"Well, you are the first monk to fight with me alone for a long time, which can hurt me and knock me down. Show respect for you and choose a way to die."
Yang night panting raised his eyes and looked at CiRenGu light asked "I choose to die? Can you die in any way? "
"I try my best to satisfy you." Ciren Valley is completely condescending to face a prey.
"That …" Yang night smiled a "I choose to die of old age"
Ciren Valley was stunned and then smiled again. "Ha ha ha ha ha. I appreciate your sense of humor, but I’m sorry that I didn’t live with Ciren Valley."
Said CiRenGu has slowly raised his arm five fingers straight formed a hand knife shape.
"I am happy to do it?" Playfully sound again.
"Come on, be happy, although I’m not reconciled." Yang looked at Cirengu at night and raised his knife. I couldn’t say for sure. The bittersweet and sweet parts poured in, but I slowly closed my eyes …
Cirengu looked at Yang Ye with a hand knife and snorted an arm and slowly raised "Goodbye, oh, farewell"
Just as Ci Rengu’s hand knife was about to fall for a moment, he suddenly became alert and turned his head to raise his hand and raise his hand. The clothes on his arm were burned out and a ball of fire came and fell to the ground.
Yang night also opened his eyes and accidentally looked behind CiRenGu.
"South glory illusion? Hot sun? You didn’t leave? " Yang night exclaimed in surprise, "Let’s go! Want to die! "
"Don’t look at people with old eyes!" The scorching sun smiled, Nan Ronghuan looked at each other and said softly to Yang Yee, "Red Bi, you have mistaken me for someone else. Let me show you that the scorching sun and the night attack are completely different!"
"What?" Yang night amazing an effort to owe the beginning to look at "I’m not let you go first! Who will protect Lao Xia and Guiling when you come? "
"Ha ha Yang night opponent has a CiRenGu" Nan Rong magic also smiled and looked at Yang night "we have to do is deal with him"
"Want to die? You … are no match for him! "
"If we talk alone, of course not." The scorching sun took a slow step closer, "but it would be very difficult for the three of us to join hands with Ciren Valley."
Yang night looked puzzled at the scorching sun and looked at Nan Rong’s phantom body evil energy, but this time he recovered and healed the injury by himself.
South glory magic took the lead in low voice said "Yang night! It’s not a shame to join hands with Ciren Valley! " Said has changed his face and a quiver, two osteotome instantaneous extension point directly touch the ground at the same time, the body also radiant with white light moments from south glory magic flesh derived pieces of bones to strange shape to pay full body became a set of bone armor!
The scorching sun also smiled gently, slowly unfolded his arms and glanced sideways at Ci Rengu. He said softly, "Hey, crazy, let you see what is hot water and fire." When talking, he slowly leaned over and pressed his foot on the lawn, and the grass was instantly yellow!
Then slowly straightened up in the hot sun and suddenly widened his eyes with a smile. A layer of water mist appeared behind him. Surprisingly, there were clouds of fire shining in the water mist!
"You you …" Yang night surprised to see south glory illusion and hot sun face expression pleasantly surprised.
CiRenGu expressionless looking at the hot sun and south glory magic low said "bone clan night attack high-capacity bone armor? Yes, the fire family, the scorching sun, your water … is it assimilation? Awesome! "
"Cut the crap and do it!" Nan Rong screamed and shook a bone knife and shouted, "Yang Ye, can you get up?"
"No problem!" Yang Ye promised to jump up his left arm and stretch the hidden blade to refine the light. He still looked at the scorching sun and looked at Nanrong Magic Yang Ye. He smiled and said, "I didn’t expect that the three of us joined hands for the first time to be such a fierce battle!"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven "destroy without killing"
A suit of bone armor, south glory illusion, dragging two osteotome nearly three feet long, flatly stood in front of Ciren Valley.
The pieces of bone armor are neatly and stably embedded in Nan Rong’s phantom body, but the surface is faintly embossed with patterns, but it seems to be alive and faintly glowing with Bai Sensen light.
The hot sun is not so straight, with a relaxed smile on his face, and his fists are tightly clenched. If you look closely, you can see that there is a flame moving on the skin because of the clenched fist, but there is a liquid that seems to swim in the flesh and veins, as if a horse is about to burst through and burn out the flesh.
In the back of the hot sun, a water mist ring has been faintly raised, but there is a little light flashing in the water mist, like hidden weapons, which has been hidden for a long time, ready to go.
Yang night has also been able to carry evil spirits for a short time to stop the deterioration of physical injury. Although it is impossible to cure it, it is enough to persist for a period of time so that he can resist the injury and pain and try to get up.