile soon also didn’t want to get a lot of will own vitality towards Ye Han ahead.
Ye Han looked at also dare not neglect to see LengLing vitality and any aggression, so he will also launch his own vitality attack mode towards the front.
The two men are facing each other, and their vitality will soon converge, but they have not produced energy fluctuations. After all, this is not a real fight, but a gathering of two people’s vitality.
With the convergence of vitality, Ye Hanxian felt that this energy in front of his eyes was constantly increasing. Obviously, this was his own vitality, which was integrated into Lengling’s vitality, and his vitality was constantly increasing with the help of Lengling’s powerful vitality.
At this moment, Ye Han didn’t know whether the auxiliary cultivation mentioned in Lengling’s mouth was an equal method.
It turns out that this so-called assistance means that one party will help the other party to upgrade naturally, so that the powerful party will definitely be affected
After all, there is no pie in this world, so things will naturally not be given to someone for no reason.
Even before Ye Han met Xingyuan, it was also an energy. It is still unknown whether it can be upgraded according to oneself. At the same time, it depends on whether Ye Han has this ability.
Therefore, it is bound to make Lengling repair herself with the help of her strong vitality to replace Ye Han’s lack of vitality.
The vitality of the mainland was once the core brother of Yan Yunzong. Ye Han is naturally white.
His heart has already formed a sense of remorse at the moment, and it is because of his impatience that he has led to the present result.
Naturally, in addition to Ye Han’s heart, he is constantly thinking about what to do to stop it, even if he wants to get hurt, that is willing.
Timely LengLing also white Ye Han thoughts in my heart, but she can keep a face of nai color. Obviously, she has no way to stop this kind of thing
However, since then, she has also been very worried about the situation, not because of her big discount, but because of what coercive means Ye Han will make to block the integration of vitality.
When Ye Han kept thinking about ways to stop it, Lengling was busy with a wry smile. "Brother Han, you are not trying in vain. If you stop it by force now, not only your own life will be in danger, but even my life and the children in my stomach will be in danger!"
Listen to the cold lingyan Ye Han is extremely anxious, but in this case, he also had to give up the idea of struggle. After all, this matter is absolutely not careless about the lives of three people ~
[151] 【 Yuanling Jiujie 】
Naiye Han will put all the struggling thoughts even if he can’t, he will think of his own woman and his own children.
However, he also knows that these two reasons are that he has to give up his struggle. One of them is that he can’t finish it, and that is for the sake of Lengling.
After all, whether this matter is continued or abandoned, this injury is inevitable for Lengling. If the auxiliary cultivation is successfully completed, Lengling’s hunger training will be affected.