The fallen petal has been looking at her and has a panoramic view of her reactions. She smiled with a smile. "The emperor is naturally excellent to the empress. After so many years, the sixth palace princess is no longer an ordinary emperor’s affection. Is there a word in the fallen petal’s heart that I don’t know if the empress wants to listen?"
"oh? Since you have something to say, just say it. "
"It’s better to treat the empress well than the ordinary people’s family. If the husband and wife are empress, it’s time to take care of an emperor’s body and mood …"
She glanced at the phoenix shallow like a casual glance and looked at the phoenix shallow look change carefully.
"For example, when an empress is sick, she shouldn’t sleep on the same bed, which will give the sick gas to the emperor, even if the emperor himself is unawares. After all, the emperor is a heaven and man, and the dragon body can’t have the slightest mistake, and neither should the empress be a country mother …"
Phoenix raised her eyebrows, and her eyes flashed across a trace of scorn, almost unnoticed.
She was puzzled. "But the palace has occupied the imperial bedroom. If you sleep with the emperor, can you let the emperor sleep on the couch?" Or if it is to let the palace move, where should I move? "
"Of course, an emperor’s body can’t sleep on the empress …" The fallen petal said faintly, "Can’t you find a place to sleep in such a big palace?"
"Bold!" Phoenix shallow suddenly slapped a table and patted her palm burning pain.
Bite the teeth to continued, "the emperor is a tiger body palace body is important, isn’t it? Let a weak patient in the palace drag the sick body around and move around! "
"Empress falling flowers doesn’t mean that!"
She shook her head nervously and immediately lowered her eyes. "This is just a suggestion. If the empress doesn’t like nature, don’t listen to it. It is natural that the empress should treat the empress as well as the emperor. Otherwise, one day the emperor will be tired and the empress will be so good?"
Feng Shao squinted dangerously. "You mean the palace is not good for the emperor?"
"That’s not what the fallen petal means. I always feel that the emperor seems to be a little tired recently …"
"Pa" a phoenix shallow angry, head bead hairpin with her violent shaking a few 1339 chapter 1339 with you still delusion and palace rob?
It is obvious that anger can be seen even if it is stupid.
Phoenix shallow cold face folded way "are you showing off with the palace now? Show off that you are always with the emperor recently? "
"Empress you misunderstood! Together with the emperor, the fallen petal is discussing some important things in Xique Donglan. Even if it is impossible to help but say something else occasionally, it is also because some aspects can reach a consensus that appreciate each other friendship is definitely not what the empress thinks … "
"Ah …"
Phoenix shallow heavily sneer at a "bosom friend appreciate each other … can’t help it? Ha ha … "
"Yes, what a fallen flower!"
She waved her body as if it were dark at the moment, and immediately raised her hand and pressed her forehead.
The fallen petal was shocked and rushed to the way without etiquette. "Empress, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare the fallen petal. It’s a bad fallen petal. You shouldn’t say that … The real emperor has no other meaning for the fallen petal in his heart. The fallen petal also admires the emperor. He never thought about robbing the empress … "
A heavy slap in the face will drop in a second, and the blush and red slap marks will be obvious.
Her face widened in disbelief. "Empress …"
"With you still delusion and palace rob? What qualifications do you have? Don’t you are the messenger sent by Xique Palace, so you can’t beat you and annoy the Palace Palace … Ahem … "
Dong Yang was the first to break in when he heard the noise inside.
Pushing the door, I saw that the phoenix was coughing while the so-called beauty was holding a slap in the face. It was almost immediately white what happened here. Dongyang rushed over and gave the fallen petal a hard push. "What are you doing here? There are no rules! Is it you who can be close to the empress? !”
The fallen petal twisted the steps for a while, so that she suddenly frowned and screamed.
Phoenix shallow but like didn’t hear directly.