Liu Moliang looks generous. She can see that the housekeeper likes teddy bears as soon as she sees it, right?
When you look at it in peace, Liu Ximo, where do you remember Jun Yao?
No, as soon as I entered Liu’s house, I forgot that Jun Yao went straight to Liu Ximo’s bedroom to knock on the door and go home to change clothes after wearing household shoes, and a series of necessary activities were omitted for her.
"Ink son ink son …"
With the sound of peace coming and the soft body of peace, when Liu Ximo reacted, peace had already hung up Liu Ximo’s body.
"Well, the ink smells the best …" In peace, Liu Ximo’s paw was rigidly grabbed at her waist.
Liu Ximo stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair in peace, then frowned and picked up a pair of blue scissors and waved it in peace.
"Click click …" The sound stopped for a while, and only the chestnut hair proved that it happened. Poor Ann’s head and hair were actually cut off like this!
"Moer, what are you doing cutting people’s hair?" An An asked Liu Ximo inexplicably, "I think long hair looks good, and Mo Er, how do you cut it yourself?" She seems to want someone else to cut it.
Liu Ximo smiled without a word.
"Because I like this baby," he said, patting Ann’s head and letting a little hair fall down gently for fear of hurting Ann.
"But people still like long hair" although her hair is not long!
"Go to the living room and give you a surprise ~ ~" Liu Ximo asked Ann to take Ann’s soft claws in peace. "Why don’t you wear shoes? !” This just react in peace without shoes.
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Chapter 22 Fate comes like this (4)
Jun Yao was left behind by An An and met Liu Moliang!
It’s so dramatic that I met Jun Yao and still smiled. I can’t see the mood. Anyway, he smiles all the time, which makes people feel very dangerous.
"Jun Jun ~ ~ ~" Liu Moliang went crazy when he saw Jun Yao! It’s even more terrible than calling yourself A Liang before. It’s either meeting Jun Yao! !
"Jun Jun, why don’t you come to see somebody else? I prepared a gift for you today. I knew you would come. "Liu Moliang is very happy and smiles sweetly."
Shi Jun Yao has come here every day because people are looking for An An instead of you.
"Well, thank you." Jun Yao smiled and said thank you. He was ready to make a detour, but Liu Moliang grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let it go.
Jun Yao noodles don’t change color to take back your hand. Liu Mo suddenly continues to hold on … After repeated times …
"Jun Jun, you haven’t seen the gift with me yet!" It was Liu Moliang who was impatient first! Although it seems that she is really impatient, it is rare that she should be the active party.
"I’m sorry, late." Jun Yao still responded politely to Liu Moliang, but he was worried about things in peace. Will he get lost when he runs alone …
I promise I won’t be as tired as Ann and Liu Ximo. It’s really hard to be unfamiliar with these places. Ann is not an idiot!
A good boy was found without shoes.
"Come here" Liu Ximo said to Ann that the tone was calm and tight, but it’s a pity that the eyes didn’t feel calm! Yeah, I guess I’m nervous.
Say that finish in the past after LiuXiMo some regret and walked past.
"Um … Mo Er, are you talking to yourself?" Ann looked at Liu Ximo innocently. She was just about to go there. Why did Liu Ximo come?
There is a possibility that Liu Ximo talks to himself.
Chapter 23 Fate comes like this (5)
 ̄□ ̄! !
Liu Ximo swears that he never … talks to himself. Well, fortunately, Ann is not stupid enough to say haha to Liu Ximo. It’s so funny that Mo Er talks to himself!
It is estimated that after saying this, An An will also be born to die, even if she is An An.
"Let’s go in peace and ask for it over there." Liu Ximo doesn’t intend to answer Ann’s question directly and change the subject, but his strength [? 】 Don’t doubt that you will become a strength after being with An An.
Be very obedient in peace and nod behind Liu Ximo.