Thinking of this Yang night, I quickly waved my hand and shook my head. "I want the chronic destructive power to be huge, but it is a little bit infiltrated with destruction. I believe that Brother Sun must have this trick. You are a fire family!"
The scorching sun smiled smugly, but the horse was silent. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly looked up and said, "What about a volcanic earthquake? "
"Volcanic earthquake?" Yang night face a surprise "good good! Listening to the name is atmospheric!
The scorching sun deserves my admiration for Xiushi! Pepe! "
The face of the scorching sun is more brilliant. Yang Ba smiled a few times and pinched his waist. Then he stretched out his hand and gently pushed Yang Ye, spitting bubbles and said, "Okay, stay away from it. Don’t hurt you!"
Yang Ye paddled his arms back and pushed and said, "You should control your strength in the scorching sun, so as not to sink the island, which would be a big responsibility for both of us."
"Don’t worry, the hot sun is by no means a hollow reputation." Liege grinned, smiled, looked serious, slowly unfolded his arms, and spat out a sigh. His arms instantly turned into flames, and it seemed that he was still screaming with flames.
Yang Yedi was really surprised. His understanding of the strength of the scorching sun was limited to the battle between the east gate of Anshi City and the scorching sun. He didn’t see it. However, according to the previous mad attack on him, Yang Yedi guessed that the scorching sun and the mad fire should be no stronger than his strong son, so the strength of the scorching sun is tied.
Should not be higher than yourself.
However, Yang Ye was still a little shocked by the strong airflow emitted by the hot sun in front of him, perhaps because the sea water churned and hit Yang Ye’s body by the force of the hot sun on the seabed, which made the airflow impact feel even stronger.
Along his arms, the sun turned into a flame, and the surrounding sea water was also reflected red. Perhaps it will be a faint red color when viewed from the sea for thousands of meters at this moment.
"Volcanic shock!" The scorching sun roared and spit out a string of bubbles, all of which burst like flames.
That fiery red dazzling light shakes Yang night, and I can’t keep my eyes open for a moment. I feel that the seawater around my body has been pushed backwards and then I have no seawater flow and resistance in front of me. It feels like the force of the scorching sun has pushed the seawater of Fiona Fang to far away, leaving a piece of deep seabed to really bring it!
Yang night won’t retreat because of this powerful impact. He will cover his face with his hands firmly and consciously. He doesn’t want to be hurt by the strong light from the hot sun.
At this moment, Yang night felt a violent shock at the soles of his feet! Another shock! The vibration is not at the bottom of the sea, but spreads from the bottom of the sea deeper out of the ground, as if the whole underwater world were going to collapse!
Watermelon and an egg! The scorching sun told him not to destroy the bottom of the sea, let alone sink the island, and he still made such a big noise!
Yang night cursing in my heart, shaking with my feet and shaking my body, and then floating slightly to stabilize myself and open my eyes to watch the scorching sun.
The sea is still slightly turbulent, but the bottom of the sea has gradually calmed down
Yang night in front of the sun is always the same as a mass of fat, where the arm is slowly lying, but the red light has completely disappeared. The only thing I can feel is that the sun is red and the cheeks are red because of excessive force.
Yang Ye took two steps forward and said with some irritation, "Why is there such a big noise?"
"How can I be happy without any movement?" The scorching sun glanced at Yang Ye. "Do you still lecture me when you ask me for help?"
Yang night out of breath smiled and looked down at the bottom of the sea around the scorching sun at that time.
There were basketball-sized holes at the bottom of the sea. The Yang night probe looked at each hole and smoked gently. At this moment, the sea came rushing back from all around, and the wisps of smoke were instantly submerged and disappeared, leaving a few deep round holes with bubbles.
"This is …" Yang night pointed to those deep holes and looked at the scorching sun.
The scorching sun laughed and gave Yang Ye a thumbs up. "Do as you say. This is the power of volcanic shock!"
"What power?" Yang night puzzled.
"You don’t let me to a slowly infiltration damage capability? This is the deep hole with a smile from the scorching sun. I have destroyed the deep structure of this seabed by a volcanic earthquake. It will slowly destroy and collapse on its own. Finally, our seabed will collapse into a huge pit, and the whole terrain of the sea surface will be changed. How about that?
Yang night listen to some stupidly slowly recovered a clap the sun shoulder "really have you! Fat! "
The hot sun smiled and suddenly turned around and asked, "What did you call me? Fat? You just also … "
"It’s kind to call you fat and crazy later, isn’t it?" Yang Ye smiled. "Do I still call you brother in the hot sun all day? Can you afford it? "
"You! Red dagger! You kill me … You are ungrateful! Hit the monk after you finish reading the scriptures! Scold the kitchen when you are full! " The scorching sun glared with anger and waved his arms hard.
"Okay, okay, you did a good job. I praised you. What else?" Yang night continued to smile and blink at the scorching sun.
The scorching sun was so angry that he grabbed his ears with both hands, but suddenly he raised his arms and shouted, "Red Bi! Believe it or not, I’m destroying this seabed right now! Sink all the islands! "
Yang night nodded and picked up his fist and said, "Then I really want to thank you for being fat, but the main responsibility for sinking these islands is great. I won’t put in a good word for you when the time comes."
With that, Yang Ye paddled his arm and kicked his leg and swam two steps forward rapidly. Looking back at the scorching sun, he was still so angry that he shouted, "Hey! Fat! Let’s go Chase the boat! Do you want to swim back to Datang? "
At losing temper, the hot sun slammed his arm and swam after him, shouting "Red Bi! I remember you! You saved my life, and we’ll forget about it! "
"Can you get by with your conscience?" Yang swam at night and turned back to the scorching sun. "I didn’t expect you to repay me at all. People like you …"