Generally speaking, if there are no deaths in fighting in the village, the village head can mediate, but if the village head wants to mediate, he can send them directly to the county government-it will take a few days at least, which is very threatening.

"Go to the ancestral hall!" Village head Li Dao There is a ancestral temple in the best place of geomantic omen in the village. Generally, there are great events in the ancestral hall. For example, every time food is handed over, there are memorial tablets for some elders in the village. Nowadays, the villagers are

Ji Dan called me to tell me that King Wu intends to expand the college scale and change its name to "Chengzhou Women’s College". In early March, a listing ceremony will be held to invite all the teachers of the college to attend, and many distinguished guests will be invited to attend. At the same time, he also suggested that an appointment and invitation be sent to Princess Yin Jiao. "Whether she will come or not is her business."

I followed Ji Dan’s advice and sent invitations to Aozhen and Yang Chan Yin Jiao, who were in other places. Aozhen received the invitation farthest and was on his way, while Yang Chan and Yin Jiao declined the invitation but did not return the employment. Chapter 223 Super luxury array Aozhen arrived in Haojing by

If this is the light source of Diregie body, there is nothing! But he is a phantom member of Diregie’s body, and has lost the original dark attribute source force. His roots are unable to resist the erosion of this light attribute source force in the body.

…… "Lin Ze? What does it feel like to be swallowed by the apostles? Is it novel? " Anger looked at Lin Ze and said jokingly that his temperament had changed a little because he saw Diregie! Although Lin Ze didn’t leave a trace of Diregie body, Angel’s words still made Lin Ze feel a

"Master don’t court in the name of this two people have great talent into the court officer? Zhang Xiu and Tao Qian will be suspicious. Even if they see through us, they are still suspicious. How can Zhang Xiu and Tao Qian listen to them? "

"Well … OK!" Cao Cao squinted and thought about it. "That’s settled." When the rest of the people saw the general direction, they said in succession, for example, sending a big gift to these two people in a big way is to show Zhang Xiu and Tao Qian, and whether they accept it or not

"Alexander? Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t that’s not what I mean. "Yang night leng a mind think of what Alexander is, that is, the burning sun outside the east gate of Anshi killed the Japanese Lord, and everything was ashes.

Thinking of this Yang night, I quickly waved my hand and shook my head. "I want the chronic destructive power to be huge, but it is a little bit infiltrated with destruction. I believe that Brother Sun must have this trick. You are a fire family!" The scorching sun smiled smugly, but the horse was