But aunt Ann knows how to be polite in the countryside. It’s not strange that many people don’t blame me. There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts.
Anshun finally nodded at these words and said, "This is good. Another thing is that Sue’s sister is Wang Haidong’s classmate, and it is said that there are still some unusual boys and girls."
So I think Wang Haidong can help us to block the demolition at this time, that is, at this point. Otherwise, a river city archduke like Wang Haidong is too lazy to care about our farm anyway. "
Gossip is an affair, or an affair. It seems that the countryside really recognizes this matter and likes divination. In a word, these things seem to be more reliable than signing a contract.
Therefore, Uncle Ann nodded after hearing the news and said, "If you talk like this, things can be understood. I said, what kind of onion is in the eyes of you two small families? Even if you have classmates, there is no need to help a female classmate’s brother. But with this, it is easy to say that Wang Haidong must have taken advantage of Sister Su or that this guy is thinking about good things, so it is lucky for you two to live and help you two."
A little more, that is to say, Uncle An believes that there is a story in it, which is enough. He may not sleep well at night, but at this time he can finally sleep.
Little tangdao didn’t send it out in vain. If you ask Wang Haidong to identify it then, it won’t be a problem for his future brother-in-law. His nephew and Sue are partners anyway, right?
Wang Haidong would be very naive if he knew this, but it seems that this is the case. Wang Haidong’s moves really have this meaning. This is also a step forward for Anshun. Otherwise, Wang Haidong really might follow Anshun.
In fact, early the next morning, Wang Haidong called and asked about Anshun, and Wang Haidong had nothing to hide. He just said that the knife was tangdao’s idea to see if there was anything else in Uncle Anshun’s hand, which was a good thing.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Horses and chariots
Moreover, Wang Haidong also said that if there is really any good thing, then he can pay a high price to buy Sue at this time, and it will be honest to say that this guy Anshun went to his uncle, which is also a matter for tangdao.
I came to Wang Haidong to plan to go to the farm, mainly because of Anshun. Of course, it is also to show those who spy on the farm that they attach importance to the farm. Even if Wang Haidong just sends word, no one dares to pay attention to the farm.
But wouldn’t it be more important for Wang Haidong to pay attention to this matter if he went there? Of course, since Anshun is over, I think there will be news soon. Wang Haidong didn’t go there immediately, but Uncle Ann is not the most anxious person in her home. Aunt Ann and Uncle Ann are very anxious.
Uncle Shi’ an and his two sons are also very dissatisfied with this kind of collection of the master. What kind of thing is this called? If you collect in the countryside, it is also an unprofessional thing.
At this time, Uncle Ann has a lot of opinions on the collection of the master. Although Uncle Ann said all day how valuable he was, those things were not as valuable as a bag of wheat. Anyway, at this time, no matter what, it is hard to say that the two sons will never believe that they will always be able to sell junk and make a fortune. In these two small eyes, their old collection is a junk.
But when they heard their cousin Anshun’s words, the eyes of the two guys suddenly lit up.
Unlike Uncle An, these two cousins in Anshun are very fond of Anshun. City people have their own companies. Although it is a place to raise dogs, they are also their own bosses. In the eyes of the two cousins, Anshun is the kind of well-informed and busy person.
Therefore, after hearing about tangdao, I immediately came to jing God. Of course, the two of them are also things in tangdao, and I feel sorry. Come on, tangdao is settled but ready-made for others.
However, when I heard that the recipient was Anshun, the son of the Municipal Party Committee, my two cousins immediately said that the gift was given to the Municipal Party Committee. The biggest official they had ever met was only the head of the Family Planning Commission, but it was only because of the fine for super-life.
What did you say about the steward? They really haven’t seen the municipal party committee. The two of them broke their fingers for half a day, but they didn’t know how much it was bigger than the steward. At this time, two cousins joined forces with Aunt Ann to encourage Uncle Ann and Anshun to take things to Wang Haidong for identification.
Therefore, when two people drive immediately after eating, of course, my uncle Anshun drives to the car to get a lift to the river city. When Anshun and Uncle Ann arrive at the farm with their things, it’s only 9: 30 at noon, which shows how impatient they are.
At this time, Sue was sweating, and Uncle An quickly gave up his seat as a watermelon waiter and said, "Uncle, why did you come in person?"
Su Gen can know what’s in Uncle Ann’s baggage without asking. Anshun, this guy’s ability to fool is still quite strong, and he can fool the real tangdao. This is not something that ordinary people can do.
What’s more, there is a successful precedent of tangdao at this time.
At this time, Uncle Ann ate watermelon and said, "You don’t know Anshun’s little ability to handle affairs. I don’t trust him to come alone or I’ll follow him. How many antiques do I know?" By the way, Wang Haidong and your sister are classmates. It must be a big deal at that age. Can you help us identify this thing? "
It’s really hard to say how much Uncle Ann can know about antiques. Anyway, Sue would rather be at home if she had antiques, and she wouldn’t let Uncle Ann identify them. If Uncle Ann really had this thing, tangdao wouldn’t be caught in the dust at this time, and Uncle Ann would be able to know that Wang Haidong must be a big deal if she is a classmate of Sue’s sister.
Therefore, it is reasonable to be a little skeptical about Wang Haidong’s appraisal ability. The antique industry is generally a little old, which makes people feel reliable. Sue’s eyes reveal that kind of worship. Wang Haidong is the mountain to him. Although he is about the same age as Wang Haidong, Wang Haidong can’t catch up with this at this time. Sue still knows it.
When Sue said with great confidence, "Uncle, don’t worry about the appraisal of Huilongguan antique market in Wang Haidong. Who doesn’t know now? When I took over Jubaoge, the pieces of Jun porcelain turned a profit in just a few days. He nng came out to dry the dragon’s private seal. He bet to win it from the experts. That is to say, Wang Haidong bet on stone accomplishments. That is the absolute first place. Shaojiang City is the first place. He came out with a piece of ghost jade. Do you know what the valuation is? Ten million. Think about how much ten million is and it’s dollars. "
What is the ghost face jade? Uncle An may not be able to nng know exactly what is going on, but at this time, there is at least one thing that can be confirmed. Anyway, 10 million will make them unable to resist the words. It is estimated that it was still American dollars. Uncle An doesn’t know the exchange rate of American dollars against RMB, but he knows that American dollars are more valuable than RMB.
At this time, my uncle Ann couldn’t figure out how much RMB the $10 million was, so he said, "How much is this $10 million? Is it not old or young to change heng RMB? "
Anshun, of course, understood, "Uncle, that’s 70 million, almost 70 million RMB. I don’t necessarily see so much money in one generation and two generations." Anshun never hoped that he could see so much money when he started again. At this time, he had already fooled luan with 70 million. Even if he went to the bank to see the money in the bank, he would see hundreds of thousands of cash at most. That was the best.
70 million even if it’s a car pull, it’s happiness to think about it. 10 million yuan has already made Uncle Anshun a little hot-headed at this time, but at this time Anshun has thrown out 70 million. How much is the seven 10 million? Uncle An is as dumbfounded as a pupil’s Goldbach conjecture.