After solving this battle, several members of Phoenix were killed. Generally speaking, ten members of Phoenix have been killed since today, which is not a small number.

The post-Phoenix operation is no different from the frenzy. No enemies were found. They also went back to the exit along the secret passage and connected NPC in parallel to return to the God planet. When the shuttle of the frenzy squadron has once again left the transport ship and headed for the CD23 asteroid,

He casually took out a tube of labels from his robe and said, "The benefactor’s past and future generations, disaster and bliss are all in this square inch."

ChiDingyao nodded and said nothing, but drew a sign from the tube. "Is there something wrong with this person?" Small secretly asked small "I always feel something is wrong" "Of course there is a problem." A small attitude is rare and serious. "Brother Zhu is a monster." "Monster!" Little startled, "Is there really a monster

Seeing this, Ye Han rushed at the woman and thanked her. Then he jumped into the Woods without saying anything. On the day when he jumped into the Woods, the woman had disappeared and everything around him was instantaneous.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, good. If you have this determination, then I can feel at ease. Let’s go back to your time and inherit my unfinished wish!" When I entered the Woods, Ye Hanjue felt that there was something unusual around him. I just wanted to visit the surrounding area, but suddenly I heard the

Lin Liu Yi hasn’t bothered Lin since he went to the United States to make Liu Yi make a fortune in the American stock market. That sum of money is enough for Liu Yi to do a lot of things, and Lin only reads newspaper news occasionally to recall something that can be sure and give him some stock market information.

I never imagined that it was not the music circle, but the whole entertainment circle that had been extremely hot recently. One classic song after another has appeared for thousands of years, and a large number of future classic TV dramas have been created and are being filmed in an intense and orderly manner. Of

"Deducted a point?" He looked a little weird. "Is it the captain’s side? No, it shouldn’t be there. It’s about Reeve." He looked around. The red guard took out a modern walkie-talkie from his pocket. "Hey, I’m going to give you orders now …"

And a train thousands of miles away, Zhan Lan, sounded in their ears at the same time. Zhan Lan, the Lord God’s penalty, got up quickly and made O ‘Connor sit next to them. He quickly protected Alex and looked around warily and said, "What happened?" "It’s okay, don’t be nervous." Zhanlan reluctantly comforted. She

"This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work. What do you think we should do?" After a long time, catalpa Qin Cai looked hard and almost squeezed a word through his teeth to stare at the late month.

"What should I do? Hehe, I also want to know, "Late Moon closed her eyes and took a deep breath and swallowed hard. It’s really hard for them to compete with each other now. Don’t dare to say it, but if her wife and catalpa Qin really want to catch the two brothers in Lujia,

Mammy Ann looked at her red and swollen left face and sighed, "This ointment is very good. If you get hit, it’s also about our handmaiden’s life. I won’t call you a slap in the face, it’s all there." Mammy Ann said.

Wan Qing took the ointment in a muddle and sent Mammy Ann away in a muddle. It took a long time to think that there has never been such a thing before Bai Qian. There are many people who have beaten the big lady in the house. It is not without saying that she was