"What should I do? Hehe, I also want to know, "Late Moon closed her eyes and took a deep breath and swallowed hard. It’s really hard for them to compete with each other now. Don’t dare to say it, but if her wife and catalpa Qin really want to catch the two brothers in Lujia, they work hard; She can assure you that it’s definitely not the Lujia brothers who are likely to expose themselves. She looks up and looks at Ann Toffee and Zi Qin, and then quickly lowers her voice. It seems to be somewhat disappointed that "it’s time to talk late, and she has already made it clear to him and asked his wife to think it over."
Princess An leaned back on the soft couch and stared at the late moon. "Do you want us to watch them get there first?"
"Madam, don’t forget that if you want to enter the Yuan Di Tomb, all the key fragments must be Gu Jinxi’s body, even if they find the Danqingshan vision and find the Yuan Di Tomb?" Close your eyes and take a deep breath in the late moon. The bloody lips are slightly closed. "If you want to get there first, you have to see if they have that thing!"
"That you mean …" Ann toffee seems to have some enlightenment suddenly eyes bright bright.
"hmm!" Late moon nodded heavily and let them find their own clues. It is better to let future generations find out that the situation in Dan Qingshan is not good. If they can find the broken array method, it is best, but even if they can’t find it, there is no loss. Worse, if the guardian has a way to fight Yuan Di’s burial, even it won’t wait until a thousand years later. Today, their eyes are very obvious. Their eyes are also very obvious
Two people like riddles to see catalpa qin frowned, she has never been good at strategy.
It seems that I finally understand that Princess An nodded slightly at the late moon with a faint smile on her face. "Well, in that case, let’s do it first. It’s getting late. You all go back and have a rest. Let’s have a good meeting with the so-called queen!" As a woman, there are so few things that she can know. Although she agrees with the words of late childbearing, she is still very curious in her heart, just like a kitten scratching the general guardian family. She has no clue except three other families stationed in Butterfly Valley.
The next day the weather was a little cloudy.
When An Yue woke up, An Jue had already disappeared. I was so angry that she jumped through the ceiling, but in the end, because of the cursing that had already reached her throat, she swallowed it back forcefully, but she spat grumpily in her heart. When she got home, she had to take a good look at him in front of her father. She didn’t know that they just wanted to leave herself.
"Men, it is normal to have things; He’s the daughter’s house, so it’s time to cultivate one’s morality. "An Taifei laughed and laughed, and Yan Yan was very impressed by An Jue’s reassuring release of An Yue to the Regent’s House. But he didn’t even say hello to himself when he went out, which made her beg to differ.
An Yue felt that she almost didn’t vomit an old blood in her heart, but in the end, she still had to give her brother a little face in front of outsiders, pretending to be gentle and lovely, smiling with a curved eyebrow eye. "My aunt learned a lesson," but in her heart, she kept cursing about cultivating self-cultivation, cultivating your younger sister and raising your younger sister’s sex! At the moment, I was cursed by Anyue’s condescension for several times.
Zhongfei cursed several times. Anjou Zhengmi, Lujia and others gathered in the guest building.
"What’s the situation?" Miwenzemen saw the mountain directly facing Anji Road, which had just entered the door, and didn’t even have any bedding.
Lu Hui and Lu Han are very consciously sitting far away from the Mijia brothers; Growing up together, I have known each other’s personalities for a long time. Don’t look at the two brothers who are usually quiet. They are all grudges. Especially this matter involves Mo Yan. Gee, they don’t want to take the lead.
An Jue looked at her face with a faint smile, and Liu Hui and Liu Han gently nodded their heads. "We expected that this Ann Heng’s heart is not a week old. I have already said what you mean, but that Ann Heng’s appetite is not small, and it is really trying to get his words out of the public mouth …" Here he shook his head.
"If you know that she has a big heart, then you can rest assured that An Yue will stay in the Regent’s Palace. Aren’t you afraid that she will be eaten alive?" Lu Hui’s hands hold the difference, and the tender baby face rarely takes a few minutes of serious color. Although Anyue’s size has not let them learn a lesson, it is after all that his sister didn’t have to be bullied by outsiders.
"She doesn’t dare!" An Jue’s tone is very positive; What he didn’t say was that Ann Heng learned the forbidden skill in the valley. Although it was already well known, she didn’t know many people about Ann Qin’s hands. As the saying goes, the ancestors borrowed Ann Qin’s favorite bowl cake to wake Ann Heng up. If she is still stubborn, dare to start work on An Yue! Since he dared to put Anyue in the Regent’s Palace, he would not be unprepared.
Lu Hui gently sipped his tea and shrugged his shoulders. "Don’t worry."
"hmm!" M Wen Ze gave Lu Hui a somewhat meaningful squint under his eyes, then nodded heavily, with a somewhat deep tone. "Get back to Dan Qingshan. How much have you learned?" It’s not just about climbing relatives to let them visit their families in Liangdu.
"Nowadays, almost all the people who are born in the vision of Dan Qingshan are narrow escapes; There are no two "An Jue’s frown seems to be thinking of something. His eyes half squinted and turned to look at Lu Hui and Lu Han." If I didn’t guess wrong, there must be a huge law hidden in Dan Qingshan! "
Liu Han heard these words seems to be finally to a little spirit "oh? How can you be so sure? "
"Because an Heng has a handmaid who came out of Dan Qingshan by mistake," said An Jue, bowing her head and frowning slightly here; When the line of sight fell on Liu Han, I suddenly laughed again. "When I was chatting with Ann Heng yesterday, I was a little bit proficient in Lujia. She was as ridiculous as if she were very interested. He also had a sleep! You don’t know that at that time, she deliberately asked about the situation of Hui and Han. Do you really know if she can’t see it? "
Originally, there were still some stupidities. Lu Hui suddenly froze and laughed when he heard this. "An Jue, are you calculating us?"
"Hey hey, master, tell the truth. It’s not a secret that you are proficient in Lu Jia’s array." An Jue’s face smiles lightly with a somewhat passive-active taste; Raise my hand and gently touched my nose. Of course, this means that it is no secret in Butterfly Valley. After all, their guardians are of the same ancestry and origin, but they all know each other very well. Of course, he dare not say the latter half of the sentence and quickly lower his head to change the subject. "That Ann Heng is a fan of the authorities, even last night, she couldn’t help but want to start work on you. She planned the elixir in Yuan Di’s treasure for so many years; Now it’s hard to know that the breakthrough will not be easily let go. If she dares to make any changes, won’t we take the opportunity to set up more things then? Afraid of that girl around her. "
M Wen Ze frowned. "Girl?"
"Well, that’s what I said. The girl who escaped from Dan Qingshan by mistake seems to be not simple." It’s impossible to think of that seemingly ordinary face of Yueyue, but she has a pair of eyes that seem to be able to hole everything. It’s said that the authorities are fascinated by the beholder. If Yueyue is really valued by Ann Toffee enough, the result will be like that.
When I heard this, Lu Han frowned. "If there is a huge array in Dan Qingshan, I am afraid it is not a mistake!"
"hmm!" Lu Hui’s tender baby face can’t help being somewhat serious and earnest. After all, the array eye of the law is so small. Generally speaking, the wider the area involved in the law, the smaller the chance of breaking the array by mistake. If there is a law, it must be a huge array to protect the mountain. It is definitely not just as simple as what she said. "Have you investigated the maid for any special actions after she came back?"
When I heard that, An Jue shook his head. "That girl is an Luan’s confidant, as if she suddenly appeared, and the general roots could not be investigated."
"… Hum!" I heard that Mi Wen Ze’s face smile was very shallow, and the corners of his mouth were obliquely hooked, giving out a light hum from his nose. "It seems that this An Heng may not be as simple as it seems. When the Royal Courtyard of Dan Qingshan exploded, I heard that all the people attending the banquet in Xi Chu and Xia Liang were held hostage by a woman in red. Later, it seems that something happened in the Yuan Di tomb, which caused so many people to end up there."
The voice fell to the ground and everyone fell into deep silence again. Yuan Di Tomb is an eternal problem for their guardian family.
"Xie Gu? I heard from my aunt that Xie Jia has been closest to his family and knows this Yuan Di treasure best.
Wu Yuan Gu Jia is none other than; Hui, haven’t you heard anything? "After a long time, Mi Wenyao turned to Liu Hui and Liu Han with a shallow smile on his face, but the corners of his mouth were somewhat meaningful.
Although Mi Wenyao’s words are aimed at the Lujia brothers, who let their little cousin make their younger brother sad? But this is not wrong. I dare not know best from the most Yuan Di burial or the vision in Dan Qingshan behind. It must belong to my family.
Lu Hui lowered her head and gently took a sip of tea again before she looked up with a faint smile. A pair of deer-like wet eyes are crystal clear. "I can’t believe that you don’t know that all the family members in Hengwuyuan have left, and when Gu Qi entered Dan Qingshan, Xie Jiazheng naturally didn’t know much about some housework."
"You are lying!" Mi Wenyao looks ugly. You should know that Xie Jia Xie Yi knew Yuan Di Tomb very well, but he had a credit in the explosion of Dan Qingshan Royal clause.
"Wen Yao!" M Wen Ze frowned mouth light drink a turn to look at Liu Hui is didn’t say anything.