"Well, you have a good rest and I’ll go first."
Director Zhang nodded and left the ward with some of his hands.
As soon as director Zhang left the intensive care unit, it was quiet. Except for two nurses on duty, Mo Haiyang was left lying in bed.
"This time, I naturally want to do something great when I return home. My grandfather and father are interested in cultivating me, and I have a big boss who supports me. I just take this opportunity to take advantage of Zhou Jiadao."
Mo Haiyang thought that his chest pain was unbearable and he couldn’t sleep, so he planned how to deal with Zhou Jia.
Mo Haiyang has a big background.
Speaking of the main members of Mo Haiyang’s family, they are all great people. Even if Beijing wants to stamp its feet, it will be like an earthquake.
Mo Haiyang’s father’s name is Mo Yuanchao, and he is a vice minister of organization and a senior official at the ministerial level.
Mo Haiyang’s visit to Hangzhou means Mo Yuanchao, and Mo Yuanchao secretly greeted the public security department of Zhejiang Province, where Mo Haiyang could arrive as soon as something happened.
A deputy director of the organization department holds officials to a certain extent. If these officials in Hangzhou and Zhejiang don’t give Mo Haiyang convenience, Mo Haiyang will go to his father Mo Yuanchao, and the positions of these officials will be somewhat dangerous. All these officials have to look after Mo Haiyang like bodhisattvas.
In addition, Mo Haiyang’s grandfather Mo Tommy Tam is a great person.
Mo Tommy Tam was awarded the rank of general by the deputy commander of the Beijing Military Region. This man has made brilliant achievements in resisting US aggression and aiding Korea and in fighting back against Vietnam in self-defense. He is on the same level as Master Zhou Shan, and his army is also close to him.
Mo Haiyang’s father is in politics, his grandfather’s army and his mother is in business.
Mo Haiyang’s mother, Wang Ying, is in charge of the Northern Energy Group, whose assets exceed 10 billion yuan.
Mo Haiyang studied in Germany since he was a child. His father Mo Yuanchao forced him to come back this time. Because Mo Haiyang is the only one in the Mo family, it can be said that the Mo family intends to let Mo Haiyang come back to take over.
Mo Haiyang is not a simple person. He is proficient in economics, and he has been in the underworld. However, he is already 27 years old. If he starts from politics in the conventional way, even with his father Mo Yuanchao and grandfather Mo Tommy Tam behind him, the speed of promotion is definitely not fast enough.
Mo Haiyang’s father, the deputy director of the head department, believes that his hands and eyes are sky-high. He learned from a big boss that the country is implementing a secret plan and told his son to the country’s big boss.
This secret plan is that the state intends to train some powerful young people to unify the underworld and gradually bring the underworld into formal management, so that the danger of the underworld will be greatly reduced
This is a secret plan, of course, it can’t be known. There are very few people on the road, and several national bosses are also looking for big shots through their own competent departments.
Unifying the underworld is a difficult task. It is obviously inappropriate to bet all your treasures on one person, so the national bosses must choose several people to survive the fittest.
Zhouyi is the candidate of Guoan for this secret figure-of course, he is only one reason, and there are others. These candidates don’t know that the other party has a special identity, and they won’t have the slightest desire to fight for a life-and-death cause in the future. If you want to unify the underworld, there will be a mafia overlord.
Mo Haiyang was summoned by a big boss of the country, who was quite satisfied with Mo Haiyang because Mo Haiyang had both political background, military background and business background. In addition, Mo Haiyang set up a mafia gang in Germany, which is considered to have the conditions for becoming a gangster and the possibility of unifying the underworld.
Mo Haiyang’s long-term life abroad has adapted to the foreign environment. He is reluctant to return to China this time. If he comes back to China, he will directly do business or rise in politics. This is better, but now his father has asked him to do things with the country. Mo Haiyang is very resistant in his heart.
It’s hard to unify the underworld. Mo Haiyang’s father, Mo Yuanchao, is desperate to let his son go this way, but once this matter is successful, Mo Haiyang will quickly prepare others who don’t have political resources, and then they will be promoted step by step to a very high position in a very short time
Mo Haiyang was loved by his grandfather Mo Tommy Tam since he was a child. Mo Haiyang wanted to find Mo Dilong to make his father change his mind. As a result, he didn’t expect Mo Tommy Tam to agree with Mo Yuanchao’s idea, and Mo Haiyang analyzed that there was a real problem in Zhejiang underworld recently because of the sudden collapse of the West Lake Gang. Tommy Tam suggested that Mo Haiyang first develop the underworld from Hangzhou and create his own underworld gang to fight the situation quickly.
The official report that the West Lake Gang was destroyed was because the West Lake Gang colluded with the Rishankou Group and was wiped out by Guoan. Even people like Mo Tommy Tam didn’t know that the bloodbath West Lake Gang was outstanding by Zhouyi and others.
Mo Tommy Tam said that Mo Haiyang was forced to go to Hangzhou to inspect Mo Haiyang first. An Mo Tommy Tam sent Shang Shaohu, a famous expert in the Beijing Military Region, to accompany Mo Haiyang’s driver to protect Mo Haiyang personally.
After arriving in Hangzhou, Mo Haiyang’s interest was not to investigate the underworld in Hangzhou, but to travel around the mountains every day. It took him more than a month until one day he found Li Li, a plain girl in the Aegean cafe. He was immediately attracted by Li Li’s delicate appearance and tried to get in touch with Li Li.
So Mo Haiyang pesters Li Li every day and boasts about his wealth and background before Li Li.
I was very worried about Mo Haiyang’s entanglement with Lily, and I called Zhouyi. Mo Haiyang didn’t expect that something happened today because Lily and Zhouyi had some origins.
"Director Zhang said that the Zhou family still has some strength. I’m afraid it’s hard to go to the Zhou family to catch Zhou Chi and the person who hijacked me. If I promise my father that the country will unify the underworld, wouldn’t my hand be able to master a lot of power and take Zhou Jia Dao?"
Mo Haiyang’s heart is full of hatred and anger at this time. When he thinks that Zhoujia Zhouyi is the leader of the’ Brotherhood Alliance’, his heart suddenly gives birth to a plan. Because he will arrange the state to contribute to the implementation of the secret according to his father, he will get a lot of things in terms of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and Zhoujia is suspected of being involved in the underworld. If he is supported by the state and family, wouldn’t it be an easy thing to bring down Zhoujia?
"Zhou chi you can humiliate me because of Zhou Fugui and Zhouyi’s shelter? I’m going to pull out your Zhou Jiagen and arrest you so that you can survive and not beg for death! "
Mo Haiyang’s heart calmed down a little when he thought of this. He is still a relatively heavy and irritating person, and he is prepared to take revenge after his injury is intact.
"Ha, ha, ha, you all wait for me."
Mo Haiyang’s heart plan has been set, and one bed laughed, while two nurses in the intensive care unit were timidly watching Mo Haiyang like a monster.