Wan Qing took the ointment in a muddle and sent Mammy Ann away in a muddle.
It took a long time to think that there has never been such a thing before Bai Qian. There are many people who have beaten the big lady in the house. It is not without saying that she was slapped and killed alive.
I’ve never seen Mammy Ann appease anyone. Now, the young lady is still so hot, but Mammy Ann has changed.
I don’t know Wan Qing, but I feel a little uneasy. I want to be arrogant and vigorous. Miss Wan is in a bad situation now.
Luxurious food is fair. Is it true that the princess is not easy to provoke? Even the Su family is not easy to provoke. Mammy Ann is the first wise person. This is to see the situation clearly early.
Wan Qing tightly held the small porcelain vase and sighed at the dark night.
Su Mian woke up the next day to see Yan reformed and exquisite and Albizia served and dressed.
She sat up and felt a little cold, wrapped in a quilt, "I beg you one thing."
Yan Gui just wore clothes, sat and wore shoes, and smelled something puzzled to see her.
"Temple, why don’t you go to Zhengfei’s early this morning for dinner?" Sue cotton please held out his hand and gently pulled yan to sleeve way
Yan Gui smiled. "Dare to command the temple now?"
"The temple is so bad that I know what people mean …" Su Mian pulled his sleeve and frowned.
"Good according to you is" Yan to stretch out his hand and pinch her nose light say with smile.
Dressed and washed, Yan Gui smiled at her and got up.
Su Mian also got up and washed first, and casually put on household clothes to prepare meals.
"Lord …" Albizia request to suppress for a long time before has been awkward, this is how to also can’t resist.
"You ah you don’t understand for a moment ask exquisite elder sister" Sue cotton rubbed her hair.
Hehuan pouted. Okay, well, I’ll give her food as soon as I’m done
After eating breakfast, Su Mian specially asked Qing Mo to dress her up and help her dress.
In the next day, the blue coat skirt has a slightly darker waist, a belt with a white purse and a single bun, a set of pearl jewelry and a pair of pearl earrings.
Two wrists are covered with three pearls, and the bracelets are all pure white pearls. The particles are about the size of mung beans, but they are all very good in color.
A set of a pair of silver tired silk inlaid lapis lazuli bracelets
Change a pair of blue embroidered shoes, and the tips of the shoes are still decorated with broken stones.
"It’s not bad to have exquisite craftsmanship." Su Mian smiled in the mirror.
"handmaiden can’t take credit for it. It’s a good jewelry for the main hair." Green ink smiles.
"Good is good, and then you serve me as well as Linglong." Su Mian’s exquisite craftsmanship is also good, but whether it is to serve Jane’s birth, she will be a little old in hair style.
Hehuan is still young, Su Mian. To be honest, she is not willing to give up. What if a modern fourteen-year-old is still in her mother’s arms?
I can’t bear to say goodbye. I’m talking to Linglong.
"Sister Linglong, please help me. Why did the Lord ask the temple to have breakfast in the main courtyard?" She just doesn’t understand. It’s Chuyinyuan. Why should she drive away the temple?
"Do you think ten thousand side princess didn’t see the temple last night today will be angry with our Lord?" Linglong laughed
Hehuan sighed, "You are so clever!"
Yes, if Wan’s family doesn’t make trouble this morning, it’s just that the temple will protect the Lord if it makes trouble!
When Su Mian arrived at the main courtyard early this morning, Wan Jingyuan had arrived.
Just sit where Su Mian sat yesterday.
Su Mian raised her eyebrows. Is this a demonstration? Lost territory yesterday, can you get it back today?
Sue cotton also ignore her waiting.
Wan Jing Yuan was angry when she saw that she didn’t sit. She wanted to get angry but dared not.